What is in your CD/MP3 Player/Winamp playlist Right Now?

The title explains itself. Since it hasn’t been done in a while. Let’s try to discuss this without seeing who has the bigger musical penis.

Currently in my 3 disc CD player are Dream Theater - Octavarium(the new album, it is sweeeet), Soilent Green - Confrontation(Their newest album, also pretty good stuff), and Megadeth - Countdown to Extinction. Currently,my Winamp Playlist consists of the Der Langrisser OST, Dying Fetus - Stop at Nothing(the album, not just the title track) and some other death and grindcore, all randomized. But I don’t listen to my winamp much because the speakers on the laptop are blown.

and…I don’t have an MP3 Player.

Err, that would be all the music on my computer, whitch adds up to about 200hours.
It’s mostly Nightwish, Offspring, Rage Against the Machine and Red Hot Chili Peppers.
The rest is anime music, JPop and video game music.

I have some more “serious” bands in there too but I’m too lazy to look it up.

On my Winamp there is:

Crossfade: Cold
Nirvana: About A Girl
Mastodon: Blood And Thunder
Nine Inch Nails: The Hand That Feeds
Nirvana: Sliver
System Of A Down: BYOB
Nirvana: You Know You’re Right
Nirvana: You Know You’re Right (Acoustic Version)
System Of A Down: Chop Suey!
Pantera: 5 Minutes Alone
Slayer: Raining Blood
Pantera: Cemetary Gates
Pantera: Cowboys From Hell
Pantera: Mouth For War
Pantera: Planet Caravan
Pantera: Revolution Is My Name
X CountryGuy: Mario Concert

Alaniss Morissetter: Jagged Little Pill
Ash: Intergalactic Sonic Sevn Inches.
Ash: Meltdown (Live Version)
Bon Jovi: One wild Night
Coldplay: A rush of Blood to the Head
Counting Crows: August and Everything After
Counting Crows: Films About Ghosts
Damien Rice: O
Eminem: The Eminem Show
Eminem: Encore
Feeder: Echo Park
The Frames: Set List (Live in Dublin)
Greenday: American Idiot
Guns ‘n’ Roses: Greatest Hits
Jet: Get Born
The Killers: Hot Fuss
Luke Kelly: The Collection (Disc 1 & 2)
Manic Street Preachers: Forever Delayed
Metallica: S&M (Disc 1 & 2)
Nirvana: MTV Unplugged in New York
Nirvana: Nevermind
Nirvana: Nirvana [UK]
Paddy Casey: Living [UK]
The Pogues: If I Should Fall From Grace With God
R.E.M: In Time: The Best of R.E.M (1988-2003)
And now for the long list of Red Hot Chili Pepper Albums.
Blood Sugar Sex Majik
By The Way
Freaky Styley (Bonus Tracks)
Greatest Hits (Warner Bros.)
Live in Hyde Park (Disc 1 & 2)
Mothers Milk
One Hot Minute
Out in LA
The Uplift Mofo Party Plan
What Hits
End list.
Robbie Williams: Sing While You’re Winning
U2: Best of 1980-1990
U2: Vertigo
Various: Even Better Than the Real Thing 1
Various: Even Better Than the Real Thing 2
Various: Downloads
The Wannadies: Before & After
The Wannadies: Yeah

And…that’s it.


The FF8 4-disk music set. But I found this cool wolf music that I just started listening to.

Naruto OST
.Hack OST
Kill Bill OSTs
Ennio Morricone
Life Aquatic OST

If anyone’s heard of it, I’ll be surprised.

“kaze to sora wo koete”

Sung by Imai Yuka

Winamp playlist? Is that like a computer music playing thing?


Right now I have Smile - L’Arc~en~Ciel in my CD player. Very good, by the way.

Joy Division: Substance
Everything Social Distrotion has ever released.
Ditto for Bad Religion.
Megadeth- Insomnia (song)
Flogging Molly- Drunken Lullabyes and Swagger
Dopkick Murphies- Do or Die, Signles I, Blackout.
Rage Against the Machine- Battle of Los Angeles
Dir En Grey: Jessica.
Lynyrd Skynyrd: Prounced Leh-nerd Skeh-nerd and Thyrty
The Eagles- Desperado and Hotel California
Big Bad Voodoo Daddy- Save my Soul
Sublime- All
Dead Kennedys- Fresh Fruit for Rotting Vegetables and Bedtime for Democracy
Operation Ivy-Energy
Fine Young Cannicals- Random assortment of songs
A lot of Bob Marley, Desmond Decker, and Jimmy Cliff.
Then a shitload of other random Ska, Two-Tone, Soul, Blues, Funk, Third Wave, 77 Punk, Ska-Punk, and Metal of all sorts.
EDIT: Forgot Guns 'N Roses and the song ‘Layla’ by Eric Clapton.

let me think, queen, queen, queen, queen, and more queen. Oh and some other classic rock stuff like van halen, led zepplen, pinkfloyd, Kansas, STYX, David Bowie, AC/DC, foreinger(spell check), The eagles. Theres more, i just cant remember, and there is more than one song for each, i just dont want to type them all in, im lazy.


That’s just the load I transfered to my iPod earlier (Got a proggy to transfer a whole .m3u to my iPod). I’ve got gigs more somewhere else.

I’ve got a crapload of anime MP3s on my playlist. In the area of 30 or 40. Yes, I know it’s nothing compared to a lot of others, but I don’t focus hours of looking into it. There’s the occasional song I get interested in (most recent being “I Am” by Hitomi) that I’ll go look for, and that’s it.

My Limewire Playlist:
Slipknot- Wait and Bleed
Slipknot- Before I Forget
System of a Down- B.Y.O.B
System of a Down- Chop Suey
Weird Al Yankovich- I Like Small Butts
Weird Al Yankovich- Will the Real Slim Shady Please Shut Up
Weird Al Yankovich- Another One Rides the Bus
The Soundtrack of our Lives- Big Time
AC/DC- Dirty Deeds Done Dirt Cheap
AC/DC- Highway to Hell
Ozzy Ozbourne- Crazy Train
Ozzy Ozbourne- Iron Man
Motorhead- Evolution
Motorhead- Ace of Spades
Motorhead- Enter Sandman
Motorhead- Born to Raise Hell
Rob Zombie- Dragula
Rob Zombie- House of 1000 Corpses
Rob Zombie- Living Dead Girl
Rob Zombie- Never Gonna Stop
Rob Zombie- Iron Head (Featuring Ozzy)
Rob Zombie- Demon Speeding
Rob Zombie- Feel so Numb
Rob Zombie- Two Lane Blacktop
Rob Zombie- Devil Man
Rob Zombie- Superbeast
Queen- Fat Bottomed Girl
Queen- Bohemian Rhapsody
Queen- We are the Champions
Group X- Schfifty-Five
Marilyn Manson- Beautiful People
Led Zepplin- Stairway to Heaven
Pink Floyd- High Hopes
Pink Floyd- Money
Pink Floyd- We Don’t Need No Education
Pink Floyd- Welcome to the Machine
Metallica- Enter Sandman
Metallica- Fade to Black
Metallica- Master of Puppets
Guns N’ Roses- Welcome to the Jungle
Guns N’ Roses- Paradise City
Styx- Mr. Roboto

And I did that all from memory.

My CD Player has:

Seether - Karma and Effect
Mudvayne - Lost & Found
System of a Down - Mezmerize

I’ve got part of the Hellsing soundtrack, about half of Xenogears soundtrack, the opening theme from Record of Lodoss War TV, saturnvalley.spc, 3 or 4 songs from the FF7 soundtrack, Hiten Mitsurugi Ryuu Amakakeru Ryuu no Hirameki (Rurouni Kenshin), Maybe I’m a Lion, and that’s about it since I never get around to adding things from some of my other stuff. The list is about 4 hours long and is usually only in use during SC marathons and while writing papers.

I’m listening to Creed - One Last Breath.

OOOHHH A MOOGLE!!! I DIDN’T SEE THAT BEFORE!!! :moogle: :moogle: :moogle: Wow, it’s adorable!!

…Sorry about that.

Yesterday in my cd player i had Clannad’s Lore album and Brian Auger’s Oblivion Express, the straight ahead album. I had the song, polyesterday, by Gus Gus in my head today and yesterday. Might have been another song in my head yesterday, but i can’t remember what it was now.

plug for internet radio that’s link to my favorite songs
Don’t know if link works so www.launchcast.com

I’ve got a 6 CD Changer in my car and I think it’s got:

One Mix Rap CD
One Mix Rock CD
One Mix 80’s Metal CD
Eminem’s Encore
DMX’s “And Then There Was X”
Staind’s Dysfunction

Floating around in my car somewhere is A Perfect Circles eMotive, Tool’s Lateralus, Metallica’s Master of Puppets and And Justice for All, Megadeth’s Risk and Countdown to Extinction.

My CDs are a mixed burn set of Metallica, Disturbed, SoaD, and Rammstein (more or less). Playlist is as follows:

Black Hawk Down OST
Blade Trinity OST
Blink 182 - Take Off Your Pants and Jacket
Chrono Trigger OST
Coal Chamber - Best Of
Coyote Ugly OST
Disturbed - Discography
Final Fantasy OSTs - I-XI, T, TA, MQ
Gladiator OST
Green Day - Discography
HIM - Razorblade Romance, Love Metal, And Love Said No
In Flames - Discography
Katamari Damacy OST
Led Zeppelin - 10 CD Set
Linkin Park - Discography
Lord of the Rings OSTs
Lords of Thunder OST
Megadeth - Discography
Metallica - Discography
Mortal Kombat OST
Papa Roach - Getting Away with Murder
Queen - Greatest Hits set
Queensrÿche - 7 CD set
Rammstein - Discography
Resident Evil OSTs
Rocky Horror Picture (and Punk) Shows OSTs
Slayer - Discography
Switchblade Symphony - Discography
System of a Down - Discography
The Cranberries - Discography
The Punisher OST
Van Helsing OST

All told, 2500 songs or so, 160 hours of music. Still working on tagging the FF files.