What would you do if...

Let’s say it’s the armaggedon(apocalypse,end of time etc,etc.)and a meteor would fall(later having the same effect as the dinosaur extinction)in about 30 mins. What would you do of these options.

Well, seeing as how Nasa couldn’t POSSIBLY send anyone to the Moon on such short notice, even IF the Moon were inhabitable, and a shelter probably wouldn’t help much, I’d just go and try to lose my virginity as fast as possible before it falls and we’re all fucked over anyway.

Amazing how many of my plans end with me losing my virginity.

Good idea that, if only I hadn’t lost my virginity. Then again…

I’d do the same thing she did, only with a girl.

Hide under a park bench, ala Simpsons.

I’d level up to SSJ3 and Kamehameha it.


I think I would hide in a closet, protected by blankets… And maybe some kinda magic ring…

push reset and kick sephiroth’s ass before he could have a chance to summon it.

nothing. what is so special about the earth getting destroyed by a meteor?

call up to the Life stream and Holy

30 minutes? Well, I would have tried Val’s idea, but I don’t think that’s enough time to find someone to have sex with me.

Believe me someone WILL be found, thats as sure as the amen in the church

i send up bruce willis and some other guys to go blow it up before it got to close.

while there doing that ill either be trying to beat ddr or listining to aerosmith… or both.

:moogle: i dont want to close my eyes i dont want to fall a sleep cause i miss you babay and i dont want to miss a thing.

damit mog i told you no more karioke!!

That’s odd, I seem to recall you loosing your virginity many times over with abusive boyfriends or something.

I’d probably go to sleep and dream for a while. Dreaming is fun. We’re all gonna die. Yay!!! :ulty:

Id do my boyfriend until we both exploded

Wowz… My thoughts exactly. Just that I’d do it with my gf. :ulty:

Go underground for a while, and then start my own Bartertown complete with a THUNDERDOME! :smiley:

I’m going out Tony Montana style:

With the battle cry of “Say Hello To My Little Friend!” as my last words, I blast the fucker with some large scale missile/artillery and at least put a little damage on the thing before it obliterates civilization.

Sure, hammering it with a salvo from some missile silos won’t affect much, I mean, even if I shattered the combined impact of all the little pieces would still have the same apocalyptic affect… but I’d feel pretty bad-ass for that remaining few seconds before death.

And at least I went down fighting for once in my life :smiley:

Play video games