What toothpaste do you use?


I usually switch from 3 different toothpastes.

I have this red toothpaste, and it’s one of those Crest Expressions junk. It’s “Cinnamon blast” flavor. It’s not that great, and doesn’t freshen up my mouth.

I have this white toothpaste, and it’s supposedly “herbal lemon” flavor. It tastes horrible, but really freshens my breath. I swallowed some by accident once, and I had that horrible taste in my mouth for a few hours.

I have this green toothpaste, and it’s “extra whitening”. It’s like, uber strong mint flavor. It’s awesome.

Sometimes I put all three on the same toothbrush.

Colgate Total.

Some Pepsodent thing.


Tom’s …I’m not using anything with fluoride ever again after reading about the effects of Fluorosis. >_>

Better stop using tap water then, Trillian.

i use that new crest expressions, the citris(spell check, the orange crap). I like it, its smells and taste good, although you cant eat it, or else you could end up in the hospital. But its good enough to eat.

This yummy strawberry stuff. :3

http://img.photobucket.com/albums/v626/Koonies/sprite_Rikku.gif I use pure sugar! …For some reason it makes my teeth white and shiny! XD


Colgate one, I think.

I don’t drink tap water. :stuck_out_tongue:


ap water is good where i live, i drink it all the time.

Isn’t there flourine in the air?

NMG, I wanted to buy that citris flavored toothpaste. It’s the same as the cinnamon. Well, same company/brand. But I liked how the cinnamon smelled. :stuck_out_tongue:

If fluorine was in the air, you’d be very very unhappy.

I use colgate total. And you need a little fluoride in your toothpaste to do a chemical reaction that strengthens your teeth and prevents decay.

BTW, you typically don’t want to drink tap water for a lot of reasons that would go over you head. You’d be surprised how in some places its less clean than you’d expect.

There’s like, 0.0000002% flourine in air?

Would it be any better drinking tap water if you had the pur water filter on the faucet?

I use crest multi-care and then the natural citrus listerine, supposedly is less intense. Getting used to it now, don’t feel my eyes welling up while using it now or that i brush my teeth first before using it helps a lot.

I use some sort of Crest.


Crest Complete

o rly? how strangely erotic

The best part is getting it out of the tube.