What is the best Martial Arts style?

True, the best method is a preventative measure. And I’m sure a gun can be a good form of self defense. But is it really that outdated? Don’t they teach folk in the army various martial arts? I could swear they teach cops different moves from different styles too.

I think I’m more bothered by the fact that you said that martial arts are sports with specific rules. While plentycan be done as a sport that doesn’t mean they are a sport. Outdated or not, they are fighting styles first and foremost.

I said martial arts are an outdated method of war. No one would fight hand to hand on the battle field if they had a working gun.

Because the best way to react is with LETHAL FORCE.

Also guns aren’t legal everywhere.

Cause some places can’t handle them. Rawr.

Every style has its Advantages and disadvantages.

The best style is always free style.