What classes do you have this year?

It might be a little far into the semester/period/year for this, but what’s everyone learning this year?

My stuff: I declared dual History and Classical Studies majors at the end of last year, and after counting up the credits I had left available to me, I might even be able to swing a German minor, depending when certain classes are scheduled. For this semester I have:

History 001: American History 1763 - 1877
-Ugh. Dull, dull, dull. This course was created for freshman, but I’d say it’s more worthy of high schoolers that college. Repetitive, slow, and easy, it offers nothing but more work to do from which I derive little pleasure or other benefit. Oh, and I have it three days a week at 8:45am, which is just an added kick in the nuts. This is what happens when you declare your major at the last possible moment.

History 104: The American Revolution
-It is a good course, but it’s unbalanced. Whereas most textbooks focus on the military/founding father aspects of the War for Indedpendence, the course focuses almost entirely on the nature of society in the colonies/states before, during, and after the war. While what we do is new and interesting to me, I can’t help but feel that leaving out battles and strategies from the actual military war is unfortunate. We focus on what the “common” man felt/did/perceived during the Revolution, which our instructor refers to in general terms as a wide period of history beginning in the late 1760s to…well, undetermined as of yet. I am VERY suspicious of the way in which our instructor attempts to explain history according to particular set ideologies rather than determine the reasons behind each event as they were specific to that event.

History 122: History of the Presidency
-An excellent class thus far that traces the development of the presidency from its inception (and executive power before that, even) to current times. We don’t spend equal time on each president, but all get their due mention. We’re at Lincoln now.

CL 020: The Ancient World: Greece
-A nice overview course of ancient Greek history on its own, but the problem is that I’ve covered all this material already in a similar class my very first semester freshmen year. Whereas that one met three times a week and featured readings from Herodotus and Thucydides, playwrights, and more, this course meets twice a week and consists mainly of lecture. My university is small, though, and other than Latin and Greek this was the only course offered in Classics this semester, so I took it for the sake of my major. I tend to read things for other classes in the back of the lecture hall for this one.

Grk 030
-The third semester of the program in which I’m learning Attic Greek, the stuff they spoke in the heyday of Athens 2500 years ago. We’ll finish up our two-textbook series this semester. The textbook has started to include passages from Thucydides as our grammar becomes more advanced, a fact about which I’m incredibly pleased. Last semester there were eleven people in this class (rather, it’s previous incarnation). This year there are four. It is an intensely personal class, and provides the kind of student-professor contact that the deans of public universities and large public colleges can only wet their pants about. In the next three semesters, two of which will most likely be independent study, we’ll be able to pick what we want to read, be it Aristophanes’ plays (<i>Lysistrata’s</i> a real kicker, I recommend it for anyone), Herodotus’ histories, or anything else from the classical period.

Result: 20 credits out of 20 credits available. Any more and I’d have to pay extra.

BIO 200 - General Biology
Boring as hell, but I met a girl in it so it isn’t all bad.

POSC 353 - Comparative Politics of Western Europe
It is boring, but it isn’t too bad

POSC 323 - Racial and Ethnic Politics
Would be better at the start of the day since the material is interesting, but it is my last class, so I just want to go home.

POSC 300 - Scientific Methods or something like that
It is basically political science as a science. It isn’t too bad, my teacher is cool.

DANC 373I - Nonverbal communication
It’ all right, but it isn’t too hard which is good.

I have a total of 16 units, which is a fairly heavy load. You have to get special permission to take more, and if you do, you are crazy (no exageration, you’ll burn yourself out pretty fast).

Organic Chemistry 211 (and Lab) - Apparently the only thing organic chemists need to know is how to name organic compounds, because that’s all we do in lecture.

Essential Physics 200 (and Lab) - Also known as physics for pharmacists, because the class is comprised of the sophmore pharmacy students. At the beginning of the year, our teacher asked us in a survey what we wanted to learn (among other things); the popular response was physics related to pharmacy. He essentially said he didn’t know what that was. So we’re pretty much learning high school physics. Makes it an easy course.
The first day of class was great. Our professor, Derreck, looks like he could still be in college, and he was sitting with the students, wearing shorts and a sleeveless shirt. When he walked up to the front of the class I thought it was just some kid goofing around.

Basic Philosophical Questions (Honors course) - If it were in the afternoon, it would be even better, but it’s still good. We got through the first 5 books of The Republic and now we’re discussing the existence of God.

Social, Political, and Economic Systems (Honors course) - I have no idea what this class is about, since about half the time it’s been cancelled.

Mass Media and Politics (Honors seminar/ Poli-Sci course) - Perfect for an election year, no?

I’m graduating at Christmas, so this quarter is a joke compared to the past year and a half. I’m taking:

Cell Lab: not as fun as I thought. Its mostly using microscopes to look at shit that can’t focus well. Some neat views, some frustrating stuff like having to redraw a magnified cell by hand -_-. I have the artistic skills of Ray Charles.

Physiology Lab: not as bad as I had thought, we essentially work with stuff like heat transfer in organisms, heart rate, etc… I’m dissecting a heart tomorrow. For the nth time.

Virology: how viruses work. Neat class.

I’m also tutoring genetics (2nd time I’m doing that) and developmental cell biology (upper division, fairly challenging) for my university’s bio department, as well as doing research.

I’m trying to get a job as TA for 20ish per hour after this.

Biology, Film, Art History, and English this semester…

Next one I get to draw 100 pages of sketchbook work per week… God, please shoot me now… it used to be 50 and that was stressful… but 100 is going to be insane.

I don’t remember the numbers of my classes, haha, but here they are…

  1. Tonal Harmony (MWF) - It’s basically music theory. It’s pretty fun, especially since I’m into that kinda stuff, but the homework is really tedious and often comes in impractically large amounts…

  2. Intermediate Algebra (MW) - Algebra 2. Yeah, yeah…I never passed it in high school, cos I’m sort of a dope with Math. I’m doing pretty good now, though, thanksfully. I got an 108 on my first test :smiley:

  3. Musicianship (WF) - It’s sort of an extention of the Harmony class…you learn to sightread music, and you work on ‘relative pitch’, which means like, you can hear two notes and you can tell how far they are apart, even if you don’t know the notes (Which most people don’t; that’s called ‘perfect pitch’ and it’s not something you can learn in school).

  4. English 101 (TTH) - Just a lot of writing and some reading. I’m really damn good at writing though, so while it’s a lot of work, it’s still a cinch for me. :smiley: It’s just a lot, damnit. :stuck_out_tongue:

  5. US History (TTH) - It’s the first half of World History. I think we go straight up to the Civil War. This class has a lot of potential, much like any history class; however, the teacher is really boring, and assigns the most dull, obnoxious readings I’ve ever seen in my life. It’s not too hard though, just boring as all hell.

  6. Speech (TTH) - Public Speaking. Anyone who knows me or has even talked to me probably knows I’m getting an A in this class. At the Cali party trip, I believe I got labeled “The Human Icebreaker” haha :stuck_out_tongue: This class is probly my favorite one, as it’s right up my alley. :smiley:

(7. Intermediate Voice (TTH) - I dropped this one :confused: It’s basically a class to work on singing, since singing is my instrumental emphasis for my major. I’ve done pretty damn well to get to the third semester, but I have too much homework, and the Harmony and Musicianship classes are more important when transfering, so I dropped the class after about 3 weeks or so. :/)

So, that makes a total of 18 units for me. Not too bad; I had 19 last semester.

Examen Philosophicum
Existential philosophy.

Examen Faculatum

Introduction to the English Language

American Studies w/ English:

This semester:
American History and Culture
American History 1
Introduction to Modernism
Critical Approaches

Whoa, music stuff must be fun to take.

I’m enrolled in the Fine Arts program, but I registered late, so I had a limited choice:
Art History: We learn about art history, pretty much, started as far back as we could in the prehistoric era or whatever. We continue on through mesopotania, through Egypt, Greece, Rome, and to Italy. We’re at the Estruscans right now.
Intro to Drawing: This class rules, cause I really enjoy drawing. So far we have learned about contour lines, gesture lines, and now this other thing that I forgot. It’s pretty simple stuff, but it’s pretty much part one of two.
Intro to Design: An interesting course, so far it’s like a course on colour. The first project was make a colour wheel, and now we have to do more of this “colour exploration”. I’m not really sure what we’ll be doing after the colour.

It’s ok…but the homework is more like mathematics than anything :stuck_out_tongue: You just take chords and analyze them, or you do part writing with classical music resctrictions and stuff. Like Math, it’s only more fun when you can apply it practically, and Music Theory is very half-and-half with that kinda stuff. :stuck_out_tongue:

MTH 280 Calculus and Analytical Geometry II: my morning kick in the pants… if only there was a later section than 10 am…

CSC 131 Intro to Computer Science: Title lies, it’s more like Java I. Icould proll only go 2 of the 4 times a week it meets and still have a good grade. A very RTFM course.

PSY 121 Intro to Psychology: Gen ed psych… another class I don’t really need to attend.

I only have those 12 hours this semester. Yes, I know I’m a slacker.

This semester:

Educational studies: Child as a Learner and School and Classroom

Mathematics: Pure Mathematics

Well there is Maths, Further Maths, Psychology and General Studies.

And well that’s it. I guess you could count my Driving lessons, as something I’m learning. But that really is it.

Canadian History, pre-confed. However, since the confederation date is really only a few of the eastern provinces, we’re actually studing untill 1885. Pretty cool. ^^

Critical Thinking, Philosophy. It seemed like a basic course to start. I was mistaken. :stuck_out_tongue: It’s still fun though.

English Poetry. Oh dear god. It’s a repeat of everything I learned in my highschool literature class. I fall on the thorns of life, I bleed! The most boring class ever, and the prof is so awful I nearly dropped it… but I still love poems too much to do that.


IT. Lots of IT.

I might take a foreign language enrichment too, I can choose Spanish, French or Japanese, what do you think?

Journalism 243
Speech 220 - Foundations of electronic media
Sociology 130
Japanese 101
Speech 242 - Radio practacum

Production I:
Interactive Video featuring EyesWeb and other similiar applications. WebCams and MiniDV cameras used for recording.

Production II:
Database Technologies, including work with Apache Servers, MySQL and PHP. We’re going shift into Colour Photography and 16mm Film next term.

Production III:
Basic electronics and the study of sight. We look back at older animation/video devices (phenakistiscopes and stuff) and their relation to modern technology.

New Media History:
The history of New Media. It’s a huge lecture class, covering most art technologies over the past 200-300 years.

Visual Studies:
Video post-production as of right now. We’re working with After Effects to create snazzy image sequences.

Theories of Representation:
Signs, symbols, indexes and other fun stuff like that. We analyze a lot of advertisements and photographs, as well as installations.

I don’t have any, although this is my last year at elamentory school so I will next year!

Jesus, someone still in Elementary/Junior School. I miss Junior School. ;_;

Hmm…let’s see now.

Well, there’s Maths, English, Irish, French Leaving Cert courses.

History and Geography.

Then theres Business Studies which will be replaced by Accounting which will be replaced by Economics as the year goes on.

And Chemistry, to be replaced by Biology to be replaced by Physics also as the year goes on.

Fun, ne?