What's so great about Kingdom Hearts?

Many people love this game but I don’t understand why. Looks childish to me, but many reviews recommend it to RPG fans. So, what’s the big deal?

The Story is done by team, some made great movies over the years and the rest made most of your RPGs.

It is put together very well.

The Semi-Active Battle System is easy to pick up, but a bit tricky to master. (Semi-Active? - Outside battles Sora is controlled the same way as he is in battle, but you can’t attack characters that your not sposesed to, but you trigger talk)

The Music, the composer has managed to Mimic nearly signature tune to that areas Movie. I can’t help Singing “Under the sea” in Atlanica. She make them sound right and Constistant to game and settings.

Fight Most of the Final Fantasy Crew, and Sephroth (New tune only for this game from Nobou)

There redeming Factors are: It feels that should/will have a Sequal. Not all story scenes are Voiced like FFX. Expert is tricky for some first timers.

i’ve read reviews for kingdom hearts and they all claimed it was great. the people i know who played it however said that it sucked. and i would have to agree that it does look rather childish, though that’s what people said when Windwaker first came out as well.

It’s a great game. It has good music, graphics and an interesting story. Even if the Disney locations bother you than the non Disney ones make up for it.

It’s a lot of fun to play, that’s the main point. It’s also neat to see the interaction with the Disney and FF characters. The voice work is excellent, and the main story is also quite good. Definitely worth at least a rental to see how it grows on you.

You’ll either Like it or Hate it. If you’re in Italy I think you can get it for about €20 Palnimum or less 2nd hand…

Try getting Selphie hitting herself with her skipping rope, on her head. Just counter don’t follow up.

If you can be turned off to a game because you think it’s “childish” or “kiddy,” then you’ll never like Kingdom Hearts. If you’re willing to see that there’s a good game hidden under an exterior that’s family friendly, then you’ll probably see that Kingdom Hearts is actually an excellent game.

I got stuck in Agrabah. T.T

kindom hearts is a great game i cant believe you said that

I Beleve that having Aladin does wonders in the Cave of Wonders.


It’s a mediocore game that works because, for the most part, it’s pretty fun. Sometimes it feels kind of…well, corny, but I don’t care because I’m just enjoying it. I will say this however, I don’t really understand why the World’s are so small for the most part. I mean, they seemed really tiny to me. I guess it makes sense because there really isn’t much to go on besides the movies behind each World, but they could have come up with something instead of the same retelling of each movie, you know?

It doesn’t matter though. I remember reading a post on RPGFan where one guy said that once he got to Hollow Bastion “it’s like someone at Square said alright, enough with all the hijinks with movies, let’s get to business.” That’s how I felt. The last hours of the game seemed to drag on for a bit, but I felt that they were the best part of the game. Maybe that’s just me though.

It’s like a 3d secret of mana. The final boss was one of the cooler final bosses I’ve ever seen.

I never particularly liked it, because every single new character’s (most of the changed old ones, like Squall’s, too) irritated me, as did the gameplay. Seiken Densetsu has stayed 2-D for the better, I think. The music was pretty good, and apparently there’s something good somewhere in the writing that I must’ve missed, but if it’s there, it’s like the optimistic side of Hemmingway.

This is a little off topic but I heard that in the sequil you can fight with [STRIKE]Johnny Depp[/STRIKE] Captain Jack Sparrow in your party.


Legolas at: http://www.khinsider.com/news2/headlines/123306905.shtml

That is all, my hearties!

I played it for the Gummie Ship. That shit was tight.

I abhored the gummi ships >_>

I met a guy at school who made a gummi-pizza-box. :smiley:

Jackpot. That’s exactly what I want to do.

Yeah, but why? (See title)

Sounds neat…dunno why but I thought that the sequel was already available. Must have been all the hype.

I thought it was alright. I got to… I dunno… I think it was the Peter Pan areas, but then the novelty had worn off. Still some decent stuff.