What game series do you think is due for an rpg instalment?

I say Sonic, it would be interesting.

Also I think that they should make an rpg or action/adventure staring Bowser. And lastly I believe that the Gargoyles Quest series is due for another instalment and they should get off their lazy butts and make one.

Donkey Kong! You could control DK or Diddy and team up with all of the other characters, and fight some banana hording evil villain, and travel through all the areas of the first DK! Yeah!

An Armored Core RPG would be great. There is a semiofficial one being made with RM2K3, but there hasn’t been much work done in a while.

I think another Mario RPG like the orginal RPG on SNES would be great. Paper Mario just doesn’t cut it for me, no pun intended. Better yet you could make it using all the characters in Super Mario Smash Brothers Melee. That would be so neat.

That’s called Front Mission.

Bubble Bobble.

Hmm… streetfighter springs immediately to mind for me. :slight_smile: A game kinda like Shenmue, only with less yapping and more scrapping in time honoured capcom tradition. It’d rock! :smiley:

I mean with the complete AC customization system, few blantantly unbalanced parts, AC’s storyline and overall tech style. ACs are my favorite kind of mecha.

I WOULD like to see another RPG in the style of SMRPG. A Donkey Kong based one would be pretty cool.

And I dunno if this counts, but I wanna see another Shadowrun game. The Shadowrun universe would be the PERFECT setting for an MMORPG…and I’d play that one.

A shadowrun MMOG would be nifty!

IM especially in the SRing mood since I’ve been playing a campaign of the P+P RPG.

Megaman X & Megaman Zero Serieses

Big Nutter
Dr. Wily gets discovered talking about his evil plans, again.

<strike>Final Fantasy</strike>

I’m not sure. There are a lot of games that would make nice RPG’s. DoA series would work, and Donkey Kong would do well. And Diablo, if they made an RPG out of that.

I’ve gotta second the Street Fighter RPG idea. That would be cool. Especially if they had all the original characters (and some of the newer ones too) in it.

The idea of having Ryu and Ken to shoot fireballs at an enemy, RPG style, actually sounds really cool.

Sonic Battle? And ugh, no. The Sonic games are all about speed (despite what recent contributions to the series may seem), taking a theme like that and cramming it into one of the slowest videogame genres would suck, even with some action thrown in and spare RPG elements–Sonic needs no equipment or level-based damage.

That sonic game is wrong! Yup I think Sonic is great when it’s a Very fast platformer. Not a Slow RPG.

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I remember hearing something and seeing some screne shots of a MMX rpg with Zero and Axel in it. Anyone know if it is still going?

Megaman X: Command Mission is currently in development. Looks like it has potential, although I’m a little skeptical about any Megaman game that isn’t a side-scroller.

Man, I can’t wait to see the RPG.
I wonder if November Rain is the song at the end credits :open_mouth:

I have a copy of the (as far as I know) most recent book. I got interested in it some time ago…problem is, I can’t get anyone ELSE interested in it. at least, not enough to listen to the rules. ^_^;

Yeah, I read through the Shadowrun sourcebook, and it really seems like a fresh setting to play in compared to the standard-issue fantasy which I’m slowly getting sick off. But of course, not one person is interested.