What's your favorite FF mini game?

Yes, I really do like “Vamo’ Alla Flamenco.” I think “Melodies of Life” is a great theme song, too. I am a pianist, and have been thinking about trying to find scores for the FF soundtracks. They all have great music, in my opinion.

FFX’s Blitzball. I had fun with it.

oh, I totally agree with timbermoon, the song in chocobo hot and cold is awesome

I don’t think anything’ll top MOG HOUSE!

Seriously, though, I’ll have to go with the motorcycle game in VII, or Blitzball from X. I played Blitzball to the limit…

The song, for some reason, sounded better when Zidane and Blank were sword fighting in the begining… Guess it makes me think of Zorro…

Hey, I guess that was a mini-game, too! I forgot about it. That was really fun. I usually redo it a few times just for the heck of it. I guess the music is sort of Zorro-ish, isn’t it? I hadn’t thought of it, but you’re right.

Sub from FFVII and triple triad from FFVIII

forgot about the sword fight …6 tied for the top

FFX Blitzball and FFVII Gold Statium. I hope Square-Enix makes a Final Fantasy Mini Game complilation pack sometime. With how they waste their money, you’d think it’d be high on the list.

i agree with most of the other people Blitzball in FFX not FFX-2 but i also liked the whole chocobo thing in FF7…hmmmmmmmmmmmmmm i’m undecided!