What should I get Amerycinsycho for x-mas?

He is my roomate, and friend, and internet posting buddy so I should get him something. I was thinking of a punch in the face, or a box of dead cats, but a friend pointed out to me that these things weren’t actualy gifts. This has left me CLUELESS! For reference here are some things he likes:

  1. Calling me fat
  2. Yelling at the TV
  3. Jim Beam
  4. Swearing
  5. Swearing in reference to his job
  6. Taking the lords name in vain
  7. Music
  8. Calling me really fat
  9. Pro Wrestling
  10. Making fun of people from Northern Wisconsin

Help me out here RPGclassics!

Oh yeah, don’t tell Amerycinsycho, or I’ll cut you.

How about a nice Hungry Man frozen dinner? Anyone who is ANYONE and hungry can appreciate those. I know I sure do.

As for other suggestions, I’m thinking of catching him a delicious bass, myself.

Get him a Fear or Whiskey Rebels album. Combine his love of liquor (Beer for Fear, and, um, well, Whiskey for the Whiskey Rebels) and punk rock into one Boozepunk extravaganza!
Or just tear out the page of the thesaurus with ‘fat’ on it so he has more ways to call you fat. Do the same with every swear he likes to use, and you’ll give him an educational gift sure to make your neighbours really hate you.

I suggest a sack of oranges to the noggin.

Either that or a cd.

hit him with a sack of hammers. or give him some winamp

donate some of your extra fat to him.

way to rip off my idea. loser!

I took it from somewhere’s else! And mine was more violent! So nyah.

a gift


Umm… I’d say he has sexual tension. Have sex with him. Or have Dev have sex with him. The end.

buy him a cat. a month later kill the cat and leave it in the sink. when he notices it tell him that nothing in life is permanent and then hit him with a brick

How about a hamster instead?


That’d help the sexual tension thing.

Give him a recording of the Sumo Wrestling Wisconsin State Match 2004. That way he’ll have someone else to throw swears at and call fat; and he’d be watching wrestling at the same time. He ought to love it.

A dildo or an enema.

Get him the internet

edit: or something useless like a giant lava lamp or keanu reeves

Better yet, hit him with the “1000 years of pain” technique - Naruto’s superpowered kancho (japanese ass-poke) move.

Exactly, the enema and the dildo.


Or just some Screeching Weasel album?