We just hit 2100 members.

Hey, I’ve been to Hongfire and they are not all that stupid. Granted, not the best Internet has to offer but they are no Gamefaqs either. Their Torrent section is dead though ;_;

Their wallpapers fucking ROCK though.

Gamefaqs? Did you visit the Paranormal/Conspiracy board? It’s the temple of aforementioned “unforgivable” users. Joke topics and trolling are everyday issues. Despite that, 4-5 almost serious users can still be found on gamefaqs.

Gallery section deleted by mistake ;_;

don’t keel me. ._.

10% of 2 million is still 200,000. 10% of 160,000 is still 16,000. More than RPGC will likely ever have.

RPGC has more.

2,100 > 1,600

edit: right


Notice Pie said more than 90%. So, we can assume he actually meant 99%. We’re better! >:O

Besides, it’s not the size that counts. It’s how you use it. And we use it well.

Wow, i can’t believe you just admitted to going to Gaia.

Is that right? Do you count users who post on a daily basis? My memory is playing trricks on me. I only keep track of people on my budy list. So far, the only one who made my list is Hades. But he ignores me.

Tell that to my 6’5" 350 lbs girlfriend.

I have a feeling that’s your problem, not mine.

How many regulars do you think there are? And I said fifty AT BEST, there are even less than that.

Ryotokineto: I just noticed something, your account (Ryoto the Slayer) is still right there with the Byuu avatar, why’d you make a new one? Jus’ curious.

What is that? 53.8 pounds per foot?

Dude, that’s freaky.


Anime Torrents: 132 Browsing

Hentai Torrents: 156586 Browsing

You can find me in <strike> both sections</strike> in the anime section.

Might wanna stick to the the Tokyo Toshokan and Boxtorrent trackers for anime <strike>and porn</strike>, because HongFire is not known for fixing problems fast.

Sounds pretty elitist. Personally, I like the smaller community. I know most of the people here, and we can recognize newcomers without looking at their post counts. I wouldn’t want us to be as large as those other sites, because, as Pie said, most of the people there are complete r-tards. Actually, I believe that he said that they are “totally unforgivable faggots,” but I assume that he meant that in the biblical sense.

Don’t forget, the poster “nick malone” is actualy an unnamed member on this board with two names

I have to agree with Saturn. It’s nice having a reasonably small comunity, compared to everywhere else. It just makes this a nicer place to come to, and makes it feel more like an actual safe haven.