When do you snap?

When I’m happy I’ll snap into retarded dance-a-thons

offtopic: Mitsuko your sig just killed my eyes


You sound like a very angry person >( I most certainly do not get crazingly pissed when I’m very hungry.

Let me add to my list:
When people are intentionally stupid. It really annoys me.
Oh, and when I’m tired and hungry at the same time, I can be quite annoyed.

to Damage:HAPPY?! nothing is there except the picture

to Eva: …you know what I mean…if by now you dont then I was exsaggerating (or however you spell it) Im not really a mad person (happy ,happy HAPPY), but like everyone else Iam capable of being the darkest bitch on the planet.

I usually snap, when I have to constantly deal with moronic behaviour. Or when people don’t know when to quit the jokes at my expense.

Says every wanna-be punk girl :stuck_out_tongue:

Each and every single one of you has issues.

Where’s my $4, TD?

Even me?

Replies based around my country of origin will not be accepted as valid arguments. :stuck_out_tongue:

When I snap into a Slim Jim! OH YEAAAAAH!

Mitsuko scared me. Now I have to stay up and hit on fangirls, because I cannot sleep, for fear that her dark bitch self will kill me.
Or, I just like fangirls =P.

Touch my cat and your life is forfeit.

[Reply based on religion and/or ethnicity and/or sexual orientation]

If anyone even lays ONE FUCKING FINGER ON MY MONTY PYTHIN SET, they die by the three T’s toes, testis and tongue. I hang you by your toes, testis and tongue from the ceiling with spikes on the floor. Most likely the hook in your tongue will split your tongue will start a chain reaction which will castrate you. you’ll hang by your toes until the string slips off then you dive head first into spikes. Very painful. the monty python collection scratching is second to the stash finding.