What's the Worst RPG you've played?

Hmm… It’s hard for me to say. I know Evolution (Worlds) for the DC/Gamecube has to be up there. It’s the most facelss, bare boned, derivitive RPG in the history of console japanese turn based RPGs. The whole thing can be played with one hand. The game is pathetically short for an RPG. I think I’ve cleared it in like 15 hours. Which makes me wonder… Worlds is Evo I and II combined with “extras” It’s got a sorta 16 bit-era charm to it, but even so, it’s so immensely forgettable.

Ah, yeah-FFX-2. First off FFX did NOT need a sequel. It ended on a poignant note that had an ending that was left to the players own speculation. I like endings like that. I dont want a sequel that tells me how it ends for me. I also dont want a game that degrades the first one and devolves it’s main characters into MTV Pop-slut cliches. The gameplay itself was classic FF, and the story had some twists, but these new characters, and the english script just killed it.

I loathed FFX-2. Though I might finish it sometime just for the sake of beating it.

Final Fantasy Mystic Quest:

  • Easy to beat
  • Simplistic
  • Short
  • Buggy

'Nuff said.

And FFX-2’s old-school gameplay is the redeeming factor to me. Even if I hate the percentage thing with a burning passion…

I finished it just cos I felt obligated to. I swear to god I dont remember a damn thing about the game.

Saga Frontier 2. Gosh I have no idea what I was doing in that game, and nothing was making me stick around to find out either. What what what?

FF8…though I’ve only gotten 6 hours in…hopefully it’ll pick up…

An old SNES game, began with a ‘D’. Drakken maybe? Draeken? Something like that. Pick up the rom if you find it, worst game ever.

Tie between FF8 and Legend of Dragoon.

And Nameless, FFMQ is buggy ? Really ? Mind to explain a bit ?

Heh, I happen to like FF:MQ, only for nostalgical reasons.

I played this GBA version of The Fellowship of the Ring. I like to think of myself as a pretty open-minded guy, and I like to give everything a fair chance, but this game. shudder It was HORRIBLE. Worst. Game. Ever. Bar none.

Getting infinite potions or stuff just by re-entering an area seems a litle too stupid not to be called a bug. And, I don’t remember well, but there were other glitches to get infinite stuff…maybe arrows or shuriken, I can’t remember nor I care to.

No. The worst game ever is Big Rigs: somethingicantremember racing. Go check it out and puke.

Is that where you go right through the bridge into the water? Haaa…

It’s not a bug. The game was intended for begginers in the RPG genre. It wanted to warm up the player to the rougher games ahead. While it is really easy, it’s a lot of fun, IMO. I still give it a shot once in a while. It’s classic.

Trust me, the game I was talking about was the worst. Find it somewhere and experience the horror for yourself

There are two for me…

  1. 7th Saga (SNES): What in the HELL is wrong with this game?

Graphics - Graphics were actually not bad. That’s what got me to even try the game.

Music - A lot of it is really obnoxious, but there are like two or three good songs. Don’t let those three songs fool you, though; the soundtrack is really, really annoying.

Story - What IS the story anyways? There’s a king who trains 7 weirdos to try and get some Runes so they can inherit his kingship or something crazy like that, I don’t know. Does anyone even remember? :stuck_out_tongue: So, you play as one of the weirdos and compete against the other six…or maybe they’ll help you; some are really mean and some are really not. It’s dumb, cos they are all trying to be the ONE winner. :stuck_out_tongue:

Gameplay - REEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEETARDED. If your character isn’t agile, they will miss every attack. If your character isn’t strong, he will die in probably one hit. Everything costs a grippe, you can get in random battles when you’re standing still, and your fellow apprentices level up WITH you. You will have to battle them every once in a while when you play the game, and therein lies the game’s biggest flaw; if you don’t level up enough, the random battles will just flat out slaughter you. If you level up too much, you’ll have impossible battles to fight (And I mean really, they’re impossible).

I never thought I’d find a game TOO hard to actually enjoy, but this game takes the cake. It’s not an ACTUAL challenge…it’s just ridiculous.

  1. Star Ocean: The Second Story (PSX) - I played this game cos quite a few people here revered it as their favorite game. I don’t get why.

Graphics - Not much better than I’d expect on an SNES. It looks just like Tales of Destiny, which really didn’t look any better than Tales of Phantasia. Funny how that works.

Music - Sweet CHRIST! This might just be the most AWFUL fucking soundtrack I have EVER heard! It’s much akin to just having a bunch of people scream in your ears, or letting your baby cousins dance on your synthesizer to make the most absurd sounds possible. Catastrophic, ugly, and ridiculous. HATE it.

Story - I don’t know…some cheesey anime story. There was like a Sorcerer Orb or some shit, and it made some bad stuff happen, so you go out to find out just what the hell’s going on.

Gameplay - Get in a fight and mash attack to win. Be sure to not let your Hit Points fall to low, or you might lose. Gain lots of levels; it’s really easy in this game, anyways. Beyond that, there’s a bunch of unnecesary, silly little things like item creation which is lame balls.

The only redeeming factor of this game was that Claude’s voice actor sounded like Keanu Reeves when he did Bill & Ted. It was really, really funny for a long time, but it could only take me so far into the game. Completely lame ass shit.

Alundra 2.Worst.Game.Ever

Graphics:sucks, too polygony
Music: sort of sucks
Gameplay:Wasnt that horrible;it was playable
Replay value:low

Overall Id give it a 2.3

I hated Unlimited Saga with a burning passion. It is the only game I’ve ever microwaved because it was so bad that it simply didn’t need to spread.

It doesn’t. D: I still enjoy the game though. I used to be one of those fanboys who defended the game anytime someone criticized it, but i now see that it is a pretty bad game. However, it is still enjoyable…just don’t expect too much out of it. I replay it every once in awhile for fun.

I’d have to agree with the thread starter that Evolution sucked. Ugh, what was it with the DC and shitty RPGs? Aside from Skies of Arcadia, every RPG out for that thing SUCKED. And yes, Shenmue included. Don’t even get me started on that game.

However, the WORST has to go to “Time Stalkers” for DC. Its even worse than Evolution, believe it or not. Crappy story about some guy who can go back in time…i don’t even remember why, i think it is because there is money involved. Its so bad.

lol… right after SG bashes 7th Saga and Star Ocean 2, someone else comes in and bashes a SaGa game. I don’t know why I find that funny. SG just has such a hatred for 7th SaGa and Star Ocean 2, and yet he defends the SaGa series, which so many other people dislike.

Anyway, Drakkhen (SNES) is the game so many of you are thinking of, and I have to back you up on that one. That is clearly the worst game I’ve ever played in my life. In fact, it’s so bad that someone actually made a sequel to it (called Dragon View [SNES]). Hydlide (NES) is also one of those games that I couldn’t find any redeeming value in. I used to also bring up Tecmo Secret of the Stars (SNES) whenever anyone mentioned this topic, but Flint convinced me to give it another shot, and it’s not bad. It’s just very very bland.

Yeah, Secret of the Stars is one of the games I disliked the most. But since I played it such a long time ago, I can’t come up with any convincing arguments against it and I don’t really care. :stuck_out_tongue: