what's your FF personality?

put down a FF game and what character most matches your personality and why.


i would have to say Tifa cos she’s a tough girl with a tender heart…and i would consider myself as a very strong person but i’m also very very sensitive.

my guy friend said i’m Yuffie but i think he was just teasing me cos he’s never serious about anything lol.


Rinoa cos she has a dog and so do i lol…errr she can be very sensitive at times as well and a bit overdramatic…i can be like at times too…mostly just as as joke. i’m not selphie and i’m not quisty. and besides i want squall!!! lol


my guy friend also said that i’m Eiko but i think he was kidding me again…errrrr i really dunno…Quina? cos i love to eat lol

Hm… Well…
ff4: … I dunno, perhaps Cecil… (Cecil is my usual nickname, but that was taken, and I don’t want to have a name like… Cecil2675812458345)

ff5: Butz

ff6: there’s a hard one… sometimes I am kind of Edgar… sometimes I’m more Locke… but also a bit Celes (if she were a guy, which she isn’t)

Whatever… they aren’t that good anyway so… FORGET I EVER WROTE THIS!

oniuon kid 3 is my personality
The ghost
red wizard

FF7- Cid- I swear a lot and always seem to be helping people out :hahaha;

FF8- deff Squall- I keep myself to myself a lot

FF9- dunno, really, maybe Steiner only without the being as thick as pig shit part

FF10- Auron, without the part about shaved pits- I’m kinda grumpy a lot of the time


Smart, but a klutz.

well, even though I have never played ff8 I think that squall would fit too…

FF4: Whichever of the “Wonder Twins” is male(Palom? Porom?)
FF6: Locke. I’m a “treasure hunter” too.
FF7: Cid. I curse a LOT.
FF8: Irvine. I’m also a “ladies man”
FF9: Amarant. Meh, why not?

FF1 - Thief, I steal stuff. Nothing big though, honest.

FF2 - I don’t remember the heroes names except Josef so, JOSEF!

FF3 - Never played it.

FF4 - Kain, he was depressed and lonely, like me.

FF5 - Galuf, because he had a beard.

FF6 - Locke, he was a thief, but he was kinda more hyperactive, I’m not hyper but I like a good joke at innapropriate times.

FF7 - Red XIII another loner type guy thing.

FF8 - I’d say Squall, but I’m not so ignorant, maybe Laguna then.

FF9 - Zidane is pretty much a good match here, he was depressed, enjoyable and a thief.

FF10 - Kimahri? Cause he doesn’t talk much? I dunno.

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ff5: Butz

Does he even have a personality? Well, I guess he shrugs a lot.

Anyways, here’s mine:

FF1: BM (ha-ha, just joking :hahaha; )
FF4: Rydia
FF5: Farris
FF6: Terra

It’s funny, but the girls’ personalities seem to fit me better than the guys. I think that it’s because the FF series tends to give the guys toy personalities.

FFVII - CLoud: I am quite quiet and keep to myself.

FFVIII - Seifer: I am confident in my abilities.

FFIX - Stiener: I am one of the most loyal person you will meet.

:enguard: :fungah: :mwahaha: :hahaha; :runaway: :victoly:

Well these games had more personality than the older ones so I’ll just include these

FF7: Nanaki and Cid. My two favourite males from FF7

FF8: Every character (Squall, Rinoa, Irvine, Zell, Quistis, Selphie) put together. All 6 make up every aspect of my personality or mood

And FF9 I haven’t played in so long (maybe Freya?) and haven’t played 10, 11 or X-2

FF7: I am either Vincent or Cloud. I sometimes have trouble figuring out who i am exactly. But I am kind of cold sometimes and punish myself because of a long lost love that still eats away at me at times.

FF8: I took the little test, and it says i am most like Ellone. But i have always found i related better with Squall because i am generally quiet and dislike leadership positions because i hate being responsible for other peoples problems.

FF9: Zidane ! If there’s a hot chick, I will always pick her out fromt he crowed. And i really dont care about social status. But Zidane has more courage when it comes to talking with girls than me, so our similarities end there.

FF10: I dont really relate to any of those characters too well. Maybe Lulu a little. Maybe Cid, mess with my family, even a cosin or niece that’s distant and i’ll rip you a new one !

FF7 - Aeris
FFX - Yuna
not familiar enough with the others that have identifiable characters to say

Reason: Self-sacrifice for the benefit of others. Not in such an extreme way, but still…

FF7: Cloud

Trying to figure out too many things at once

FF8: Squall

Don’t ask

FF9: Zidane for obvious reasons :stuck_out_tongue:

FF10: Kimahri or Auron

I like to do something and stick with it… most of the time.

FF7: Cid

FF8: Seifer

FF9: Amarant


I myslef can relate to Cloud and Squall, I tend to keep to myself a lot, I’m honest, sensitive (but can be cold at times). . . and if people push the wrong buttons, they better prepare for a damn big lecture :hahaha;

As for an FFIX character, I think I’m a Vivi (hmm . . . FF Zodiac, hah, not a bad idea). I can be somewhat stubborn, and I’m a little clueless and rather naive.

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FF8: Every character (Squall, Rinoa, Irvine, Zell, Quistis, Selphie) put together. All 6 make up every aspect of my personality or mood

What!? No Edea on your list?

And she’s the best looking woman in the game, too.

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[b]What!? No Edea on your list?

And she’s the best looking woman in the game, too. [/b]

Very rarely do I look down upon my peers in disgust and superiority whilst tilting my head in a seductive fashion.

Ok so I do it all the time. Tee hee! Thanks for reminding me.

(Actually Edea showed little character growth during the game for obvious reasons, which is why I didn’t include her)

FF8: I’m actually a mixture of Squall, Zell and Laguna. I keep myself to myelf (Squall), I get emotional about certain things (Zell), and I have trouble talking to members of the opposite sex (Laguna). So all in all, a true mixture of the three.

I’d say Kimahri: I’m usually very quiet and “unfriendly”, but I defend any friends I have and help out whenever possible.