whats anyone think of this idea for a tv show?

It’d have to be very well scripted to move the plot with just words. Something like that would be better made into a movie.

The thing about Lord of the Rings is that it was a movie. Blockbuster movies rake in like a bajillion dollars more than popular TV shows. With a 365 day show, you REALLY have to hope it stays fresh for the advertisers to keep dishing out money. Also, don’t forget the summer season when shows usually do worse.

You could start the show in the summer and build up an audience for the fall. That’s what shows like Windfall did. Of course now they’re taking a beating from the regular Fall lineup.

thats what I alredy said July 8-July 8(my birthday) becaue it would be kind og redundant to start it on January 1st

Depends on the show…If its a good show yeah!If its not blech.

Sounds more and more like a soap opera to me.

its not a soap opera, soap operas are all about a bunch of people with bad hair talking about sex

While this is about a bunch of people yet to be determined talking about yet to be determined topics.

no much more plot

Here’s an idea: get a video camera, and tape yourself every day doing stupid shit. And then… here’s the tricky part… put on youtube. WHOAA!!! BEST IDEA EVER!!! WHOA MAN WHOA!

A single-spaced, standard sheet of paper, fully filled, will take about a minute to read. Sixty of those would fill an hour with dialog. Let’s count it as only fourty minutes (since you said most) of the show is taken up with dialog, on the average episode. Now, we add in stage direction, costume detail, and other assorted blocking. We’re probably up to about 60 pages again. Let’s even say fifty pages per episode. That’s 18,250 pages of text for the series. Eighteen-thousand-two-hundred-and-fifty. Not paperback-book-sized pages, either, eight-and-a-half-by-eleven inch sheets of paper, single spaced, virtually all the way filled.
When you convert pages size and whatnot, I’d estimate your series would take about twenty-four times the text of Tolstoy’s War and Peace.
I challenge you to find a writer who has written that many solid pages in his or her lifetime, let alone within a couple of years to prepare for a television program. You’d need a massive team of overworked writers, and teams of writers? Dear God, don’t get me started on what can happen with that. They would all have to write seperate parts to get it done on time, but none of them would know where the others were going very well and wouldn’t be able to read the character personalities and evolutions from previous chunks.
The series is absolutely infeasible to write. It would be difficult to film and sustain an audience in, but to write? Impossible. No, I take that back, impossible in any way that makes sense. You could easily write that volume, but in any remtely canonical or coherent way? Nope, sorry.

I’m reading it right now. Quina sounds like Jack T. Chick.

Can we switch to discussing my next Hollywood movie? It’s a 24 hour project. See, it’s about a holy man meditating. His thoughts will be depicted by using special effects. Among others he hallucinates about a jungle in Amazon where he contacts the golden heads and among others he remembers the first LOTR movie, which he used to like. So that whole movie will have to be refilmed and included whole. The tricky part will be when the whole world is destroyed before his eyes (that can’t be CGG, for realism’s sake) and then instantly reborn.

All it needs is a rediculous amount of money, license from (New Line Cinema?) to refilm LOTR, its actors, ability to destroy the earth and reinstate it, a producer who’s willing to pay for the filming of a 24h movie and a sucker willing to play it in theaters. Man, at least it will get the first award in Sundance cough

I thought after GAP’s link, this thread would gently die.

And speaking of bizarre tv ideas (and Soaps) :

The Marvel Super Heroes meet the cast from ‘The Guiding Light’

Not a joke! :eek:

Going over Quina’s thread, I can’t decide which one is less sensible. This one seems slightly better, if only because its originator, uh, doesn’t sound like Jack T. Chick. And he hasn’t replied to other peoples’ refutations of his arguments by ignoring the core of the refutations and picking out the bits that are easy to argue against by rehashing his previous arguments + delusions of grandeur.

Haha. XD

My funny was a lot better then it seems. :frowning:

And how. It’s like Brain trying to take over the world, only Brain actually goes through with it.

o ok then it wil b supr suksxesful :slight_smile:


Like, didn’t MTV’s Real World already do that? It followed groups of teenagers around 24/7 too, and it’s been there for years. And the plot was good too (the only reality show I ever saw that had to do with real real life).