What in peach flavoured fuck!?


[Homer Simpson]Mmmmm…peaches…drools[/Homer Simpson]

Um hello! We got demonstrators aplenty criticizing the president and wanting the war in Iraq to end. Why are we worried about one kid?

I prefer strawberry-flavored myself, but:

Tolcacher insisted it was not a freedom of speech issue, but a concern over the depiction of violence.

"From what I saw, (school officials) were right to be concerned,’’ Prosser Police Chief Win Taylor said.

And this justifies calling the Secret Service how?

Bah. Your puny human minds cannot comprehend our purpose.

What is there a Terroist threating the UK and USA? Yup

(Phone number 007-2663 (007-BOND)) Bond Here, I’m sorry All of our lines are Busy, Please try again later.

What MI5 Very Busy. And the girls aren’t geting him

Big Nutter
David Blunket, Work on it!

I’ve commented on this at some other forum. Paintings should not be thought of as threats. That’s just fucking ridiculous.

…I have no idea WHAT to say. This is beyond stupidity. This is…gerfuggery. >.<

People now-a-days are too paranoid, it seems like everyone’s lost their innocence. I mean I know the world wasn’t perfect 5-10 years ago, but it certainly wasn’t as paranoid and crazy as this. At least not openly.

<And that’s all.>

That kid is obviously a robot with a tiny terrorist dwarf inside operating the controls. Im glad the secred service are one step a head on this case.

God Bless America!

And to think, as an Army soldier I have to defend the oh so failing government from these “terrorist cells” even including <GASP!> a doodle from a 15 yr old.

…Those guys really should not see the stuff our class produced back in 2003 as anti-war propaganda or “The Police Nation of the World.”-type posters–

Hurrah for free speach! ^^

Am I mistaken in the information I’ve been given in thinking that any kind of attack on the president is seen as an attack on the whole cabinet? (among other things) and in thinking that the people in the states put their leader on too high a ivory pedestal to not even be spoken out against?

I hope that kid’s drawings are published in major newspapers, maybe then Bush AND his administration would get a clue. Conquering is easy, occupying is not.


Yay. Don’t it just make ya swell with national pride and wanna wave your flag?

Thank God my big brother government is protecting me from that deadly menace to God and country and national security… a 15 year old NOFX fan.

EDIT: Here’s the original article, from the Seattle Post-Intelligencer


Uh oh ladies and gents…I just made a crack about Bush in my uniform, a big Army no-no. Someone please help me before the Schutz-Staffel I mean Ashcroft’s Homeland Security gets me!

This is just ridiculous,just for some drawings and they call the secret service.Whats next? somebody says “Bush is an idiot” and they arrest him?

This just sickens me…the day they censor artists is the day we revoke our basic right of free expression.

Aren’t we allowed to rebel should our rights be violated or somesuch? I can’t remember the clause saying that exactly, but it was something like that.

We should do that.

Eh, it’s no big deal. I make cracks about Bush all the time witht eh guys I work with, one is even a BIG BIG Bush supporter and no one ever complains or sends me to see the chain of commad.

hmm…I better start keeping my trap shut on other forums then. I would prefer the secret service not showing up at my house. ^^