What is the best Martial Arts style?

Brazilian jiu jitsu is excellent.

The one you don’t suck at?

EDIT: Doh, 984 said the same exact thing first :stuck_out_tongue:

Judging by the results of MMA tournaments(mixed martial arts, basically fights where you can use any martial arts style you want), Brazilian ju-jitsu is usually the most potent. There’s also another style that usually wins the MMA fights, but I forget what it is.

BJJ wouldn’t work on a group of people.


Buyingagunjutsu? :confused:

Also, UFC is bullshit and does not represent real fighting of any kind in any place at any time. Yes, the old stuff too. I’m not about to make some outrageous claim that I could kick any of their asses in real life, but I doubt any self-respecting martial artist who actually could rip serious ass apart would ever appear on that show. Noooo way no how.

Anything Goes school of martial arts is the best



What makes you say that?

Yeah, I think that has a lot more to do with nobody in the UFC except BJJ fighters having any idea what they are/were doing, really. What passes for Muay Thai in UFC is kind of a joke. Yeah, Patrick Smith entered as a kickboxer? He’s, like, a second-degree black belt at Taekwondo or something.

I think I heard somewhere that none of the more potent martial arts even bother with any belt nonsense.

One of the more practical and deadly still-existing martial arts that hasn’t been mentioned yet is Krav Maga. It’s being used, in like, wars and shit. It’s designed to maim, whereas most of what you’ll find at martial arts schools today is just sports.

BJJ is designed for one on one maiming, but you can’t just break a guys arm in UFC, you have to submit them.

You can break a guy’s arm in MMA. If the person is locked in something like a kimura, and he doesn’t submit, yeah. His arm can be broken, and it’s not against the rules. Most would submit in that position precisely because they don’t want their arms broken.

Martial arts schools teach their art to carry on the tradition and pass on the knowledge to younger generations. Belt systems were added as a visible sign that they’ve learned and achieved something. When guns made their way to asian countries the ways of war changed. Hand to hand combat and swordsmanship were rendered obsolete. The initial competitions held for daimyos to see the skill of a soldier were extended as a sport competition and way for soldiers to keep up their skills.

In modern times a lot of the more dangerous techniques are forbidden in a match because they are considered unsportsmanlike and would cause permanent injury. For instance, kicking the knee is forbidden.

As for Krav Maga’s use in ‘wars and shit’, it’s still intended for use when both opponents have exhausted their ammunition. The maiming aspect of it includes eye-gouging and throat strikes. Stuff that’s been forbidden by every recognized sports federation. If the art did make its way to the sports arena it would look like any other striking/take-down martial art.

Other ‘sport’ martial arts are still in use around the world. Philippine’s military uses a form of Escrima. Several Japanese police forces use karate and aikido.

As for Krav Maga’s use in ‘wars and shit’, it’s still intended for use when both opponents have exhausted their ammunition.
See my first post’s first line >:(

I knew you it was okay to break peoples arms, but don’t you have to go into it slow enough for them to tap out in time?

Buyingagunjutsu has been shown to be ineffective against ancient martial arts. I think it was Ongbak that showed how to get around an AK-47 defense with a flying knee strike.

What’s more, “buying a gun” is a way of winning at killing someone, not at martial arts. Martial arts are sports with specific rules. I mean, the best way to “win at tennis” or to “win at kayaking” is also to buy a gun, if you ignore the rules. The whole point of martial arts is to have it be a sport.

I thought the point was self defense?

Like Lex said, martial arts are outdated. If we’re talking about self-defense, the most effective way is, again, to not be in that situation in the first place, or to buy a gun.

You sir are and idiot.