What are your college plans?

Going to tech school? Looking to get your associates at a community college? 4 year university? Major? Minor?

Let’s hear it.

Me, I’m going to a community college at UW Waukesha. I’m just going there for this year. I’m not sure what I’m doing after that, if I’m going to go another two year UW college, or transfer to a 4 year univeristy either in WI, or out of state.

Going to go to a community college here in the next 5-6 months, and save up a lot of money so I don’t have to get a lot of loans for my university attendance, which i’m going to transfer to for Electrical Engineering (yay microelectronics)

4-year type, for Pre-Law if I can pull it off. Brown is in the running, if I can do that thing where I get scholarships/sell all the organs I don’t need.

techie college, then university, then THE WORLD. MUAHA-cough ¬_¬

Dunno where I’ll go really…I’ve been looking into going to a Fine Arts Academy in Helsinki, but I’ll just have to wait and see. Main thing is to get the hell away from here.

Uh, finish up my last year of college with like the slackest hours ever. Then off to law school so I can be a high priced lawyer and sue all your asses for emotional damage. Maybe even have a firm with Merlin. Merlin, Merlin, & The 984.

I’m at American University now, in Washington D.C., about fifteen minutes from Capitol Hill. Two weeks in and I’m doing great with good classes, a really nice guy for a roommate, and way too much to eat, though I’m trying to keep those 20 pounds I lost over the summer off. >.>

Right now I’m planning on majoring in English with a minor in Education. Not sure where I’ll go from there.

Taking a fine arts program in college. I have no idea what I want to do after. Well, actually I have a good idea on the things I want to try out.

Deliver pizza for the rest of my life. :bowser:

Seriously though, I may go back to Duquesne in the spring semester. Or next fall.

Hoping to maintain a B average for the next six years (read: not lose my tuition waiver + financial aid) while I pick up an MA (two years) and perhaps a PhD (four additional years) in classics.

No, see, RPT’s college plans are to grow a mullet, start wearing cut off jean shorts, and marry his cousin.

Fucking Gators.

I’m planning to study Modernist poetry intensely over my last year at the University of Michigan, go on to law school, and write as much poetry as I can in the meantime.

The alternative is to get an English PhD and become an academic. That possibility looks less and less appealing, due to the 6+ years involved, the comparative salaries, and my LSAT versus GRE scores. I’m open, though, to counterarguments.

To other future lawyers: if you have any tips regarding the law school application process, I’d be grateful to hear them.

I guess that what I’m heading for would in English be called Master of Arts for English literature/literature (“magisterexamen i engelska med litteraturvetenskap som andraämne”). I started my last literature course yesterday, going back to English in the spring.

I’m not sure if it’s good or bad that I’ll probably be done before the new grading system is put to use. Gad, it looks horrible - right now we have a system where everyone has a chance to pass their courses, but the new system will force teachers to give a set percent of students failing grades. Supposedly, this’ll all make it easier for us to use our degrees abroad.


M.D. / Ph.D. McGill University. I’m currently researching immuno modulation and I’ll soon be creating novel proteins to mess around with cell signaling, in addition to my study of an already known cytokine and cell delivery system.

At the same time I’m finishing up my classes for Med school while I wait for the official start date of my Ph.D. The program works where you leave your med class behind, do the whole Ph.D. in a max of 4 years from that point in time (not a lot of time for a Ph.D.) and when that’s done I have a couple years of clinical work to do before contemplating wtf I wanna do.

Currently at Missouri State starting my third year towards getting a BS in computer science. Due to money issues beyond my control it looks like that won’t get done till around the fall of 2009 >_<. After that, who knows.

This year: Graduate
Next year: Gain my teaching qualification
Year after that: Hopefully land a job at a local high school as NQT in maths. Given the shortage of maths teachers right now, shouldn’t be too much of a tall order.

Master’s in Mech. Eng. at McGill. I should be done by next April. In the meantime, I’ll decide whether or not I’ll stay in the same lab/Department for my PhD.

(wow, could this description be even more boring? Yes, yes it could, but whatever. :P)

Finishing off my last year of high school, then enrolling in Engineering either here in Calgary (if I’m poor) or UBC/UVic (if I’m rolling in cash from scholarships).

I didn’t know Walhalla and Sin went to the same school.

Uh, to start with I should get back in to college. But, really, I don’t know.

I am currently pursuing an MA in English (specialising in Middle English literature, specifically romance and chivalric culture). I shall be working on and defending my thesis this autumn, although I shall still have a bit coursework left to be done in the spring term. As such, I expect to finish the programme in April.

I do want to do a PhD, although I shall not begin it immediately, since I shall have to earn some money first. I hope to go to the UK or somewhere in Europe to do it.

You are so going to be the paralegal.