what was the best class idea that square soft made?

I’ve personally always liked the Blue Mage because they can use enemy attacks and they can use swords.

All the Knight classes… Divine k., Heavenly k., Dark k., etc… :enguard:

I’ve always been partial to Red Mages because they’re Jack-of-all-trades, they have a bit of everything: white magic, black magic… even some fighting skills. I also like Blue Mages for the irony of using monster attacks against them!

But if you’re asking WHICH class is best in terms of abilities… that’ll require some research (which, guess what, I AM doing!) :ah-ha!: Will get back to you.

'cept for gambler, all the classes are pretty much the same… in terms of ability. i don’t like classes that specialize in magic abilities, cuz by the time they could cast their spells, they’ve at least taken a certain portion of damage already. refilling MP while getting attacked by the enemies is another factor why i hate magic users.

Personally I have always been partial to the smaurai, ninja and paladin classes. They all have pretty useful abilities, in most FFs.

My personal favorite, Thief.

Overall, I have to say White Mage.

Knights of all classes would be my favourites, although “off shoots” like Samurai are also useful. 95% of the time, when in an FF battle, I just click “attack” and have done with it, so hard-hitters are of the most use to me.

A lot of classes Square didnt make, they jut borrowed. My all time favorite class is either Thief or Ninja. But my favorite Original class would have to be… Summoner.

Dark Knight & Samurai

Ninja or Calculator. Or Dancer! Or Mime… Or Fighter… Or or or…

Onion knight!

Just kidding, either Dragoon or blue mage.

I really loved the idea of a Trainer class. it wasn’t the best execution of it, but it was a very novel idea :smiley:

Bards! (it would rock if they actually made bards as useful as they are in DnD… oh well.)

They are, enemies attack them at random, and if you can teach them cover they become even more effective meat shields.

Do you even have to ask? Black mage of course. Yeah, I know the idea of a “wizard” has been around since the begining of time (or close to it), the design of the FF black mage is original. That and Vivi is so cute, but so deadly… :mwahaha: .

Well my favorite are:

Dark Knight

In that order.


Knight , red mage

I like pretty much all the different classes of knights, and the samurai class.

I personally like the Chemist, but on the overall, I especially enjoy the Samurai.