what was the best class idea that square soft made?

After playing a Thief in FFXI, and getting my ass stomped repeatedly, i would like to change my favorite class to Monk !!!

The Onion Knight.
Why? Because being useless is the shit!

I’d say Calculator and Knight/Paladin. Give the Calculator some speed boosts and he’s deadly from anywhere. The paladin/Knight since he can learn soem nice white magic, but still has great attack power.

I’m really fond of Red Mages.

I use them for White magic and attacking, which is a pretty nice combo, although the only bad thing is that they’re limited on what White magic they can use.

I would have to say red mage, Summoner, and Onion kid. That’s right onionkid, the class that is useless until the end when you find the stuff to make them a feok. Gotta love the irony.

Red Mage, FFXI version. They really come into their own, finally.

Also: Pimp. Hat.

summoner who doesnt like calling up some big ass dragon to toast your enemies

Wow two months old.

We like necromancy eh?

Dragoon. Dragoon rules all.


paladin and thief

I forgot time mage. The little wizards with the dunce caps :moogle:


FFX-3 should have aPirate Ninja cless. Yes.

Yah… Knights and the hard hitters are my faves to work with in battle… BUT Summoners are my all-time faves.

Kniggots (Several off shoots), Red, white, Beserker.

Big Nutter
Monty Pyhton and the Holy Grail

Black Mages! Vivi rules! Cute…but oh so deadly… :mwahaha:


Fry any enemy with a strong Fire spell, using simple math :smiley:

Depends on the game but Ninja is the best overall…followed by Dragoons, and dark knights…then the Summoners and Black Mages