What the hell happened to you, Namco?

Like Final Fantasy was actually something after the sixth.

In all honesty, it actually looks kinda fun. Sure, it’s got a silly license, but M.C Kids and Yo! Noid had awful licenses, but were excellent games.

All games based on McDonald’s are instantly awesome. MC Kids is the most obvious, but McDonald’s Monogatari is the sweetest game EVER. It’s kind of like Harvest Moon, but instead of working on a farm, you work at a McDonald’s. Isn’t that AWESOME?

And Yo! Noid is the silliest licensed game ever, since the Japanese version had completely different graphics, and Capcom decided to change the game in America to base it on an annoying and short-lived advertising campaign for a third rate pizza parlor… WHY? Pretty fun game, though.

Fuck. A Popeye video game. IT MUST BE MEIN!!!

Am I the only person here who doesn’t hate Popeye? I was pissed when they stopped showing it. And the reason why was because Popeye put green stuff in his pipe.

Uh, Domino’s isn’t a third rate pizza company, Hiryuu. >.>

You’re right… fourth rate. Sorry.

Quality-wise anyway. Their pizza is terrible.

Well, yeah. Their pizza’s not the best… AROUND (no nothing’s gonna ever keep me down).

However, in terms of popularity and stuff, I think it and Pizza Hut are the big two.

I think Domino’s was the second most popular pizza place back when Yo! Noid came out, but I think Papa John’s is more popular nowadays.

Maybe. I’m not sure. Pizza Hut seems like it’s gone down in popularity too.

All of the pizza taste pretty much the same. So whoever has the lowest price wins. or not. They just get more people to buy from them. Is that winning?

Down with gross greasy chains! Support your local-run pizza parlor!

That being said, I remember liking Cool Spot as a kid. Then again, I also liked that Trolls game, where you ran around and colored the scenery. >>; So licensed games can’t ALL be bad!

That’s what I mean. FF was best on the SNES. From IV to VI, those were it’s golden years. After that, straight down. Period.

As for pizza, Panago or Little Caeser’s is the way to go.

Lastly, forgive the n00bish question, but what exactly defines a licensed game?
(Reason for asking: … >.> A… friend wants to know. Seriously <.<)


It’s just a game based on a non-video game intellectual property (like a movie or TV show or something). Generally companies pay licensing fees to the companies for the opportunity to make games based on their intellectual property. Works out well for both sides, since the license brings name-recognition to the game, and the owner of the intellectual property gets money and advertisement.

But due to the fact that the name recognition usually guarantees that the game will sell regardless of quality, a lot of licensed games end up being utter trash.

The Riddick game wasn’t that bad. It was rather good actually. That came out in 2004 too.

Then there’s the Need for Speed games, but I think they’re just attaching the name without it being a true license.

You are absolutely wrong, what gave you this idea?

His taste buds?

Oh, I’m not saying it’s automatically bad cause it’s a licensed game. I’m saying it’s automatically bad cause it’s Popeye, and I hate Popeye. That being said, there’ve been plenty of good licensed games lately, from the afore mentioned Riddick, to the how-did-we-not-mention Kingdom Hearts. Capcom’s always known how to make a good licensed game from DuckTales to Disney’s Magical Quest Starring Mickey Mouse (and Minnie Mouse on GBA). The best licensed games came in the day of 2-D platformers, though. Then we could be happy to be playing as an advertising character, be it a Noid or a 7-Up Spot (though damned if I’m gonna be happy about playing as Chester Cheetah).

The problem these days is that 90% of licensed games are directed squarely toward kids, from Dora the Explorer, to Spongebob Squarepants, to The Fairly Odd-Parents, to Mary-Kate and Ashley Olsen. These are occasionally licenses that could be good games (none of the ones I mentioned are of any interest to me, but I hear other people my age like Spongebob), but are instead recycled crap directed towards children who don’t yet know how to press “forward and jump” at the same time, or so the tutorial of these games would leave me to believe. Want further proof that licensed games have begun to suck these days? Read <A HREF=“http://www.seanbaby.com/”>SeanBaby’s</A> “The Rest of the Crap” section at the end of each EGM, where he tells people how hard it was to get through a tutorial in a Smurfs game when the game decided to interrupt him and tell him how to talk to people, everytime he approached a person.

[edit] and bad licensed games aren’t a recent thing, let us not forget E.T… >_>

[edit 2] Also, I’ll look forward to a McDonald’s game when I can both play as the Grimmace and be invincible all the time. Oh, and it needs to be a first person shooter. “Nothing can stop the Grimmace. This press conference is over.”

I don’t know what you people are crying about, Popeye is awesome

You… hate… POPEYE?


If Popeye was here, he’d eat a can of spinach, his biceps would turn into anchors or battleships or something awesome like that, and he’d punch you so hard, you’d land on the moon, like the commie bastard you are!

i yam what i yam