What are your college plans?

Currently at both Literature and Modern Languages colleges working towards my National-Level English Translator and teaching basic English part-time. Maybe I’ll write something someday. Dunno really.

I’ll be doing some basic Law studies in here so maybe I can join the firm as well >_>

Good going, Arac. It seems your summon was successful.

What you see as the pinnacles of human experience, I see as the majors of science rejects. If you can study complete bullshit for four years and end up in law, then hey, that’s not so bad. It’s definately not cutting edge, though.

And right back in action slamming literature and writing. Man. I feel nostalgic. :kissy:

You should be careful with your own generalizations Arac as the very basis of science is literate and science without communication and discussion and debate is worthless. I’ve been asked if I was in poli-sci or why I wasn’t going to law school because of how I handle an discussion/debate, so in essence, those 2 fields are related. They’re different in the topic of the debate. Therefore it doesn’t have to do with literacy, but it has to do with what you and Hades brought up: what matters in civilizations.

And also, high school doesn’t come close to scratching what “science” as a concept is really about. I considered doing a minor in English because I liked some of my English classes, but there’s no way in hell I’d spend my life working as a lit prof or a lawyer for the same reasons you don’t want to go into science.

At this point, my goal is to graduate from college. I should have graduated this spring that just passed.

I fail to see any generalizations. I even noted that science didn’t work without writing (and writing, depending on the definition of science, couldn’t exist without science, although I don’t think I brought that up), the ‘illiterate’ comment was a facetious remark at Hades expense. I was insinuating that, given his apparent attitudes, his New World Order would be utterly illiterate. I didn’t mean at all to imply that all scientists would want this; my old science teacher retired to finish writing all the novels he’s started. I was merely stating what Hades seemed to wish.

While I’m not certain of that (simply because I haven’t been to college), I’d generally believe that high school doesn’t even come close. My only point was that Science hasn’t yet rejected me when it comes to college majours/life-path choices, I rejected it. Most of my math and sciences teachers even tell me to become a doctor, so I’d guess I’m really not bad at it, I’d just rather have a career of language and words. My only point was the invalidity of his ‘science rejects’ statement.

I did my time and finished, and I doubt I’ll go back at this point. Except to pretend I’m a law student and pick up clueless coeds at the bars.

You mean, you can get girls simply by being accepted to law school?

No, girls are easily swayed. Zep is just saying that’s something to feed them to keep em entertained enough to get what he wants at the end of the evening.

I prefer just going to concerts with really bad openers. What else is there to do during the opener? Nobody wants to listen to that shit.
Although, you have to go for REALLY bad openers sometimes, because, well, some people would pick listen to that shit over ‘have sex with arac in a bathroom, Setz style.’

Hmm… I’ve been playing with the idea of going back to school for an MBA, but I need to find a company to which I don’t mind being indebted for a few years to pay for it. That’s been in the air for a couple of years, though.

You really do take the romance out of everything

I’m pursuing a General Music major with an English minor ('cause I need one.) It’s my senior year, and I’ll still be here for two more because of scholarship classes keeping me here. My goal is to go to any school up in Tennessee that has something I can do with digital music (audio editting, mixing, sampling, etc.) I’m looking into a few schools at the moment; any that can teach me of something I don’t know much of is fine for me.

Congratulations! :smiley:

Oh, and zep - there actually was romance to be removed?

If all those plans succeed, I promise to write “A Brief History of the RPGC Cycle, Including Major Writers, Works and Official Analysis On Them, A Rigmarole Work”.


edit: I can’t believe I read the first page,replied and then thought in the meantime had been posted replies covering another page. I need sleep. Now.

Darhar, finally got settled into school. Up at Siena (Loudonville, NY) for my liberal arts education, bitches. Major in Spanish, minor in German. Hoping to come out with enough to teach or be an interpreter.

I havent decided yet…So dont ask…

Back on the topic of this thread, I honestly have no idea what I’m going to do, and I’m a senior. I’m thinking that I might change my minor in philosophy to a major, since there is only a three course difference (!) between the major and the minor. This would make me a double major in English and Philosophy. The big problem is that I would have to take two winter courses in order for this to be accomplished. If I don’t do it, then I have more freedom in what courses I wish to choose. If I do it, then I could possibly get a MA in philosophy instead of an MFA in creative writing, as I’m not exactly sure of what I wish to do.

I WANT to double major, but I’m not sure if it would be feasible since it would require that, through some miracle, a history of philosophy class was offered during winter sessions as well as an English literature class. Then, the five courses I’d need to take in the spring would be these:

A 400 level creative writing course (I think I’d choose playwriting).
A 300/400 level English Literature course.
A 300 level History of Philosophy course.
A 100 level course in logic (which is, oddly enough, not needed for the minor)
A 300/400 level philosophy course of my choice.

Then I would graduate. Of course, I could count on some of these being offered in the summer, but that wouldn’t be a very wise thing. If anything were to be offered in the summer it would probably be the English course.

Of course, the other thing that you realize is thus: the workload would probably kill me. I wouldn’t worry too much about that, though. The toughest thing about this is being able to have all of these courses while still being able to go to work. Ideally I’d want my classes to be on the same days, but I probably won’t be able to manipulate that. We’ll have to see.

EDIT: Actually, looking at what is AVAILABLE (normally) in the summer and winter, it seems that I would end up taking one of my English courses in the winter, and one in the summer. This would mean that I’d have to take four philosophy courses and a creative writing course next semester. I believe I could handle this, as I’m taking four english courses and a philosophy course this semester.

Just started college (UK). Doing a National Diploma in ICT.

Going pretty well so far, couple of annoying people in my class but thats to be expected, only started thursday so everythings pretty much ‘introduction’ stuff.

Master’s degree, though I’m not quite sure in what quite yet. It could be in history, or it could be in literary sciences or it could be in English. It’ll depend on my mood when the time comes to decide. I’ve still some time. I have to finish my bachelor’s degree first.

Just started my 2nd year of a 3 year MBA program at SUNY Buffalo.