What classes do you have this year?

English 350: Pre-1660 English Literature
-The literature of England from Beowulf through Paradise Lost.

Honors 251: Imagination
-Works from and about the Romantic movement in England and German Idealism, centered on the imagination.

Japanese 225: Second Year Japanese, First Semester

IT 1630 - Java continued. We actually use objects this time

IT 2010 - Systems design

NATS 1760 - Natural science course. Basically a course that teaches non-science people how to analyse science stuff. Useful for its analysis techniques, but beyond that it’s useless.

CHIN 2000 - Chinese (Mandarin) level 2. Maily Grammar and sentence structure. Currently the most fun of my courses.

Bio 97: Genetics. The one Sin is tutoring for. :stuck_out_tongue: Yay bio minor!

C101: Civil Legal System. Bleh.

C170: Federal Law Enforcement. The only thing good about this class is the guest speakers… Otherwise our professor is slow, blind and deaf, which makes it difficult to participate, and harder to stay awake.

P158S: Social Relationships. It’s a fun class. Social psych is the only specialty within psych that I enjoy. I’m learning how to be a better lover. ;p

I’ll probably have more enthusiasm for my classes when I have a moment to sleep instead of study for midterms. ;p

I laugh in your general direction. I have one mid-term and it’s open book.

French 4
English 3
US History
Calculus BC

September semester:

January semester:
CSCI 161 (to make up for lack of credit in CSc 160 (same course, different university))

May semester:

Looks like a tough year.

You should know, I’m still ten. No matter how smart I am I’m not gonna be in High School or Junior High yet. Though, at the rate I’m going in class (Two bad grades out of all of the papers we’ve done, one of the only two people who aced the Social Studies test that everyone else failed on…), I’ll atleast be in Honors next year! Yahoogatcha!

I feel like a loser posting mine since they’re still HS and everyone else is in like these superadvanced (from my perspective) uni courses and shit, but whatever :stuck_out_tongue:

Bio 4, Chem 4, Comp Sci 4, World History, Philosophy, Art 4, Calculus, English 4.

Mine are highschool too. My school also runs on the block schedule so I only have 4 classes. Well, I’m an exception, because I’m in a band. I have Band/Career Ed (My GOD this class is SO fucking boring. It’s required for graduation though… -_-:wink: which are both “Half-blocks” which means they are both 45 minutes each. Next I have Adv. Algebra D, which is okay. I missed a day and wow, you really can get lost for missing just one. O_o English 10D, which is really boring. I have a pretty cool teacher, English just never really… was too fun for me, I guess. x.o; Fourth period I have Spanish Two, which is also fucking BORING.

Sem. 1
Gifted English (AP)
Extended French (AP)
Discreet Mathematics
Programming (II)

Sem. 2
Gifted Biology
Intro. to calculus
Gifted Chemistry

I’m still in Highschool and my classes are more general (For example, Spanish Language is a mix of Grammar, Literature, etc) but this is roughly what I’ve got:

Spanish Language
English Language (Last year before I get my teacher’s degree, yahoo!)
Physical Education
Institutional Curricular Space (Don’t ask)

Bah. Bah!!

Anyway, this week is gonna be nothing compared to the week of the 25th… when I have three midterms and one quiz and work… dies from thinking about it x_x

Information Sciences 10 <-- Visual Basic, it’s recommended that all students take one computing class
Science 10 AP
Pure Math 10 AP
English 10 AP

Woah, how old is Cless? o_o;

Two years older than you!

drawing, french, english, band

I have three midterms and a paper due… >.>;; I am really not stressing too much. Maybe I should, but I’m not.

Mine are the week of the 25th too, satanic!


The same classes as every year, James. German, English, Maths, Biology, History…

German 1, English 1, Math A1/2, Science…
I’ve already finished: Dutch, History, Geology , Economy 1/2, Civil studies 1/2

BA 211: Effective Business Communications

This class has already contradicted everything I learned in my other advanced writing class but then again business writing isn’t supposed to be too formal. Meh, this will be an easy A.

FIN 325: Corporate Finance

This class is a bitch as I hated accounting. They’re just so much to remember. At least the numerical problems we get aren’t too bad because we get a formula sheet for tests.

MGQ 360: Production and Operations Management

This class basically has all the business related stuff that I haven’t learned yet. It’s pretty cool as all the tests are open book and open notes.

MIS 410: Telecommunications and E-Commerce:

Although MIS (Management Information Systems) is my major, this class is boring as hell. Basically we talk about different networks and how they’re set up. A plus is that the teacher is extremely laid back and he brought in a friend of his to teach the class for a day. He was so lound and obnoxious that he actually made the material fun.

CFE 410: Cooperative Field Experience

This is basically an unpaid intership that everyone in my college has to do to graduate. I got lucky in that I got to work my 150 hours in the college computer lab. Basically all I’ve done so far is reformat and set up a few spywared computers and run some errands. However, I am learning quite a lot. One of the staff’s computers never had any virus protection on it and when we scanned it, it had thousands of trojans. Yikes.