What is the best moment out of any of the final fantasy games?

I’d have to say the ending in FFX. When Tidus dissappeared. The whole story of that game really connected with me and when that happened it was really…depressing, for lack of a better word.

I think my all-time favroates would have to be the “You’re Not Alone!” scene in FF9 and Gilgamesh’s farewell in FF5.

Garland had a face, but you couldn’t see it because he was wearing a helmet.

That’s a point against him, not for him.

:mwahaha: Excuse me, I couldn’t get past “bad-ass”.

FFX : either the scene with Tidus and Yuna featuring ‘suteki da ne’, or the scene on the airship during the ending

FFVII : when the weapons are set free and you awake after some weeks of unconsciousness (I thought the world was going to be like the world of ruins in FFVI …too bad it wasn’t)

A dragon is cliche. Therefore, its bad.


Sephiroth is also a fallen angel. BIG +!!

plus he’s got the coolest theme music.

I agree, Dragons ARE often cliche, but that’s why people love them!

And you’re dead wrong about the fallen angel part. How can he be a fallen angel, if he was never an angel to begin with? He only took a form that made him SEEM like a figure from some sort of Judao-Christian mythology.

And Atma Weapon had the coolest theme, not Sephiroth.

Have you ever listened to his theme when its played on Kingdom Hearts? That is cooler then ATma’s theme, although Atma comes in a close second.

Yes, I did listen to it while I kickced Sephiroth’s ass in KH. After awhile, it gets REALLY annoying. With Atma, however, the terror always stays. Lord knows he still scares me.

A fanboy! Yay!

gaaaaaa… :ulty:

I sad…

Cliche /= bad. Cliche = overused. And Bahamut is not just any dragon, but the king of dragons.

I got an idea !! Lets drop some barsoap into socks and beat the sephiroth fan with it !! Or we could use quater rolls. Those work wonders. I would say a can of something, but the can would likely burst turning your home made mace into a home made mess.

I like that part when Lufia is turned into a badguy, and you guys fight her, but dont kill her, then all the other sinistrals combine into one big ugly Sinistral. That was awesome. I panicked untill i finally beat him.

I agree with Val,Sephiroth is cool and all,but way overrated

FFI=“I Garland shall knock you all down”
FFII=Haven’t played it a lot can’t tell
FFIII=same as above
FFIV=Cecil figthing his dark side
FFV=Gilgamesh’s sacrifice
FFVI=fighting Atma weapon
FFVII=killing sephiroth with the Omnislash
FFVIII=begining and ending FMV
FFIX=When Zidane’s freinds tell him his not alone
FFX=begining FMV,Ending,and Crashing Seymour’s wedding
FFX-2=havent finish it yet

On a side note,Kefka was really insane IMO the only one who comes close to him is Albedo from Xenosaga.

I also loved the time when Joei teams up with you one last time to defeat Garuda in Suikoden II! Best FF moment there.

Hey… wait a second… Those arent FF moments !!!

I also LOVE the play scene at the end of FF9… absitivly posolutly… it was quite mood inducing. After that, the ending theme put a bloody tear in me eye… Err, it wasnt a tear… there must have been a leak in the roof… or i got squirtted by an orage… or one of those citris fruits… yeah thats it…

it wasn’t a tear at all. In the immortal words of Booster, “My dear, are …you leaking?”

Yes. You werent crying at all. Just leaking.

I also loved Cecil facing himself, i didn’t realize you weren’t supposed to attack for a couple of turns, opps, also loved that bit of music there. Also meeting Gau in ff6, mr thou. that was kinda cute and funny and the way gau moves heh. The moogles rescuing Terra and Locke at the beginning, hugs one. Who doesn’t love Tellah and his spoonybard comment or avenging his daughter’s death.

If you think Dragon’s are cliche what about Sephiroth? He’s a frigging bishounen. There are at least one of those in all games and anime. And he’s not a fallen Angel. He’s a Jenova enhanced human who goes insane with rage and anguish when he learns he’s an experiment. All in all Sephiroth is basically an over rated, insane mama’s boy who has to summon a giant rock to gain ultimate power which a small group of awfully portrayed characters easily defeat. Sephiroth is a pathetic excuse for a villain. He’s cliched, he’s poorly developed and there are no twists in his story. It’s “Cloud + Sephiroth = experiments. Sephiroth kill world, Cloud save world.” thats it.

On to my favorite moment: I’d have to say either Bahamut and Kuja killing Brahne or Alexander defeating Bahamut in FF9.

Amen! Plus he looks horrible in the advent children trailer, just wrong…