What Happened to Sephiroth after FFVII?

We all know Sephiroth must have survived since he is in Advent Children. What exactly do you think happened to him?:enguard:

Advent Children hasn’t been stated where it will fall in the timeline of te game, and even if it’s in the future there is always a nice tool called a flashback.

Er… I thought it was confirmed that AC takes place 2 years after the end of the game.

And even if Sepiroth is in the future, like they said in the game. Someone with Jenova cells in them, will not disperse into the lifestream easily. So he could easily still be around.

AC is confirmed to take place 2 years after FFVII =)

You think he escaped the Lifestream again?

I think the most obvious explanation is that he lived on in the lifestream for those two years… if he could take a 5 year swim in it, survive, summon a damned great big planet to collide with Earth, not to mention turn the midgar zolom into snake kebab, he can probably survive a few whacks with a sword and recover sooner or later. :get it?:

I seemed to have missed the sequel confirmation then.

Yes FFVII Advent Children is confirmed to take place 2 years after the events that took place in FFVII. :fungah:

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Who says that’s actually Sephiroth? Mary Kate and Ashley look the same, but they aren’t the same person.

need to fully play ff7 sometime.

Oh it’s Sephiroth alright. For all you non beleivers click on the link below. :ulty:

that’s sephy alright

Who else would Cloud be fighting with, and who else could use that long-ass katana?

Heres something i dont get. Meteor was summoned Via the North Crater, so why is it falling on Midgar ?

Sephiroth was too weak to summon Meteor on his own. Therefore, he went to the Crater to bask in its power and take it for his own. He used this power to summon Meteor. He didn’t exactly want to kill himself in the process, so he targeted Midgar for the Meteor.

Ahkeeyuu, But he needed to be where Meteor landed, cause he said , “And at the center of all that energy will be me, and i will be reborn as a god.” So, Sephirith kinda had to be where Meteor was goind to land… Maybe square just fucked up and made it land on Midgar for more drama ?

That guy in Advent Children IS NOT SEPHIROTH! I can’t stress that enough.

The most likely case, is he is a clone, but hes not Sephy.
All the pics of Sephy in Advent Children are him in the whol Nebleheim thing where he burned it down.

He dies. FFVII-AC shouldn’t be allowed to count. Like DBGT

Well, that image doesn’t necessarily prove that it’s Sephiroth. Giz brought up a very good point; it COULD be one of his clones. His clones made you think it was the real Sephiroth until you got to the Northern Crater and the Reunion, didn’t they? This could be a similar case.

Sephiroth may have been able to survive though. He WAS capable of surviving in the Lifestream for five years, so he could probably do it for a few more. The only difference is that Sephiroth may have been weaker after Cloud defeated him the second time (when he defeated him DURING the time period of FFVII).