What's so great about Kingdom Hearts?

I feel the same way. Hollow Bastion was really cool. I loved the music. The later battles in the game are hard. I think that the final boss had too many forms. on the last form I almost died to his attack that conastantly damages you for a few seconds. Donald used Curaga when the attack was almost over but I couldn’t have taken one more hit from the attack.

There is one Sequel, Chains of Memory. It not really a Sequel, The story on the Whole isn’t moved that much. There are few new things you basicly play KH1 differntley. The True Sequel is still being made, and that has Pirates, Mulan (the Dragon, Mushu?, made an appearance as a summon in KH1) Meg from Herc, and “I’m really Drunk” Auron.

Axel looks like He could make another appearence.

Chain of Memories is more of a remake than a sequel, though they throw together a make-shift plot about the characters losing their memories, thus not realizing that they’re going through the same areas again until afterward. Also, Chain of Memories uses a card-based fighting system, though it’s not exactly a card game; it’s a strange combination, but it’s at least worth a look. I didn’t like it, but I saw the novelty in it.

The original Kingdom Hearts, however, was very impressive. I thought the soundtrack was simply beautiful, I liked what they did with the graphics, and the three character controls weren’t too bad (they were about as intuitive as Secret of Mana).

Chain of Memories was awful. Dead awful. It took all the good things from KH and mutilated them, while making the bad things even worse when possible.

Chain of memories is the only kindom hearts game i played

I’ve heard so much hype about this game. It never sparked my interest. I’ve had people tell me that I have to play it…that it’s great. I guess one day I’ll try it out.

I don’t understand what’s so great about it either. Even though I really liked it, it’s really a typical hack/slash game, and a typical Final Fantasy story

Well i loved it i’m not usually into those kinda rpgs but i really enjoyed this they have one problem in my eyes. The last boss was so easy for me to beat that it kinda took away the exitement i mean in my personal aspect the final boss should be one of the toughest mothers you ever need to fight.

I loved it, Ansem was awsome, he just was. Although, yes, if you’re turned off by something that looks childish and stuff, I’m not exactly sure you’ll like it. But, atleast give it a rent.

Ya i highly recommend getting it or renting it. I CAN’T WAIT TILL THE SEQUEL though i’ve heard i’m going to need to wait for the ps3 which i am too cheap to buy :stuck_out_tongue:

It just can’t hold my interest. I’m not up to speed on my Disney movies, so I don’t really get excited with all the crossover characters and settings, the stuff I do recognise I find a bit boringly conveyed, the original content evokes a very loud meh, I absolutely hate gummi ships and how that sequence is forced every single time I travel, and the fighting is a bit too chaotic for me, what with my party members just being there to get hit and in the way. Then again, I only completed the first 3 or so worlds, but I really can’t work up the interest to play more.

it’s okay ,l,(^-^)> kirby says he loaths the gummi ship too

The first time I played KH, I couldn’t even get myself to leave Traverse Town. The controls, camera angles, and motion just gave me awful headaches. I was also really sick at the time, lol. It looked cool, and I really wanted to like it, but it just wasn’t doing it for me.

At least a year later, for some reason I got the unyielding urge to give it another shot. I was extremely wary due to my previous experience, and I really wondered why in the world I wanted to try it again. So, I did, making sure I was completely healthy at the time, and I couldn’t put it down.

I was a fan of the original story rather than the tie-ins and crossovers; when I got to Hollow Bastion I was really excited, because I felt like this was what I was waiting for the whole time.

I’m excited about the sequel (when is that supposed to be released?), and I’ve never played CoM for the reasons Cid stated earlier.

Here’s the release date from Gamefaqs:

Kingdom Hearts II Square Enix Q4 2005 NA
Kingdom Hearts II Square Enix Spring 2005 JP
Kingdom Hearts II Square Enix Winter 2006 EU

Btw, I got a cheap platinum edition. I like the skills/battle/equip/magic system (especially the latter) quite a lot, even if the Disney cutscenes are traumatizing. The graphics are real good, even if the camera sucks. But yeah, it’s well worth it. Thanks for the advice guys, I feel I’ll be playing it for quite some time.

Agreed… if you put it down before getting to where the story really gets good, you’re doing yourself a disservice. The cutscenes can be safely ignored before then, it’s not like they’re terrible. At least they’re well acted. :sunglasses:

I think that the coolest place in that game has tto be where the tutorial thakes place. The stained glass pictures of Snow White, Sleeping Beauty, Belle and Cinderella were awesome.

Yes Cid, the cutscenes are very good, graphically and act-…um…ly, ok. I liked the absurd crossovers in Destiny Islands and Traverse Town. Not to mention seeing FFVII’s character’s faces for the 1st time.

Yeah, don’t get too hyped about KH2. The more media that Squeenix releases the less I care about it. Which is saying a lot since the original is one of my favorite games. And CoM isn’t all that bad you just have to get used to it.

All in all the KH games are good because there’s an exceptional balance of storyline, gameplay and the fusion between Disney and Square is pulled off extremely well. Mainly because the FF characters in KH aren’t their in-game counterparts. They’re the characters, but they haven’t gotten up and saved the world from evil beings like they did in their respective games. (Mainly due to age constrictions) On the Disney side it works because Sora, Donald and Goofy play a role in completely muffing the storyline of the movies up. Hell, by the time you reach Agrabah the movie versions of the worlds in KH mean less than shit. All they provide is an area for the events to occur and a couple characters.

On the same note I’ve got a question for anyone who’s played KH and CoM. In “Deep Jungle” (or the Tarzan world for the forgetful) there’s the part where Sora and co. have to gather the slides and bring them back to Jane to view them. Now, one of them is a castle. Sora comments that the castle looks familiar even though he’s never been of his island up until recently. Now, the reason I ask about CoM is because to me it appears to be the castle from the scenes in Twilight Town. Is it just me or did anyone else notice that?

I thought it was meant to be Hollow Bastion.

It happens in the PS2 version too, and Sora (if I remember correctly) makes that remark also after going to Hollow Bastion.