What are you afraid of?

I myself am afraid of tight spaces, heights, and wide open spaces EX: Middle of the Gulf of Mexico.
Now it’s your turn.

I am afraid that this went into the wrong forum. Should be on the Polling one and stuff.

I don’t think so. It’d have to go into the polling forum if I actually made a POLL.

I guess the main thing I’m afraid of is being alone. I don’t mean being left alone at home or anything like that. I mean not have loved ones around.

Not really Ren, polling forum is for Polls as in vB powered voting polls.

Myself: Being trapped by a fire and dying slowly. The way my house is, the stairs are at the center of everything inthe basement, and if they were to catch on fire, no way out for me (Windows don’t open in my room, and there are no other windows in the basement)

Talassophobia. I can swim pretty, pretty well, and hold my breath for quite some time, but I only like swimming in tight spaces. If I dive and look around and see I’m swimming in the middle of a big empty space I’ll freeze and float and slowly swim to the closest thing I can grasp and glomp it. Or I’ll swim close to floor as much as I can.

Well, I WAS afraid of heights until I went to Minnesota. While I was there, I went to an amusement park known as Valley Fare. While I was there with Dave (BN), we went on a ride in which you are raised 18 stories on a cord. You then freefall the entire distance except for a short distance which you swing back and forth and eventually get to the ground. And now, I just can’t wait until jump school when I jump from planes:)

I now absolutely have no fears whatsoever. People are always like, “There’s got to be SOMETHING you fear!” I’m afraid i’ve gotten over all of them. I was afraid of spiders and snakes and stuff, but then I got over it through various methods. It’s all good now.

I have a fear of negative opinions from everyone else. That’s why I keep my brother twenty miles away from me at all times.

I’m like Ath, I’m not really afraid of anything…

I suffer from paranoia, so I live with the everpresent fear that I accidentally slipped into an alternate timeline or dimensiopn that’s nearly identical to our own, except in one detail, and when I acknowledge that detail that never happened, I’ll look like an idiot.

Oh, and Clowns.

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Oh, and Clowns. [/b]

All too true.

Being alone in the ocean with a giant squid. WAAAAAAAY too big for me. I can’t control the situation. Um. I don’t want to die. I don’t want to die ALONE… I don’t want my friends to die, I don’t want my family to die. I’m afraid of others not being happy. I always get really sad when I see old people that don’t look happy. Because I don’t want them to die unhappy. I don’t want them to die without doing everything they’ve ever wanted to do. I’m afraid of bad things happening to my friends.

EDIT: I suppose you could say I’m afraid of giant squid and death. Ahem.

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I suppose you could say I’m afraid of giant squid

Don’t worry, I think you’ll never ever be close to one. There are people actually actively searching for it and they can’t find it. I suppose you won’t meet one by accident. Specially on dry land, which is where we live.

Having no more idiots to flame.

I know. But… God. The thought of one of them… It’s amazing how giant they are.

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I know. But… God. The thought of one of them… It’s amazing how giant they are.

Blue whales are 40% bigger in length and much more than that in bulk, and I’ve already seen a video footage in the South Pole from a swimming robot that got really close to one of them, head on. Seing it’s big mouth that can swallow some people together in a single gulp is really scary. That put the creeps on me. The darkness on the background, the sound the thing made and the distortion in the image caused by the perspective made it even worse.

Afraid that this thread will close.

I used to be afraid of heights, but I’m pretty much over that now (lots of rope climbing in April). However, my main and overall fear is of pain (hense my fear of heights).

My worst fear would be dying alone without the person I love right beside of me. That and leaving this world without leaving kids of my own to continue on the Starbird name. My family name is a dying name.

As silly as those are, I don’t really have a lot of fears. I don’t mind heights that much. Though my most realistic fear would probably be the Sea Serpent Ride at Funtown/Splashtown USA in Saco, ME. All it is is a big boat-like swing that goes really high and puts you almost horizontal to the ground. Man I hated that ride.

Actually, they have found dead giant squids. They are activly searching for a live specimen though.

I’m afraid of dieing alone, without a loved one. Old and alone.