what's your FF personality?

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I’d say Kimahri: I’m usually very quiet and “unfriendly”, but I defend any friends I have and help out whenever possible.

You’re “unfriendly”? Yea right… Dalton’s one cool friend to have!! HaR hAr!!

I can’t say any of the FF chars matches my personality… I hate my dad jus’ as much as Tidus does to his, I keep a lotta things to myself jus’ like Squall… But that doesn’t mean I have the personality of Tidus’s and Squall’s… Ya know what I mean?

Lulu is basically a bigger boobed Edea

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(Actually Edea showed little character growth during the game for obvious reasons, which is why I didn’t include her)

Yes, because some characters don’t need any character growth.

small purple
Aeris-peaceful gentle person ,yet she has a wild side like me.

Zell- gets over emotional and can fight hand-to-hand.

:cant think of any: ::doh::

FF10 and FF10-2
FF10-2 Yuna-by looks,her long brown hair in a braid and two different colors eyes.But personality wise, trying not to be a goodie goodie is one thing.the way she wants to change and be more…how should i say it?..Stronger and not to get too involve with problems that dont really involve you.plus she trys to be stronger and someone different.

Final Fantasy: Knight class (surprise, surprise).

Final Fantasy II: Gordon. I began weak, but slowly built up my confidence and power until I was much stronger.

Final Fantasy III: Knight class (again). The four main characters do not have much personality.

Final Fantasy IV: Cecil as a paladin. I have his serious disposition as well as his sense of honour.

Final Fantasy V: Dorgan (the father of Bartz), I suppose.

Final Fantasy VI: Leo: I share his strong sense of honour and compassion, as well as his seriousness. Cyan is too clumsy to fit my personality, and I can speak far better archaic English than he can.

Final Fantasy VII: Aeris, since my attitude towards life is closest to hers.

Final Fantasy VIII: Squall. Passionate, but shy.

Final Fantasy IX: Steiner, I suppose, although I am not ridiculous as he is.

Final Fantasy X: Kimahri, I suppose.

Final Fantasy X-2: ?

Final Fantasy XI: Probably the paladin class.

Final Fantasy Mystic Quest: Benjamin.

Final Fantasy Tactics: Probably Ramza.

I’m most like Irvine from FF8. We’re both loners. Except he’s a ladies man, and I’m well…not :slight_smile:

FF1 (8bt) fighter : I have a lot of stupid ideas

Sword-Chucks yo

its hard to say

I would have to say shadow from ff6 or Ramza from fft

FF7-Cid, he is funny and helps people a lot and somehow always thinks of others.

FF8-Irvine, cant deny it, ladies man:hahaha;

FF9-Zidane or Vivi, You dont need a reason to help people.

FFX-Oh my gosh, im a non stupid version of Tidus.

i m setzer

Most people say I’m like squall which is weird coz im a girl!!! But i’d rather be compared to squall than Zell he’s way to energetic for my liking