What was the weirdest dream you've ever had?

This is a bit personal, so I won’t expect many replies for this. But it’s still interesting to know from those who don’t mind sharing.
Mine was being chased by a monster. I could remember it so vividly, its weakness was mangoes.

The WEIRDEST dream…this is gonna take some brainstorming…after all, In 21 years and ten months of life I’ve had a lot of dreams. But the single most weirdest dream I had was after I had gotten home from a rave, and the drugs were wearing off. I did one last pill, and popped in Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas(which is different every time I see it)…I fell asleep about 15 minutes into it and then I had this dream that I was Raoul Duke and I was actually seeing the whole movie through his eyes…and a dream of this nature is very hard to describe in vivid detail…this post would need it’s own scroller if I did that. And when I finally woke up, I was hallucinating and hearing strange voices…and that was the last time I will ever do chemicals…man, am I glad that part of my life is over. Now I just stick to the au naturel methods of getting twisted.

You E-Tard.

I’ve had a lot of weird dreams, but I guess one of them would be when I dreamt I was Robert Plant and Jimmy Page, and we were touring, and each town we’d stop at, we’d see how many people we could kill. Unfortunately I don’t remember the actual killing, but nontheless there was a lot of blood involved.

The latest weird 1 I recall is me paying $2 to get into a cage, containing a midget and a man in a bear suit.

Really, I don’t know.

Well, I have had a lot of twisted weird dreams…:

  1. When I was REALLY little I had a dream were I was Sailor Moon fighting evil…in a furniture shop.

  2. Now THIS one is WEIRD: I was fighting in this tiny stadium with this boy, and there was this pillar in the middle. I smashed him into walls repeatedly, and then I won, and walked out into this lobby. Everyone was talking about some famous dude being there, and I turned and bumped into him, and knocked over a huge box full of beyblade parts. He was like"Oh, no! I was gonna make my Beyblade stong with some cool real metal weight disks!" So I said, “Eh, Sorry.”. Then I sat down against the wall, and I kept on thinkingThis guy is Ansem! And then he took his face off, and it was one of my relatives! Then like time went in reverse, his face was back to normal. Then I left in a red convertable with some weird guys, and the Ansem dude came from behind us in a slightly different red convertable with this guy, a girl, and my best friend Sam. The guy was laughing like crazy, and a person in my car was like,“Who are you!?” Then Mr. Ansem said,“Ha ha! Don’t you remember your king!?” And they went way up ahead, but for some reason they heard me yell,“I knew it! Your Ansem! You should be dead!” Then they pulled back, andf we stoped in my hallway. The people in the car got out, and made me do weird things, and then I went into my brothers room, and Sam was there. He said something weird so I pushed him. Then I went back into the hall and sat in the car. The weird lady came and said,“You’re accepted!” And the Ansem guy took off his face again but this time he WAS Ansem. So these two bad drivers came in ANOTHER RED CONVERTABLE and knocked me out. When I woke up we were on a road, and were pulling into a gravel driveway, I didn’t have a seatbelt on so when they stopped really suddenly I went flying down a hill into an area that looked like a camp. Everyone was wearing red T-shirts, and I was wearing a red sweater. Then I woke up.

Hmmm… Well the weirdest dream I’ve ever had are actually two different ones…

In chronological order:

#1 I dreamt about two people, a man and a woman. Sort of sci-fi setting. They were fighting (the woman was some kind of assassin) and after a while they stopped and talked about how pointless it was.
Apparently they had been fighting like that for generations, always reincarnated to be pawns in a pair of gods game and they had somehow found it out now.
So they decide that they should lock themselves in stasis so they won’t have to continue.
Anyway, when they do that and close the lids to the very things that looks like large tubes the man notices that he is underwater and says something like “Oh crap!” and starts to swim upwards.
In the meantime the woman steps out of her tube and laughs. She tricked him. And then back to the man, no matter how much he swims the surface keeps going further and further away and a squeaky voice says “Swim outlander”, for some reason.

That’s where I show up in the dream. I’m at my grandmothers place with some of my cousins. I walk up to the TV, shut it off and say “That has GOT to be the weirdest movie I’ve ever seen.”

And the second:
Well… It starts kind of normal. Me and my friend are walking around in Umeå and we enter an apartment building. That’s where all the normal things end. Because in one of those apartments lives a naga with her pet white tiger. And furthermore she threatens to kill us unless we always speak in rhyming sentances. My friend has some troubles with that, but I have a very interesting conversation with her, and a (very) short, but kind of funny conversation with her pet too.
Me and my friend leaves the place, and after a while I notice that my shoes are too small. I look down and notice that they aren’t my shoes at all and reach the conclusion that the naga have stolen them.
So I tell my friend to just go on, I’ll catch up after I ask about getting my shoes back, and I go back there. When I get there the naga is busy trying to crush a man (a door sales man or something) like a, well, a snake.
I ask her if I came at a bad time but she just looks up and says not at all while still crushing the man.
When I then ask her about getting my shoes back she totally breaks down and screams that shoes are very important to her, each pair has a special meaning. And she also throws my shoes and a pair of similar shoes at me. I pick them up and think for a minute before handing them back to her saying that she can keep them.
After that she kisses me… Or actually we kiss eachother and at that point I woke up.
I just opened my eyes, suddenly wide awake and I was lying in my bed thinking “What the fuck?.. What the FUCK?! Seriously, WHAT THE FUCK!!!” for like five minutes.
And after that I got up.
It was morning anyway…

And I don’t think I could call the Cthulhu incident a dream since I was awake (just slightly sleepy) at the time :stuck_out_tongue:

I think the last time I posted in a thread like this I got death threats for describing my dream. either that or that was the dream I was describing. :-/

anyway, a recent one… weirdest had to be chasing wonderwoman through the office where I used to work (where, for some bizarre reason, a scrabble tournament was in full swing- yes, I dream about it too. How sad am I?). Once I’d caught her, Hugh Fearnley-Whittingstall (weird-haired British celebrity chef bloke who kinda looks like me) showed up with a lightsaber. I transformed into Samuel L. Jackson and duelled him to the death. Can’t remember who won but as I woke up at that point it’s safe to say it wasn’t me.

…will remember to overdose on Pringles tonight and see what I come up with tomorrow. 8o)

Me, and two old friends of mine went to an amusment park. One of my friends was kidnapped by canables who threatened to eat him if we didn’t pay a very pricey ransom. Armed with Laser shooting Samurai Swords we tried to rescue him but we didn’t level up and lost at the boss fight.

Since it is the tradition for me to tell about my Agent Smith dream every single time I post in one of these threads, this is what I will now do. I was looking down a stairwell and saw all the Agent Smiths coming up, a la The Matrix Revolutions, and then he/they chased me around a bit, and then took me over:

Me: Could … you make … the process … less painful?
Smith: Oh, you’ll feel better in a minute.
Smith/Me: Hmm … you’re right! I feel fine!

And then we continued chasing a bunch of people through this abandoned church.

Wierdest one I can remember is: The Incredible Hulk is chasing me, Huey, Duey, and Luey down a city street, and he was gaining. This was really scary at the time, because I was about ten. Of course, it only lasted for like a second, so… pretty crappy story, right?

Ok, I was riding the bus home from school. My bus is pretty big, and it is FULL. So anyways, all the kids on my bus were pretty roudy, then, all of a sudden, it goes WHITE and the universe ends. It stays white till i wake up.

Oh, i also had a dream were…uh…the RPGC staff finally let us see the porn. And it told me they would reveil it. Now. Please? :too bad:

damn… you all don’t have many ‘real’ people in your dreams… (not that mine do but hell)

my weirdest dream,

I was walking down the street, a girl comes to me and tell me to be sure to stay away from a ghost that was apparently wandering the streets. and then the girl leaves or at least gets out of my sight and the ghost is hanging there ( I say hanging because it looked like a pillow with eyes)

Then I wake up and this was the scariest thing… I tried to yell and scream for my mommy, but my voice was gone… so I freaked out even more… but luckily my voice returned a few seconds later…

Did anyone think mine were weird?

My weirdest dream was being followed though a metal corridor by a monster I never saw. I hid in a metal lab under a metal table and all the time I could hear it moving around and it got louder and louder and then the door opened with a big scratch in it and then I woke up.
And kirokokori, your dream is freaky, don’t worry.

My weirdest one…my (in)famous “Bagel Slicer Dream”.

WARNING: Much fucked-uppedness ahead.

Okay…so as it starts, I’m wandering around a huge grocery store. I mean, HUGE. And there’s people around in foam vegatable costumes with stupid names like “Kelly Corn” and “Arnie Apple”. Stuff akin to that. The next part I can recall is me walking up to a checkout line. There’s a dark-skinned man there in a rather ambigously-shaped brown vegatable costume(a pear, maybe?), leaning against something. I tell him “You look like a squash” and he says “No, that’s our squash. Jason Squash.” and he points to someone wearing a giant foam costume of a blonde woman’s head.
The next thing I know, I’m outside. This circular bagel-slicer moves in. (Imagine it shaped like one of those plastic bubble-tape cases. Nevermind how real bagel-slicers look, this is what it was.)
This thing has a relief of a late-teens man dressed kind of like the skater, and the relief moving around rather erraticaly, but in a kind of jerky way. It says “Hi, I’m Brad the Bagel Slicer!”
SOMETHING happens next, but there’s a blank spot. There’s definately some part with this bully-looking dude. Next scene I can recall, there’s a split second image of the bagel-slicer closing around the bully-dude, and he says “I am sorry that I had bad manners.” and falls apart, as if he was split down the middle. (Interestingly enough, the split went down between his eyes, and the pieces fell to the left and right. If he was really cut by an an instrument like the bagel-slicer, it would have cut him in half in another way…the pieces would have fallen forward and backward. Sorry if I can’t describe this well.)
Next up, something else I can’t recall may or may not have happened. The next thing I recall is the “camera” panning around an area that looks like someone’s rather large backyard, while a woman’s voice is talking in the background, like a voiceover. I don’t recall her exact words, but she’s talking about how they buried the bagel-slicer, and the death of her daughter.

That’s the last thing I remember before I woke up.


I want to be in your dreams GG

I have had three realy memerably weird dreams.

In one I was abducted by aliens.

In the oher I was killed by aliens.

And in the third I died after My town was nuked and it diddn’t end there, i got to see what the afterlife was like.

I had one where I was in church. Only the choir was dressed in identical, white, fashoinable warm-up suits and everyone was singing Summer Nights from Grease.

sick man… dude… you need a psych