We are... uh... We're really damn fucked.


Japan is now persistently pursuing its hostile policy toward the DPRK, toeing the US line.

Clash of gaming nerds.

I wouldn’t either, since they don’t have a formal army. It was disbanded after WWII by a peace treaty. The only protection they have is US troops.

I am shocked and surprised by this recent turn of events. Yes I am. Shocked and surprised.

They were allowed to keep a small force of men for defense, just not enough to really invade anyone. And besides, everyone there is either a ninja or a samurai, so they could still win wars and stuff.

America never ceases to amaze me. Though the amazement is not positive.


I think that’s why Bush’s been in such a rush as to almost threaten Canada to join the Anti-Missile Space Shield.

We’re not fucked until they pushed the button.

Like I said months ago:

And I just joined the (North) Korean Friendship Association too.

“4 More years!”

Look what is happening. Fuck Republicans.

The plot thickens. Although not by much. What we should worry about is how they would use this in response to hostile or semi hostile foreign actions. Like how they said and recently reiterated to Japan, that sanctions were a declaration of war. What are nukes a detterrent for is the important question everyone should ask.

Japanese army of dragon warrior fanatics versus Starcraft-addicted Koreans.

Who wins?

Can’t say I’m surprised.

Japan is known to go for heavy economy a lot, while Koreans like to Zerg Rush.

The results should be obvious.

No, the South Koreans are on our side. The North Koreans are the ones who don’t have electricity.

ZERGLING RUSH KEKEKEKEKEKEKEEKEKEKEKEKEKEKEEKEKE ^__________________________________________^

Overwhelming Numbers + Lots of Money Into Army > Japan

But yea, uh shit indeed.

The obvious solution is to invade Iran