What is your most embarrassing moment?

I don’t really know. Probably one of the many things I’ve said in my sleep.

Once, a few years ago, I was at a friend’s house for a party. It was warm when I got there, so I was wearing shorts, but it got cold suprisingly fast. So said friend leant me a pair of sweat pants. They were a little big, but they were warm so I let it be.

Later on, we were running around outside in the dark, and in the midst of this my pants fell down and I tripped on 'em. So there I was on the cold ground, with my pants around my ankles. And I was wearing boxer shorts patterned with little smiley faces.

Why didn’t you keep your shorts on under your pants?

shrug I can’t recall. Like I said, it was a few years back. (Thought it probobly would have been a good idea, not that it matters anymore. :hahaha;)

GAH! My fucking eyes!

Me, I’ve had too many to count. I wont’ go into it.

Hoever, my most recent was in Domain Knights. Shodan kicked my ass in SDK, so I started again and tricked out my cracker. I started killing stuff, and went on about how I was going to go after everyone.

Only to find out that a level 19 Cracker + 8 Reflexes doesn’t quite do it to anyone in the top 10. I got killed shortly thereafter. HAven’t been in in SDK since.

As I say, if I’m going to make an ass of myself, I might as well make someone laugh.

Licking a blokes ear. I was asleep at the time dreaming about a certain Girl. She asked Me Why! I did a ‘Tidus’ Head rub and Laugh and then Spent the day avoiding her…

Big Nutter
http://bignutter.superihost.com/ ! You can Find Who and Who…

That’s what you get for playing SuckerDK, that would have killed everyone in the normal game.

Oh but I plan on doing it when DKL resets.

Let’s see…well, I suppose when I was on a crowded train and was asleep and then woke up only was still half asleep and shouted out that something was dangerous. Then I fully woke up and realized almost everyone was looking at me. Not nice.

Probably when I almost walked out into the classroom from going to the bathroom without pulling up my underwear and pants in 2th grade. I don’t think anyone saw me because I was lucky enough to have a big shelf in-between me and everyone else. But, it was still really embarrasing.

A drink Leaked in My coat pocket to day. And it seeped tough to my back lining. and soon there was a wet patch looking not unlike a badder problem.

Big Nutter
I’m the middle of Manchester…

I remember now. I was ten years old and my school made a field trip to a ranch. I’m not sure why but we ended up playing a race across the whole terrain.

There was a clear path that everybody used but I tried to take a shortcut by climbing over a fence that was just a little taller than me (I couldn’t see what was behind it). Since I had the momentum, I dash/jumped on a rock and made an spectacular jump over the fence, one that would have been worthy of a persecution scene in a cop flick… had not there been a moat on the other side.

I spent the rest of the day answering questions about the fact that I was completely drenched.

i had soo many i cant recall, a resent moment was when i was at the mall with my guy arm in arm and i was pointing something out ( i was wearing high heels) and i tripped and fell backward bringing him with me to the floor! omfg, that was soo embarising . i quickly got up and went to the nearest store, he was laughing like crazy

Wearing a bra and lipstick at school. They really thought i wouldnt do it…

Man, I had to stretch for that one. My life must be pretty easy.

Well, I’ll put them in two parts : Drunk and not drunk.


-Once upon a time, it was 3:30 AM, I was heavily drunk (it was the night I wrote THIS for those who want precision as to how much I was drunk. The document was edited for spelling mistakes) and my means of transport were rollerblading. I was accompanying my friend back to his home ('cause I’m a good guy like that) and stopped for some coffee. My friend’s brother was working night at the convenience store. He sees me shit-faced drunk (not the first time it happened), trying to get meself some coffee. I EVENTUALLY manage to get the coffee, even though I never removed my rollers and I EVENTUALLY manage to pay the guy, then I exit the store…

…only to fall on my ass, spilling coffee all over myself. It was hot. Very hot. And I had it down my pants. It hurt.

-Once upon another time, on the 25th of December 2003, I thought it a good idea to front-flip into a meter of snow without any sort of proper coat to protect myself from cold. I lived to regret it. Especially since I went 40 hours without sleeping as I was scouring boxing day sales afterwards.

Not Drunk moments

-Anytime my pants ripped because I tried to kick someone in the face

-Showed up to a bus stop dressed only in a roman toga. Not surprisingly, the driver passed through, ignoring me. People I knew were in that bus. It was for the 24 hours of Gaming/RP, so I had to call to say I was late because the bus didn’t want to stop for me and my roman toga (that happened last thursday).

-Fell asleep on a guy, looking very much like many shounen-ai artworks you see on the web

-After 24 hours of sleeping, I scared off a guy in the bus by saying “Fucking” at every other word, even doing the following : “mumble fucking mumble” To this day, I still don’t know what I said.

-Running a game of Rapper : The Chilling, an RP system much like White Wolf’s World of Darkness, only with rappers and crazy powers.

-Doing a Pokecthulu game in which my Pokecthulu’s attack maneuver was assraping another pokecthulu. I managed to beat the Secretery to Student Life of the Student’s Association by assfucking him to death in that game. He left the game after that.

In my first year at univeresity I got drunk at pub night and fell asleep on the bus home. When the bus arrived at the station the driver almost had to slap me awake to get me off the bus. He was smiling and almost laughing so it must’ve been a jolly good time.

I know I’ve had a lot more embarassing moments, but only the one that I do most often stands out: tripping up or down the stairs. That or the time I sort of yelled out ‘my water broke’ for a reason I vaguely remember during lunch. Not embarassing so much as a way to get really strange looks from your friends.

Accidently sending pictures to a friend from work via MSN. Pictures intended for GF. Kinda hard to look at her for a while. :frowning: