What is the best moment out of any of the final fantasy games?

I’m really bored and felt like posting something so here it is.
For me this has to be in Final Fantasy IX when bahamut final got to be in a Cut Scene.

There are so many memorable moments, I find it really hard to choose between them. The scene between Rinoa and Squall in Ragnarok, and the ending after the credits in FF8 are probably my favourites. They made me cry, although I hate to admit it. I also loved the opening FMV in FFX and Auron’s entrance in Luca.

Has this type of thread been done before? i wouldn’t know because this is the first mess. board ive been to.

Almost definitely been done before, still a good thread, though.

Auron’s appearance in Luca is a particular favourite of mine, too- the opening to FFX is awesome, as well- FFX-2’s isn’t bad but doesn’t live up to its predecessor. Most of FFIX’s cut-scenes were memorable, although best “moment” had to be Zidane proving himself to be sleazier than the average hero… :wink:

FFVIII- opening, the dance, the pre-credits ending FMV all rocked, although many of the big plot-revealing moments seemed like anti-climaxes to me…

FFVII- the weapons awakening was the best bit, by far.

Sephiroth (SPOLIERS)



…Killin Aeris. That whole death scene shows that

A: Sephiroth is badass

B: Square still manages to kill a main character in an unforseen way.

C: Sephiroth is BAD-ASS!!!

I’ll never forget how Yuffie pissed me off when she took my Materia. :enguard: :enguard: :enguard:
But the best part was I got to defeat that Don Conero guy(I never liked him). I also liked how you teamed up with the Turks duing that as well. And when the Turks defeated that bastard(did I mention that I don’t like him) that was one of the best in my book.

I always liked the whole game of FF6. Generally, with games, I tend to get depressed and tired once the whole journey is almost over. I hate coming to the end. FF6 never left me with that feeling, except when I went to enter Kefka’s tower.

FF7 when Cloud saw a midgard zolom impaled on a tree. That pretty much described what the player was in for. And when they raided Shinra headquaters for the first time. That’s maybe my favorite part of the game, and then Jenova being stolen. Seeing Jenova for the first time…damn. I saw that thing alone in my bedroom and I had the lights out and I almost pissed myself. I just thought tanked Jenova was extremely gruesome. Aaaaand the sequence in Kalm. I love it.

FF8, possibly the Ragnarok scene for me as well. I also liked preparing for Edea’s assassination. And Triple Triad. Oh yeah baby.

FF9 cant remember all too well…I wasnt overly impressed with the game at first (thought the characters were horribly uninterested) and Ive been yearning to have time to replay it. But I liked the atmosphere in FF9, so there must have been at least one moment I loved…

FF1- When you go through Class Change.
FF2- When you… what that… i cant think of a damn thing
FF3- N/A
FF4- I liked when Cecil defeated his dark side, and became a Paladin. Alos, that scene when Edward is playing by the river, and his lost love appears to him and encourages him… that was emotionally stimulating.
FF5- I havnt finished but i like the whole "Faris is a woman ? " scene int he ship graveyard.
FF6- Entering Cyans dream, and defeating his inner demons…
FF7- My favorite part is when Cloud finally gets a grip on reality and then tells everyone to go home and discover what they are fighting for… i loved that whole part.
FF8- The end when it shows Laguna ad Raines grave… it shows that he used time compression and Ellones powers to correct his biggest regret in life…
FF9- When Zidane decides to fight alone, and his friends show up and each declare that he isnt alone, and that he will always have someone by his side.
FF10- When Seymore is finally flushed down the toilet. I also like the scene with Lady Yunalesca when Auron shouts, “NOW IS YOUR TIME…” i loved that little speech.
FF10-2- havnt played enough to give an answer.

From those FFs I’ve played:

FF IV: Cecil beating his evil side to become a paladin.
FF V: The ‘Faris is a girl?’ fiasco on the boat…I thought that was hilarious.
FF VI: Either when Setzer goes to find the backup airship, or when you first meet Sabin.
FF VII: When Cid demands his hospitality be recognized when you first meet him. “WHERE’S THE GODDAMN TEA, SHERA?!”
FF Tactics: Killing Dycedarg. Ah, so rewarding, killing the pompous son of a bitch.
FF VIII: The opening scene, with the ‘sword to the face’ fight.
FF IX: Vivi’s self-realization, akin to Robo’s from Chrono Trigger.
FF X: After defeating Lady Yunalesca, and finding out Auron is dead.

You really didn’t have to worry about keeping Aeris’ death a secret though… I think EVERYBODY who goes to these forums knows that already. Which reminds me, do we have spoiler tags on the new boards?

And I really enjoyed the End of the World in Final Fantasy 6. It was very nice to see Square let the “crap hit the fan” in such an elaborate way. Regathering The Returners was one of the most interesting things I’ve ever done in a video game.

regathering the Returners? Does that mean gettin your party together?

Yeah, cause killing an unarmed girl when her back is turned to you is quite a feat of bravery and skill.

Your party = Returners.

Although they don’t really mention The Returners after the Cataclysm, I think that your party is still considered a part of the group (or the entire group).

“No one touches my princess. Light Warriors? You impertant fools. I, Garland, will knock you all down!”

God, I realyl don’t liek Sephiroth. Don’t get me wrong, he is a badass, but I’m sick of everyone thinking he’s the best damn villain ever because he uses a 7-foot sword that’s so thin, it should be easily bendible. And because he summoned Meteor. Well, WHOOP-DE-FUCK, people, Kefka poisoned an entire kingdom and became a crazed god of destruction for a year, makign everyone’s lives miserable. Ex-Death gained control of the X-Zone, and damned nearly half the world’s population to spend eternity locked in timelessness! Kuja orchestrated a global war, causing untold millions of deaths and was about to destroy the entire universe when he found out he was gonan die. Sephiroth is no better than all his predeccessors and successors in any way. So shut up.

Yeah, but Seohiroth isn’t a:

1: Faceless suit of armor

2: An ugly clown

3: a bisexual girl…er I mean guy! Yeah…

4: a dragon.

He is a:

Bad-ass guy in black leather that impales everyone, kills evryone he knows, carries around a demonic head and controls an evil demonic viral carrying monster which grants him mutegenic powers.

Therfore…Sephiroth wins.

Just a tad bit biased there.

The way I see it, he’s a pretty boy who needs to rely on his mama to help him get hsi goals because all the other kids are stronger and would pick on him otherwise. The others at least stood on their own two feet and did it themselves. And by the way, like I said, Kefka actually ACHEIVED Godhood, so he automatically went further than Sephiroth ever did. Granted, Kefka WAS eventually defeated, but he still completely changed the world, perhaps permanently, it’s hard to tell.

Epic: Who’s biased? Him, me, or yes?

Any scene with Kefka was pure joy. The guy is definately the most insane video game character of them all. He even becomes a God briefly (although he dies dissapointingly easily once someone actually BOTHERS TRYING TO FIGHT HIM), and completely destroys the world. He’s the envy of all the other villains.

Sephiroth, on the other hand, was a sorry excuse for a villain. He looked good on the surface (cool haircut, neat sword, great appearance), but when you actually FIGHT him, he folds quicker than Kefka did. Not only that, but his Meteor attack took a bloody eternity to reach Earth, giving the heroes enough time to actually respond; Kefka just poisoned the river and vaporized entire towns out of existance, killing everything instantly. In other words, he could kick Sephiroth’s ass any day of the fucking week.

I’ll admit, Kefka is bad-ass too.

But as anyone would know, Sephiroth controlled Jenova, not the other way around.

And now for something completly different, a man, with three buttocks.