What video game are you currently playing?

I’m not talking about this specific moment, but just what game are have you been playing the most.
I’m currently playing God of war3 on my PS3.How you?

I FINALLY was able to buy Ar Tonelico II, which I’ve wanted to do since I played Ar Tonelico I. I haven’t started playing it yet, but just reading the manual makes it look like it’s even MORE blatant fanservice than the first… they made the Hot Spring scenes a REQUIRED playable minigame? SERIOUSLY? O_O

I’ve been chipping away on Tales of the Abyss for the last month. I’m really having a hard time sticking with it.

Modern Warfare 2. No, seriously- I dropped the story mode a while back and just got back into it. Next up will probably be a full run-through of Flower, just for variety’s sake.

DQIX with a side of MP2.

League of Legends, when I have time for it.

Playing through Scott Pilgrim vs. The World at a friends house every other day.

i am playing dragon age origin and Ethernal sonata on xbox360
and MGS4 on my ps3

Assume everyone who hasn’t replied is busy with Starcraft 2. I’m close to finishing the campaign and have an itch to replay the original and Brood War… again.

I’m playing Odin Sphere, going into it pretty much blindly. It’s gorgeous graphically, but I would have preferred something more light-hearted. Every single character seems to have a “KICK ME” sign on their backs.

Had been playing DQIX, but haven’t really touched it in a few days.

Also been messing around with PSO:BB and recently got back into playing Borderlands.

Added Bonus: Went to QuakeCon Thursday and got to play Fallout: New Vegas in 3D. Pretty damn cool.

the Earthworm Jim HD remake for the PS3. It’s been tampered with but it’s still the best game ever.
Also a friend from school lent me Persona 4… I’ve never played one before so I’ll be playing that for a few weeks until the next semester.

I’m one hour into ATII and I’m pretty… baffled. Is it me or the writing is kinda… blurry? Even up close sometimes I can’t make out what it says. (This is a new copy, not used, so it can’t be wear-and-tear.) Besides, the dialog sounds kinda… stilted. Not a good sign. And why are the text boxes so huge and decorated? That’s distracting. And the first female companion is… ELEVEN YEARS OLD? PLEASE tell me she’s not one of the romantic interests! Oh and I mistook the main character for a GIRL. What have I gotten myself into?

I’m going back and forth between Record of Agarest War (see avatar) and Starcraft 2.

Right now, I’m finally playing Rune Factory Frontier. Weiila was right, this game is definitely leagues better than RF1. I’m still glad I played the first one though, there’s a huge amount of in-jokes and plot threads that you don’t get if you haven’t played it.

I’m STILL calling bullshit on Ivan and his whole “He’ll be better off not remembering” thing from RF1 though, and this game just makes the whole thing worse. I mean, what the hell? Raguna’s past is AWESOME, why the hell would be better off left amnesiac? It’s not like he’s not getting into trouble by himself (As Frontier rightly proves) or that he’s hidden from the Sechs empire. They drove up like fifty war tanks right up to his goddamn face, every single guy in that operation knows where he is.

You might remember the thread I made a while back. ATII is probably the worst localization NISA has ever done, so much that a bunch of guys took it upon themselves to retranslate the whole damn thing. The list of things that went wrong is staggering, but a summary would be: lack of time + no fucking budget + habit of half-assing or outright shitting over 3rd party games (Sup, DS Rhapsodia).

On the game itself, no Cocona is not one of the love interests. Croix looking feminine is probably the most notable thing about the guy though, my GOD was he dull as hell. And such a damn doormat. Try and get to the route split and pick either choice without wondering what the hell is he thinking.

Well, you can’t blame me for getting Lolicon vibes from an 11-year-old girl with an exposed midriff, especially in a game with so much innuendo. What about the blurry text? I tried fiddling around with my TV screen’s controls but that didn’t help.Oh and I haven’t forgotten about the Boss Bug, though I hope to be able to bypass it (I am using an Gamefaqs guide.) Also, is the fan translation complete? If so I’d like to download it.

To be fair, I haven’t even gone to the first dungeon yet, so this is far from the right moment to criticize the game. It’s just that I was baffled by so many WTF moments in short sequence. I’ll post more comments later on.

Ohhhhh, I never said there weren’t boatloads of groan-inducing pedophile jokes involving Cocona. There are. There’s a scene that pretty much beats “Lyner injects Aurica with Diquility” on the “Are you fucking shitting me” scale. She’s just not one of the romanceable girls.

Speaking of that one scene in AT1, a funny bit of trivia: the writer swears that he never intended for THAT part to contain innuendo. It apparently sounded a lot different in paper, but when it was made into the game, the dude just went “Woah… that… that really looks like something else entirely, doesn’t it?”

It should also be noted that according to the SALP (Something Awful Let’s Play) of the game, at one point Croix will penetrate Cocona’s barrier. Also there is a Cocona specific ending if you play your cards right (i.e. not right at all).

^Edit: I assume that’s what you are referring to SE.

I guess that if I ever get around getting a DS I have to play RF1 even if it’s subpar in compare, as I’d like to know more about what the hell was going on.

Also, be sure to raise your friendship rate with the creepy carpenter after the first autumn for a face-palm plotline.

Star Craft II. I’ve beaten the campaign 3 times. But I’ve run out of campaign-related achievements to get… And I really suck at competative multiplayer :frowning:

Well, good news is that, like I was complaining, the game is veeeery easy and comparatively short for a Harvest Moon title. You can get through the whole thing in less than one year. In fact, you could finish by first Autumn if it weren’t for the fact that the fourth cave doesn’t open until winter. There’s no runeys either, and FP with the villagers rises semi-automatically as time passes and you work on the farm, so it’s really easy to squeeze out what little sideplot there is to them. You can ignore marriage if you want as well, since it’s not only shitty (Your wife does NOTHING but stand there and occasionally give you food) but clearly uncanonical for obvious reasons.

The simple detail of understanding Kross’ Watercan Vs Tank comment is pretty much worth it all. I laughed real hard when he brought it up, I can’t believe the devs acknowledged that.

I’ve already kickstarted the Kross sideplot. I’m at Spring 1 of the second year and working on saving Crazy Turnip Bitch.