What's your ringtone?

In this day and age, pretty much everyone has a cell phone. Hey, they’re handy. Most of us can’t help but stick a fancy-pants jingle or sound effect to trigger when somebody calls you up. So what’s your pleasure?

I have Lucca’s fanfare from Chrono Trigger as my ring, and will not be changing it any time soon. And for text messages, the Codec beep from Metal Gear.

Phones are for chumps


People who don’t want phones must be losersssss

Whatever You Like by T.I. and my texts just vibrate. I have a bunch of ring tones though. If you go to myxertonez.com then you can upload songs to the internet and have them messaged to your phone.

I’m too lazy to change mine from the default ring, but if I were more willing to, I’d get “Did I Get a Message?”, The actual ringtone theme from WA5 as mine. The one that actually sounds like an 8-bit version of “Donna tokidemo”, the opening theme from WA2.

Metal Mario’s theme from Super Smash Bros.

I still have a default ringer on mine, but I’m trying to find a FF fanfare ringtone cheap.


Dring, dring.

A default one. I really can’t be assed to pay money to get my phone to make a different noise. :stuck_out_tongue:

I think it’s called ‘Right Here’.

Mine plays mp3s, so I opted for Ace of Spades by Motorhead.

Mega Man 2 Theme. Any old mp3 works, so it does change whenever I find something that fits… but most of the time, MM2.

Right now it’s FF Medley but I’m looking for something shorter.

Currently have Rainmaker, by Iron Maiden, as my ringtone. But have a few other songs/themes saved on my phone so can switch if I ever want.

sms tone: standard, ringtone: http://de.youtube.com/watch?v=VqkN8XsYtJI :smiley: yes I’m serious. I ripped it :stuck_out_tongue:
90% of the time it’s on silent/vibrate though. I hate it if other people’s phones ring and beep all the time, so yeah. And I always shriek in surprise when mine does. x_X

Right now it’s a stock ringtone that’s on my phone (which needs replacing). It’s called “Hyperactive” and it’s usually used as my alarm clock. Scares the shit outta me in the mornings.

Due to the nature of my phone though (acts as USB device w/MicroSD card) I can put a lot of stuff as a ringtone. Notables include Squidbillies Theme, Tank (Cowboy Bebob theme), Fighting of the Spirit (ToS version), and One-Winged Angel (FF7).

Wily’s Castle (MM2) would be awesome to put on there as well as the Codec call from MGS.

One of these days I’ll connect my cell to my pc and change that lifeless default sound (has a nice arpeggio however for SMS). Haven’t thought what I’ll choose.

My phone can pretty much get whatever ringtone I want, so I use Golgo 13’s title for my ringtone… that and Led Zep’s Immigrant Song.

Default. Damn kids and their music…as their ringtones.

Only thing thats half decent on my phone (got it from a friend for free) is Before I Forget by Slipknot.