whats anyone think of this idea for a tv show?

365 episodes, each episode chronicles one day, a new episode every night for one whole year(July 8-July 8)

Expensive, probably boring.

i know it wqould be expensive, but why would it be boring? you just have to come up with the right idea for a plot to get the stories rolling

Because it’s 365 episodes, that’s why it’d be boring. The figurative creative well would run dry far sooner than the series would finish. I think most shows get about 25 episodes per season, so you’re talking somewhere around 14 years worth of writing for any other show. It’d be draining on everyone involved.

So you want a soap opera that has episodes on weekends and films all year long.

Any meaningful technique or narrative thread would be lost in the gimmick.

This is the most insane thing I’ve heard since Quina’s FF thread.

They already do. It’s called the news.


Truman show all over again.

So will they devote an entire channel to this 24/7 or is this going to be like 5 min. burst.

Nah, I read the papers instead. They contain much more action.

no one hour per night, and the dvds would released by the month

It does sound tricky to produce (unless there’s much improvisation) and not compelling to watch- but hey, you never know. It all depends on the public’s fancy. After all, “24” is basically ONE episode stretched into 24, and DC Comics’ current limited series “52” is a weekly series telling a story over the course of year. Both are hits (though I hate 52, it’s boring and even disgusting in spots) so you never know.

I dont think it would be that hard to film, it would only take maybe two to three years to film and the pre production would be less than a year, and 24 is where I got the idea from(that and Deadwood)

Oh. ONLY two to three years to film. That’s definitely worth it for a TV show.

Wait, no… No…

well 365 hours would definatly take a while to film, The Lord of The Rings took over three years to film and that was only 12 hours long, but it wouldent really take such a massive amount of time to film, some days you may be able to film two or three episodes in a day

Two or three episodes in one day? That sounds pretty impossible. Normal shows have an entire week or more for just one episode. How much plot is going to be moved forward per episode on your show?

I dont know some epsidoes could be almost entirely dialogue with verey little to push the plot further other than somethiong someone said, but the entire show would be largely dialogue driven with some episodes having action scenes.
I also have an idea to have it set between 1986-1987or some other year in the past

Oh! like Dragon Ball Z.

(Except replace dialogue with the sounds of various people breathing heavily and/or going “ahhhHHHHhhhHHhhhhhHHHHHhhhHHhh”.)