What's your favorite FF mini game?

Let’s see…what’s mine…Well, there’s always Triple Triad (I can’t get enough of that). But let me tell you, doing the chocobo stuff in FFVII was awesome. So I’m gonna go with a tie for those two. OH! and the snowboarding in ffvii, sweet sweet snowboarding.

Submarine game and…errr…Triple Triad. The FFIX card game sucked.

Definitely Triple Triad… the chocobo digging game in FFIX was not too bad either

Blitzball. In 10, not 10-2.

Chocobo Hot & Cold, FF9. Hands down.

Submarine game from 7 and Blitzball from X.

Blitzball all the way.

Triple Triad is the best by far.

oh crap, I forgot about chocobo hot and cold…now I have four tied for the top

Snowboarding ate up a good couple dozen hours of my life. :sunglasses: Next up, probably tetra master (prefer it to triple triad tbh), sphere break is pretty addictive too. Chocobos were best done in VII, I reckon.

Hot and Cold, second is triple triad.

Chocobo Hot and Cold, Triple Triad and Blitzball (from X, not X-2. IMO, they ruined the game in X-2).

The jumping rope thing in FF9!!! :runaway:

Personally I liked the snowboarding and motorbike games in FF7. They were pretty cool.

Triple Triad

Chocobo World

FF6 Colliseum

crap, I forgot chocobo world!

…five tied for the top (I love mini games :slight_smile: )

I’d go with the majority here and say Triple Triad and Blitzball (in the first one, you don’t even get to really PLAY in FFX-2… ;.:wink:

Definitely Triple Triad and Chocobo Hot and Cold. Chocobo Hot and Cold wins the “Best Soundtrack” award for me, too.

You like the latin sound ? ehh ?