What is the best Martial Arts style?

Just wondering.

Brazilian Jiu Jitsu.

I don’t really care, I’m just going to say Capoeira because it’s the first one that popped in my head.

You’re a pretty good poster. Know what i’m talking aboot?

Jeet Kune Do

What’s your body type and what kind of fighting do you intend on doing?

I’m like bruce lee and I want to kick all the asses.

I don’t know that many styles. I’m fond of aikido because my size doesn’t effect my ability to implement any of the techniques.

Bruce Lee-style.

Just watch Fist of Fury and Way of the Dragon a couple dozen times and you’ll be good.

p:unch:: <—that’s you because you’re a girl.

What school of Aikido do you practice, Kairi? I’ve heard only Tomiki Aikido has grading and competitions.

Some people I’ve talked to compare it to Tai Chi in that it’s about developing your understanding of the flow of forces through your body and your opponent.

Watch The Big Boss and practice your moves on giant blocks of ice.

Hombu. It’s not really comparable to Tai Chi that I know of. I suppose there are some similarities in which we want to flow with the opponent rather than clash with them.



I already said that…

Yes, that’s a good one!

Get to punching a wall for 10 years while watching shitty tv.

I’ve heard rumours about a fighting style so cerebral, that practitioners can stop punches with their minds, but these must be exaggerations.

Chuck-fu (Chuck Norris Style)

No one is cooler or tougher than Chuck Norris. Afterall, “the chief export of Chuck Norris is pain.”

Meh, Bruce Lee kicked his ass in Return of the Dragon.

It seriously is BJJ. The initial UFCs were tournaments pitting masters of various martial arts against each other in a fairly rule-deficient fight. BJJ won three of the first four tournaments, and the one it didn’t win, the BJJ expert progressed to the final but had to withdraw because of the prior fight. That tourny’s final was two scrubs against each other that had literally not fought in the rest of the tournament.

Bruce Lee has a healthy import/export business dealing in pain/kicking your ass.