What video game are you currently playing?

My reaction to her getting bitchnapped was pretty much “what, I’m NOT supposed to cheer?”

This just in, DQIX’s Puff Puff is hilarious.

At first, I thought I knew what was going on, but when it actually showed what was happening…oh my.

Also, I’ve gone back to playing Tales of Innocence now after DQIX lured me away. Good game, but the dungeons are just awful. Also, there’s a random difficulty spike just sorta thrown in there for whatever reason. As proof of this, I’ve gotten a Game Over twice so far against normal enemies. -_-

Ok, I finished the first AT2 dungeon… the good news is that the blurry text only affects the menu, I don’t have any problem reading the dialog text. Though it does make it a little hard to read what the items do. The bad news are: this is a real-time combat game with button-mashing? Aarrgh!! There’s a reason I don’t play those, you know. Whatever, I’ll put it in Easy mode. Go ahead and laugh, I don’t care. Also I got my first Reyvateil and she’s a prissy bitch. Probably a Defrosting Ice Queen (my God, TV Tropes HAS ruined my life). BTW I’m trying to trigger her Talk Sequence where she gets mad at the hero for not protecting her in battle, but it’s not happening and the GF guide doesn’t tell me why. Anybody knows?

Ah, I remember that one being a bit tricky…

To be safe, advance the story a bit, it won’t happen right away. But you also need to fail COMPLETELY for it to trigger. You only need to fail ONCE though, so if the talk is not triggering, don’t just keep failing on purpose.

AT2’s battle system is actually extremely awesome, one of the best I’ve seen in any RPG and it PAINS me that it’s not in a better game instead. It’s not really reflex-based, you just need to work out a rhythm and get used to it. Once you work it out, it’s really fun. The problem is that once you work it out, you become so retardedly overpowered that absolutely nothing in the game can touch you. Replekia + Synchronicity Chain + Fast-recharging EX Attacks is just absurdly strong. Get used to doing the guarding, which is the primary duty of the vanguard (Escept for EX attacks, don’t count on Croix and Co. for offensive power). The different effects of Up/Left/Down attacks are… actually, either look those up or ask me again, they are pretty hard to figure out. For the time being, at least get comfortable with the timing of each attack so you can pull as many consecutive attacks to lengthen the turn.

Starcraft II formerly. It’s actually been Dragon Age: Origins, recently. Playing through as good with Alistair, Leliana, and Wynne. I really want to go through with Morrigan and the Dwarf, though. Also, maybe the assassin guy.

Lately, I’ve mostly been playing the first game in the series that has been summarized as “Don’t be fooled by the little girls, it’s actually a game for manly men!”, i.e. Touhou Koumakyou (a.k.a. The Embodiment of Scarlet Devil). And, well, I’m still getting my ass kicked by said little girls after a couple of months of playing it.
It’s actually the 6th game in the series, but it’s the first game for the PC.

I just gotta get better at dodging the knives that Sakuya, the time-stopping, space-warping maid, throws at me so I don’t waste as many lives before I get to final boss.
Yes, Touhou basically has the maid equivalent of Dio Brando as a boss. :wink:
No wait, scratch that. Even Dio doesn’t have that many knives. (You can skip to about 2:45-2:50. That’s when the knives really start flying.)

I should add that I’ve added both Fire Emblem and Eternal Poison to my currently active list.

Well, I finally got to “dive” (as in, enter a Reyvateils’ mind; think “The Matrix”) in AT2. Yeah, yeah, I know, it’s another of the game’s innuendos, but I actually like this part. In fact I’m finally enjoying the game now; I don’t care much for the combat and the menus are ridiculously complex. But this game is loaded with conversations, character development and even multiple endings, and story-related stuff is always my favorite part of any RPG. I just wish they wouldn’t shove THIS IS AN ALLEGORY FOR SEX HA HA in my face every other minute. If I wanted a hentai game I would’ve bought one you know? Sure the first game had it too but not to this degree.

I am however impressed by the fact that one of the playable characters is THE MAIN BOSS OF THE FIRST GAME! That’s pretty original and I can’t wait to get to that part.

Which Fire Emblem?

Continuing my “odyssey” of playing Ar Tonelico II (and no, I don’t plant to narrate the whole thing, it’s just that the thing keeps baffling me.) This time I’ve found out:

-After playing for 7 hours I’ve fought barely two Boss fights, I think. Of course that might be because I’ve spent so much time on character-oriented stuff like Diving and Camp Conversations. Still, I think the pacing is a bit slow.

  • There was a DIRECT use of the term “losing (his) virginity” O_O twice, though it was in reference to diving into Reyvateils. Makes you wonder what they call sexual virginity in this world…

-The Reyvateils level up by BATHING TOGETHER?? WOW. Most. Blatant. Fanservice. RPG Idea. EVER. Not that you can see anything, but just the idea…
…Oh, and the way the girls talk about the dualithnode crystals, you’d think they were talking about CENSORED!!

Oh, about the bosses in that game, you’ll eventually fight a white robot-looking thingy called Sacred Army. Like, the thing itself is called Army, not “belonging to”. Another example of bad editing.

I just hope you like those things, because they are like 85% of the game’s bosses. They don’t even get stronger. The game isn’t particularly subtle about it either, any time you get to a point where you’d expect a boss fight but there isn’t any logical reason for anyone to be there to fight you, “WHOOOPS, SACRED ARMY OUT OF FUCKING NOWHERE”.

Ever play fighting game sequels?

At the moment I am playing LSD: Dream Emulator, Brick Wall Erector, Tedious Tasks 4, Knot Tier, Space Invaders Remix, I found some old pocket game thing that has Hangman and some other word games, those Burger King games. I think I’m just done with vidya games, they all suck.

Starting FFT up again with an all normal character run. No specials. No Arigas, no Mustadio, no Cid and his Excaliber and Bracer which I will steal as always, and, sadly, no Beowulf.

<begin obligatory next-few-posts about FFT>

You could (re: should) make an exception with the twins. In fact make them your entire random encounter party.

The one called Fire Emblem, and without either Marth or Roy in it (well technically Roy’s in it as a cameo but he’s unplayable).

Or more specifically, the one that was localized without its subtitle on the title.

Also some hands on time with Majora’s Mask reminded me on how horribly Goron Link controls in Goron Ball mode.

Originally Posted by Wilfredo Martinez
-The Reyvateils level up by BATHING TOGETHER?? WOW. Most. Blatant. Fanservice. RPG Idea. EVER. Not that you can see anything, but just the idea…

That’s nothing compared to stripping down to one’s skivvies in battle just to power up one’s spells. [SPOILER]And the mechanic isn’t limited to just the female characters. D:

BTW did you know that there’s a 3rd Ar Tonelico game?[/SPOILER]

Oh yeah, I know about the third “Tonellico” game. I’m mister immune to spoilers, remember? It’s just that I wanted to play another AT game so much I jumped into this one the moment I found it, instead of researching it first like I usually do. Maybe I should have. :stuck_out_tongue:

@Gunslinger: I was talking about RPG games… that kind of thing rarely happens in those.

RPGs only do that with lesser bosses, but in the same game instead of in the sequel. :wink:

Hey, I loved the Goron Ball. The bull boss you fight with that is probably my favourite Zelda boss ever.

Yes. That part is still awesome as always. I’m more referring to using the Goron Ball for stunts requiring precision like most of the puzzles in the second dungeon or the Goht Mask area within the Moon.

Also, this just in, thank god for Zora Link’s Finnerangs as without them the pirate battles would take forever to fight with just the Koriki Sword.

Ah, the gba game. It was my first brush with FE and I got bored early on. Maybe I should give it another try as I’ve finished Shadow Dragon in the meantime.

By the way, I found that my last MM playthrough was much smoother than the original one.