What are your classes this semester?

I’m really not taking much that has to do with my major this semester, and the reason that I only have four courses is because I’m working pretty much full time as well, so before I hear about how fluffy and/or light the workload is, consider that. :stuck_out_tongue:

  1. English Literature (Post 1700s)
  2. Child Psychology (I can’t wait for it to start! Over the summer, I’m going to try to take Abnormal Psych, though)
  3. History of Rock Music (with my favorite prof. in the world. I was going to take Old Testament/New Testament or the Philosophy in Greece course for my humanity, but those were filled. If I had noticed History of Rock Music first, I would have jumped on it)
  4. Physical Science in the Physical World w/ lab (Yeah, I’m going easy with the lab science, because science is probably my least favorite subject. Sorry. :-P)

Classes: NONE! MOUAHAHAHAHAHA. :expressionless:

Your choice of science is lame.

Well, I wanted to take chemistry, actually (because that’s the only real science that I find fun) but it wasn’t open. In fact, this was the only science open. So when faced between the choice of “choose the science you like and graduate next fall” or “get a lame science and graduate this summer” what do you think I would choose? :stuck_out_tongue:

“How to defend my country 101”

(More later)

Wasn’t that supposed to be the class you took instead of Biology in 9th grade if you sucked at science stuff? >.>;; Or are those college classes, I haven’t heard of anything like those in highschool. They must be college classes! Anyways, all I remember is AP World History, ChemistryD, and um… thats all I can remember. I just woke up. x.x;

Edit: Oh yeah, I was going to try to get into Pre-cal, but my school doesn’t like doing two core classes of the same type in a row. We have block schedule, I don’t see what the big deal is!

Normal Class…and…uhhhhhmmmm…yeah. :smiley:


I am not in university this term (if you remember, I got my BA last May), but I am taking a salsa class.

Eng 367: Shakespeare’s Plays
Eng 317: Utopias
Eng 479: African American Literature
Eng 239: What Is Literature
Ger 243: Faust

[li]ÅEN120: American Genesis.
[/li][li]ÅEN140: The Sounds of English.
[/li][li]ÅEN150: Uses of English.


Constitutional Law Power
Constitutional Law Rights
Women in Sport
Karate I
Adjudication Process in Criminal Justice

The first three are my political science classes for my major. Then I just have one senior level class and then 2 electives (which can be lower division…sweet). The last one is for my minor, the Women in Sport is my last GE class (YIPPIE!). Then the karate is for the one unit I’ll be short once I finish my major and my minor.

You better get an A in that!

I’m taking:
Intro to Drawing (part 2)
Intro to Design (part 2)
Art History (part 2)
Reading and Writing Skills (it’s a requirement for a required course, because I only got 3/5 on an essay)


Classes started last Monday, but I refuse to go until I get my grades for last semester; if the university wants to start classes on the 3rd after finishing the last exams on the 23rd and being closed for a week, that’s their decision, but they should at least be ready for the new semester for crying out loud.

That’s exactly what I wanted to say too, but maybe with a BHAAAAAHAHAHAHAHAAAAAHAHAHAHA instead. :stuck_out_tongue:

Intro to Chemistry (Urgh, I have this class for 15 hours a WEEK! Good thing it’s only half the semester…)

Geometry for Elementary School Students (It’s a class on how to teach Geometry to little kids. It counts for Math credit, and I rock at Geometry, soooo…)

Reading IV: Analysis of Literature (Or something like that. Basically, you just read stories and passages, and then talk about them. Whoaaa nelly :P)

Health (I have to. :/)

American Political Science (Heehee. Heeeheehee.)

Being a high-school freshman, I have virtually no choice of classes.

  1. American Geography
  2. French
  3. American Lit (I wanted British, but they bitched enough about ‘Skipping Into to Lit/Comp isn’t common, you’re lucky we’re letting you do it,’ that I just gave it up and decided sit through the Scarlet Letter, a book I truly, truly, hate.)
  4. Free Period
    5/6: Creative Writing
    7: Math Year Two (also tried to skip to year 3, but wasn’t allowed to, same as Brit Lit. At least I have an ‘A’ with literally no work, at all)
    8: Biology (see math)

I was supposed to be taking an autocad class, but seeing as I was the only person in my school that signed up for it they saw no use in it, and didn’t hold it. So, Basically I sleep through all of my classes because I can.

  1. Spanish
  2. English
  3. Physical Science
  4. C++ Programming
  5. Study Hall
  6. Algebra I
    7: General Shop
    8: World Geography

Mine’s changed a little since the first two weeks of school. (getting bit doens’t help these things :P)

1.) World HIstory
2.) Algebra II
3.) Orchestra
4.) English Lit. II
5.) Chemistry
6.) Art II: Drawing
7.) French I

  1. PE 10
  2. Religious Studies 15
  3. Social Studies 10 AP
  4. Design Studies 10
  5. Foods 10
  6. Art History 10

I don’t start second semester until February 1st. Hell, first semester exams haven’t even started yet.