We have this class called advisory....

It is fucking bullshit. They don’t teach us anything in that class, and I am not saying that like its history. We literally just sit around and throw paper airplanes. The class is mandatory, if you don’t pass it you don’t graduate. We do have these advisory portfolio things with like…personal learning samples(you write something educational you have done outside school), best works samples, and a shit load of other things that don’t matter.

What the fuck is the point of this class? It is really just another filter.


Kinda like this thread.

You’re still in high school, right?

Get a blog.

This is a class for you to chill out in. They can’t have a class actually called “chilling out”. Are you so dense you don’t see this?

Some kids have found more constructive ways to use this class:


That is why the majority of the days we have in this class are reading days, and are strictly enforced.

I forgot to mention this…

Interesting observation. Incorrect, but interesting. I certainly don’t dislike GSG. I dislike it when he makes threads that nobody in their right mind would be interested in, though. He just needs to learn that his life isn’t as exciting as he thinks it is.

I would like to say that I actually learned things in history.

I never had advisory, but my sister had it (it started the year after I graduated.) She said it was like a study hall. Do you have study halls too or what?

I remember advisory. It was supposed to be a time to go meet with teachers during school time if you needed extra help. If you didn’t need help you were “supposed” to work on homework. They removed it from my school Sophomore year because nobody actually did homework and a number of people that left the room went to the bathrooms to smoke. As I recall, I regularly brought a non academic book to read during this time. Oh wait.

I don’t think we have that here. At least I never had to take it.

In school I always spent my free time in the library… reading fiction. I studied at home. The fact that I was always 2-3 chapters ahead of everybody else (look, I just like to read, OK?) contributed to my in-school boredom.

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