What's your background?

This is a new type of thread, I think. I don’t know if this has been done before, but let’s try it anyway; it might be interesting. It might enlighten us on our diversity here at RPGC.

What is your cultural background and/or race and religion?

I’m from Canada, plain old boring white guy without a church. I’m supposedly have a bit of French blood in me from years back though.

Icelandic and Norwegian
No Religion

Your average Blonde-haired and Blue-eyed Finnish dude… Pale as the moon

…Lutherian who goes to church two times a year at maximum :stuck_out_tongue:

That’s my background.

Heehee! I had a feeling you were going to do that, Yar! 8)

I’m Argentinian but I have loads of Italian blood on me. A few drops of Spanish too.

I’m sort of a Christian. “Sort of” because my faith is on the ground lately.

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…doh, screw you Yar :stuck_out_tongue:

/me is just that good.

I did this before, with the option of getting insults for your ethnic backgrounds. :stuck_out_tongue:

Anyway, 1/4 of each: Irish, Italian, Lithuanian, French Canadian.
As for religion… Atheist.

I’m from Brazil, which means, and I’m not kidding, that I’ve got blood from so many countries I can’t even count. Still, for the ones that are in amounts that count, most of my blood comes from Yberia (Portugal and Spain), a little from france too. And then I’ll have some black blood, though my genotype and fenotype say otherwise (that basically means that I’m as pale as most of you guys, but my skin won’t go red if I stay under the sun for lots of time with no protection). So I’d say I’m 70% portuguese, 15% spanish, 5% french, 4% afro, 6% “a little from everywhere”. Here’s a pic of me, for those who are curious. Took it in the bathroom cuzz I needed the help of the mirror.

As for religion: my family is extremely religious (christains), but I am the devil.

Good ol’ American white guy. My last name’s 100% German. All I know is I’m 50/50 German from my dad’s side, Italian from my mom’s side. Although my mom’s dad was bit of a hornball (I never met the man, he died young) so I don’t know what else in me, but I probably don’t want to know. I feel like I have Christian morals, but not so much Christian practice. By Christian I mean the church I belong to (United Church of Christ [UCC]). It’s a sort of blend of other sects but the church I go to is mostly Luthern.

Three quarters Irish, not a redhead, would post new desktop wallpaper if it hadn’t already been done.

Religion: Spiritually wandering.

All British baby, yeah! /Austinpowersvoice
And not a religion.

From NE Philly. My name being Sean Arthur Patrick Rooney, the major stuff should be obvious. 9/16 Irish, part Polish, part German, part more stuff I can’t remember, and part Viking.
Catholic (see Irish).
I’ve been mistaken for having red hair on multiple occasions by a man who is legal blind, but it is actually brown (blonde until I was 10), blue eyes, blinding white skin (except where I’ve tanned over the course of several years).

25% Irish, 75% Farsleyian (English). As for religion, I believe in God, but that’s as far as my religion goes.

Well, I’m german and saposadly my something something grandparents or something where german aristocracy. My parents/grandparents are midly religous (Nothing as bad as church, but they like… yea…) I respect that, but they can’t seem to grasp that I’m not :stuck_out_tongue:

I live in Canada and umm yea. I WAS HOPING THIS WOULD BE A ‘post your desktop background’ thread, but nooo, thanks for disapointing me. Monkey :stuck_out_tongue:


Quarter Welsh, quarter Cypriot, half English. Athiest.

French Canadian, with a wee bit of scottish (Ironically where my last name comes from), but I was born and raised in Chicago, and I, nor my parents, speak a lick of French.

Just some bum from Missouri. I’m an atheist who hates it when people try to convert me to their religion. Some people joke about an ogre in the ancestry, as all the males are about 6’ and over 200 lb.

1/4 Jewish, 1/32 Finnish and the rest just Swedish as far as I know…

And I’m an atheist for the most part.