We just hit 2100 members.

Methinks it may be time to do one of those mass destruction of the member kind thingies?


The mods will decide when.

I’d say less than 1/10 are actually active.

I don’t get the 2100 reference, so all I can say is, SFW?

edit: the title makes me wonder imagines mafia gangsters coming out of nowhere in a very crowded avenue and shooting at 2100 people.



<free post>

Am I meant to say Congratulations?
If so, then Congratulations!


Wow. Gaia Online has 2,080,095 members right now. Hongfire has 163,580. You want a cake or something? :stuck_out_tongue:

It’s about purging the inactive ones. (as in, 0-post-people)

Since when do people ASK for purges? This is…unusual.

I guess some feel it’s just a waste of good space.

lol, at another forum we were BEGGING for one. 10K members, only 1K had any posts, and only about 20 or 30 were actually active. :stuck_out_tongue:

The admins refused.

man, does that mean you want to kill all the people who have zero life posts? I mean seriously man, who’s pulling the switch here? obviously one of those guys!

:toast: 2100!

About the “purge” thing, what about deleting accounts after some months of inactivity? (you choose how many) And, those who know that will not be able to log in for a period longer or equal to the one you choose, will have to ask a mod to keep their account “in standby” and not to delete it? Some forums do it and it’s an automated process, I think, correct me if I’m wrong. I know that there are some members who wouldn’t be able to know but still want to keep their accounts, but you can always send them an (always automated) email.
Or you don’t want to do that stuff because after that the members number will be something like 30? :hahaha;

nah, the ones with 0 posts would be enough, as we do have a few lurkers (or people who just dont have time) who happen to pop up after lotsa months of inactivity.
Right Sat? patpat


I was going to make a comment along those lines myself, but I assumed everyone would jump on me. :smiley:

Personally, I’m glad we don’t have tens of thousands of members here. I get easily confused when I see forums with literally hundreds of people talking at a time.

WAY less. We’re about… fifty at best. And I share Sat’s view on this matter.

Neither of those count since more than 90% of their userbase are totally unforgivable faggots.



The only members that waste space are those who actually post, those who don’t take less than a kilobyte.