What's your ringtone?

Fighting of the spirit, it’s a bit long though.

Just got a new Blackberry yesterday, so that’s still default. I plan on using the one from my old phone - The opening theme from Batman: The Animated Series.

I used to have Lucca’s theme, then I switched to my Okami-themed phone. “The Sun Rises” as my ringtone and “Small Success” for text messages.

I revel in my absolute refusal to get a cell phone! Cower before me, you silly people with your ball-and-chains! I gloat over my freedom! Bwahahah!

Well, there are certain differences between our societies - it helps communication severely when the average Finnish person can grunt more than a few words due to the fact that there’s enough distance between the parties of the conversation for once, to put one stereotype on overdrive. :stuck_out_tongue:

My studies at the moment concentrate on near-spontaneous A/V duties, so having a phone with me pretty much ensures I actually get information on potential filming gigs early enough. E-mail? SLOOOOOW.

(Also, I sort of cheat. I handle most of my cellphone duties via IRC and instant messaging on my PC. Why spend money on text messaging? >_>)

The only reason I allowed my mom to force a cellphone on me was because I could use it as a cheapo mp3 player. To this day I loathe people being able to contact me all the time.

Old NESs Mario Bros Overworld. I also have a screenshot of the first stage for my cells wallpaper.

The Good
The Bad
And the Ugly

Every time my phone rings, a Mexican standoff takes place. It’s frikkin’ awesome.

When things happen really fast, this comes in handy. Say, for an emergency meeting or a tactical over-throw.

Please note: My ringtone is now the “Boss Battle Theme” from Final Fantasy 7.

I think I will silently steal that one and take credit for it amongst my own friends. PS sorry I never got back to you about hanging out. My work schedule is, at the very least, sometimes exhausting.

I use the 600 AD theme from chrono trigger.