We have this class called advisory....

Btw, what do Illinoians speak? Chicagonese?

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Interesting observation. Incorrect, but interesting. I certainly don’t dislike GSG. I dislike it when he makes threads that nobody in their right mind would be interested in, though. He just needs to learn that his life isn’t as exciting as he thinks it is.[/i][/QUOTE]

Actually I thought that was the correct response given this thread.

That sounds about as useless as study hall and Taks test classes were. Just bring a book or video games or something.

I had a class like that last year, Freshmen Seminar. What’s the big problem? Read a book and deal with it, it’s a nice break from having to do real work.

It is a graduation requirement. If you fail it, its game over.

How can you fail it?

Because the things we have to do are so ridiculous. Like… Job shadowing, community service, essays about what we think the best things we have done are, and just a bunch of totally irrelevant shit that has nothing to do with what a highschool diploma should represent.

Let me guess…Private School?

Nope, public as hell.

You may not realize it, but those are pretty important. At the very least, they look good on resumes. Any sort of community service looks good on resumes (as long as it isn’t court ordered).

Oh wow. I totally forgot I had to take a class like that when I was in middle school. But shit, that was middle school. It was easy. Like, sorority girl after a dozen shots easy. The way you describe it is like, 8 shots.

Just do whatever you gotta do and get it over with and stop bitchin’ about it. It’s not all that bad :stuck_out_tongue:

What’s job shadowing?
Community service can be fun. The folk you help out always appreciate it and they feed you. It’s great.
And those essays? Bullshit them. Who cares what you write as long as you write it half way decently.
Essentially take advantage of the easy A. Boosting your GPA and adding community service to your resume will do you great good if you apply to college.

You hang around a person all day while they’re working to get an idea of what they do, how they do it, etc.