What's your proudest gaming moments?

I’m curious, what do you consider to be the greatest thing you ever did in a game? Could be a high score, or beating a tough boss at low level… Something that, when you remember, gives that warm fuzzy feeling in the blackened pit that we call a gamer’s heart. I’m not interested in rampant dick-waving, mind you, so I’m not looking for “oh, I did this, it was too easy.” This is stuff that involved sweat and tears and probably a lot of jumping around and cheering when you managed it.

I think one of my shining moments was when I managed to get a double flawless on Goro on the original Mortal Kombat for Sega Genesis. I still don’t know how I did it, but I had two eyewitnesses who still think the game must have been bugged.

Mine would have to be eating the entirety of Megaman X in one sitting, and getting everything - including the Hadoken - while doing so.

(Though let me state for the record that I did not use the Hadoken on any of the bosses.)

When I owned two people on SC because my partner left in the first five minutes in a 2v2

P.S. It was the Wraiths that did them in

Good idea for a thread. I love reminiscing. It’s like one of those moments where it really clicks on you that video games are AWESOME!

I have 2. One is the time I figured out how to get the good ending of Myst. I remembered back of all the hours I spent agonizing everything that was going on, needing every scratch of a hint to be able to figure it out on my own(This was long before I even USED the internet). I just felt like I really acomplished something I can take with me for the rest of my life.

Some people will say that they remember exactly where they were when JFK was shot. Others will remember what they were doing when they first heard about the 9-11 attacks, or when an entired major city was virtually lifted from the map(Hurricane Katrina). I remember the moment so vividly, that it matches up with with major global events like those.

Does that makes sense to any of you?

The other point is much more recent. It is when the controls to guitar hero really clicked and it felt like my hand was moving by itself. I could close my eyes and still play the game without missing just by flowing with the music.

This may not seem like much, and it really wasn’t. It was more due to the setting. I had an ass of an unreasonable, spoiled brat friend during a confused time of my teenage years. She would desolve into tears or rage at the slightest hint that people didn’t agree with her, unless they presented undeniable proof for their points in which case she would just sulk and shut up.

She was playing Sword of Vermillion and was stuck on a two-headed boss for weeks because she couldn’t get past the fireballs he threw at the hero.

Eventually I asked humble permission to play, and she allowed it, though saying that I had to know that it was REAL DIFFICULT OMG.

“Mmh,” said I, for that was the only way to deal with her and any sort of discussion.

Then I destroyed the first fireball with a timely sword-swing, ducked the second (something she had not even considered) and so on and on until I reached the boss. He still killed me the first time because I messed up once I got close enough to slice at him, but at the second try I got him beaten.


I have a bunch of these, but off the top of my head rigth now… I still can’t believe I beat Indalecio with the limiter off on Star Ocean II. Those of you familiar with the game know this requires completing the 13-level, no-saving-points optional dungeon, ANd defeating the Boss there. (An Optional Boss that Makes the final Boss harder? What a stupid Idea… but I went for it anyway. I’m like that.) I don’t even remember how I did it now, but believe me There Was Much Rejoicing when I realized I HAD won!

(PS: in order to finish that dungeon, I had to leave the playstation on for a whole weekend… all the time hoping a power surge or something like that wouldn’t erase all my hard gaming!)


First: Beating the Blue Octomon in The Guardian Legend. That guy was hard.

Second: Whenever I go nuts in Halo and end up with two to three times the number of kills as my friends, who are usually much better than I am.

It doesn’t take the optional dungeon to get his limiter off, just a series of PAs in various towns, and having saved at the last save point prior to the final boss.

Edit: Not that I’m trying to take away from the accomplishments, cause no-limiter jerk is so amazingly hard, and beating him is very impressive.

Beating Shinobi on Super Mode

0s beginner time in Minesweeper
23s intermediate
85s expert

Killing the Ethereal Queen in Radiata Stories on my first try was pretty cool. She’s supposed to be hard. I guess.

Getting 120 stars in Mario 64. I still haven’t medaled every planet in Star Fox though :frowning:

Haha, just yesterday I was like “I should play Mario 64 again” then remembered how hard some of the stars were and stopped.

-I finished 7th Saga.

-The way I utterly destroyed Kagon with Spider Mines in a duel in StarCraft. It was genius and art at the same time.

Probably a few other things that I’ll get to eventually but those 2 are the top.

I can think of a couple.

Running a Swordless Quest in the second quest of the original LoZ without dying.

Running a Minimalist Quest in LttP only dying six times. (If I had a better controller?)

Playing through MMZ on hard mode without saving (Sadly though I was only able to get the final boss’s final form down to his last pip of life)

Earning all of the cheats in GoldenEye.

Running a No Upgrades game of MMX2.

Having the patients to play through DQ7 more than once.

Collecting all six of the NES MM games.

Beating Ninja Gaiden in under 7 hours the first time through.

Winning the race on Yo’sters island in SMRPG.

Getting Gold Trophies for every cup in Super Mario Kart.

I could go on…

I really would have tried that myself, buy I got stuck in this one town where I had to fight one of my companions, and it jsut happened to be the healer guy who healed EVERYTHING I FUCKING THREW AT HIM. Not that I’m bitter. cough.

Anyway, another one that I remember with such warm fuzzy feelings is when I was playing a game of melee agaisnt some of my frends, and they explicitly BANNED me from playing Kirby with them ever again because I was too good with him. And no, I never once used the kirby kamikaze, I jsut loved the little guy.

-Actually finished Diddy Kong Racing. Fuck you Rare and your “children” games, that thing nearly caused me a nervous breakdown.

-Megaman Legends 2, finishing the S-Class Digger Test. Goddamnit.

-Cleaned up FFXII entirely. Never touching the game again for as long as I live.

I’m sitting down with FF Tactics now, and especially in the first two chapters, practically every second story battle gives me a sense of accomplishment when I beat it. Some of them took me eight or ten tries. -_- Beating Midlight Deep in FF12RW was quite nice as well considering I didn’t spend time leveling up (I beat every melee battle exactly once, that was the extent of it).

Nowadays I have more of a tendency to give up rather than go for ridiculously hard optional battles or those that require insane leveling up or boredom (see: Yiazmat).

180 thousand points in a single drift, when coming down a humongous slope by the hills of Need For Speed Unferground 2.

Downloaded the space shuttle for Flight Simulator 2k4 and landed it in an airport.

In Civilization III, in a Regent difficulty game on a standard sized, continental world: in a single round, I threw one nuke on every city in the map which was not mine. Never felt so powerful in any other strategy game.

I have too many spurts of insane awesomeness while gaming to name one best moment, but I’d say one of my best consistent streaks of complete domination would be the first couple weeks of the third arena season in WoW. I went 36-1 in 2s and like 28-1 in 3s with my good buddy SHORTSTALK.

DDR: No-bar heavy/challenge A’s on every Max song except Fascination Max. AA on Max 300. A on Healing d-Vision (in Supernova).
ITG: No-bar expert A’s on every 11-foot song.

Guild Wars: 51-win streak in the arena, at which point the group decided to disband. Beating a 20-something ranked guild in the Hall of Heroes, with an unranked friend and four CPU henchmen.

Tetris: 486,000.

FF5: Beating Shinryuu with only one level 34 character. The rest didn’t have coral rings and died immediately.

Sticking a gold medal next to EVERY race series on GT mode of Gran Turismo 1.

Making the world’s top 100 on MSR on the Dreamcast (okay, I was 99th, and didn’t last very long in that position, but still)

First time I ever beat 9/5 on tetris’s B game (this must be a universal one though)

Unlocking EVERY achievement on Pac-Man C.E.

Beating Space Giraffe- beating level 64 of Space Giraffe without losing a life (THAT’s a real achievement worthy of the term)

Whupping Emerald Weapon on FF7

Beating Sonic 3 in under an hour, without losing a life

Getting every chaos emerald on Master System Sonic 2- though admittedly not all in the same run

96 exits on Mario World
120 stars on Mario 64/150 on Mario 64 DS
120 shines on Mario Sunshine
ALL stars on Mario Galaxy
130 emblems on Sonic Adventure

Beating EVERY quest battle on SoulBlade (twice), SC1 (twice) and SC2. Alas not been able to max out SC3 yet.

$70k+ on Crazy Taxi 1

Hmm, that was a bit more thorough than I was aiming for. Ah well. :slight_smile:

Only 96? You missed a lot on that one