What is your most embarrassing moment?

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Well… That night when I was bored and horny, and you had put on a wig and we were a wee drunk, and well… Yea.

Discovering how drafty skirts were.

Too many times, but today my sister told this girl I liked that I liked her and that embarrassed me to no end.

That’s one mental picture I could have lived without.

When my sweatpants fell down in 4th grade gym class because they were too big…

Probably this. Or the time in school when I farted so hard I actually made my chair move. I could barely walk afterward. :-/

Aw, that’s adorable. Young Love… sigh

when i got a dime stuck up my nose and well…yea needless to say i was well known after that.


Heh, anybody find it funny how big he made the green censorship thingy? I’m sure it would have been big enough if it was only 1/4 its current size. =P

You farted so hard you made the chair move? Hiryuu that was vicious.

i can’t remember most of my embarassing moments, as I’ve done such stupid stuff over the last couple years that I rarelyt feel more than moderate embvarassment. But I’d say mine was back in fifth grade, where, due to an agreement I made with Julia, had to walk downtown dressed in a skirt exactly like her and see how many people thought we were twins. And, well, there were a few Middle schoolers around at the time, and somehow figured out what I was, even though I looked a lot like Julia back then,. and… well, wasn’t pretty.

Being transformed from Mark into Maria for a night.

Trunks falling down whilst getting out of a hot tub

who was in the hot tub?

Girls. Naked girls. Naked girls Cro was busy making babies with.

Ramza is semi-close, but not really :stuck_out_tongue:

I was the assistant Stage Manager at the all-school musical last year, and I was in charge of the fly systems. On the second night of production, I forgot to unlock the flies I needed, and as I went to release the lever so I could raise a white backdrop. I’ve never run so fast in my life when I had to go find the director and get the stage keys.

I also hit the background with one of the pylons when I was lowering some signs. Oh man.

Oh, and I also almost killed someone, but he was a jerkoff, so it really didn’t bother me. It was his damn fault he didn’t follow the directions of the Stage Managers. When I say “MOVE THE FUCK BACK SO I DON’T HIT YOU WITH A HUGE METAL BAR.” a smart man would move.

When I “attempted murder”. Don’t ask… I’ll just say that high school kids stretch things way out of proportion if they know it’ll rile someone up.

Dumbass actors.
Yeah, on my first year as stage crew we did 42nd Street, and that show has virtually no blackouts, so we had to do all the changes really fast and be positioned behind set pieces in some scenes. In one, several people go off and on several times, and I forgot about the last group and started to move the set piece before seeing two actresses coming on. I got off the stage as fast as possible but was too embarrassed to do anything else for the rest of the act.