What are your classes this semester?

Geometry and 12th Grade Literature (World Lit). Two classes, in at 9:30 AM and out at 12:15 PM. I love alternative school.

Since I’m a junior in high school:

AP American History
Conceptual Physics
AP American Literature
Algebra II (I suck beyond belief at math)
Honors Spanish IV and eventually AP Spanish

In my senior year I’ll have a better selection of courses to choose from, so I’ll probably take Investing and Forensics.

POLS4760: Judicial Behavior
JPNS2002: Intermediate Japanese II
CMLT4600: Eastern Asian Literature
GEOG1101: Human Geography, go go last pointless class I have to take

Let’s see…

HIST 362 - History of Modern Germany
HDCF 356 - Teaching Students with Special Needs
EDSD 458 - Methods of Teaching Social Studies
EDSD 471 - Methods of Teaching Middle School Math

My last “real” semester of college. Only 12 credits, should be easy… I just hope the rumors about the 40 page papers in Methods of Teaching Social Studies have been exaggerated.

Well, this month I have 8 hours of calc a day, then 8 hours of C++ the next day, tuesday through saturday.

English Cliterature, Geometry, and Networking on non-Microsoft systems.

Heh “Cliterature”. The “c” key is no where near the “l” key.

Hey, I might go an info session for an MBA program. Can that count?

Don’t gripe so much about Scarlet letter, at least it’s short. You know what’s a horrible book? Gone with the wind, 1024 pages! or Jacob have I loved. Boring stupid romance novels.

  1. dual credit biology
  2. calculus
  3. gov’t (sure beats economics)
  4. Film analysis
  5. choir
  6. English (a class that’ll put anyone to sleep :3)
  7. teach tech prep thing whatsit…Stupid tech credit.
    I had to drop golf seventh. I liked my freebie A. :bowser:

Sorry, chatting with my GF at the time :wink:

Is that what they call it now a days?

  1. Programming Fundamentals I
  2. College Physics
  3. Federal Government

I should have one more class but I wanted a Phys Ed class and they are all full. The local college is weird like that. I think they should take into account the fact that 1/3 of any class is going to drop it. But they don’t. I also wanted to take Pre-Cal this semester, but it conflicted with my Programming Fundamentals class which won’t be offered again for a year, but Pre-Cal will be around each semester.

Except, Gone with the Wind was a well written novel, which I can respect, even if it is not a genre I happen to like. The Scarlet Letter, however, is a nigh-plotless repetition of the same chapter over and over, chock-full of the same, blatant symbolism, over and over. If the symbolism had been a little bit clever, slightly subtle, or, hell, even if it hadn’t happened every other damned page, it might have been tolerable.

Even though our classes are set our class has the worst schedule. Are last three classes are science, religion and social studies. For social studies and Religion we have the same teacher. She is constantly bitching at us and we never need to listen to what she is talking about because she makes the test from the homework. The other teacher is just really boring. He sits there and talks while we are supposed to be taking notes. I never take them because I like to study from the book. He also talks in the most monotone voice ever and has the most hair (except on his head where he’s bald) I have ever seen. In the first semester our schedule was nice and consistant now it’s all jumbled up. They changed the schedule for the new semester because two of the teachers free periods were during mass and they didn’t want to miss it.


I haven’t even taken midterms yet :mwahaha: :hahaha; :mwahaha: :hahaha;
Not until the end of January

None. I’ve been kicked out of school. 8P

I would tell you my classes but college is more like an expensive daycare.

Classics 128, Greek Wisdom
Greek 150, Readings in Greek Authors (Homer, playwrights, historians, etc.)
History 102, The US Since WWII (a filler class, for the most part)
History/Classics 136, Foundations of the European Intellectual Tradition (it’ll count for both my majors)
History 59, Darwin and Darwinism - The History of Evolutionary Biology (I hope we have some religious people in the class. I like seeing fundies squirm).

I like my classes at the university for the most part, but here’s the kicker: what kind of career do you concoct from a dual History/Classical Studies major (besides teacher)?

RPT rocks. >.>