Watcha playing now?

I’m posting this here because we probably don’t need a fractured universe of separate forums anymore.

I work in an industry where about 1 million people to do the exact same this as I do. In order to distinguish ourselves from the other drones (and sometimes proffer our necks for the scythe), some of us devote an obscene amount of time to earning and maintaining professional designations that don’t, but should, come with big I’M BETTER THAN YOU pins in comic sans. I actually got a quote from an underwriter a couple months ago that was in comic sans.

Continuing. Long 'ere the present, back to when I was a wee lad in college, I procrastinated when studying by doing two things: reading archives of webcomics and spending time on the RPGC forum. Recently I’ve added alcohol as a third study aid, but I remain faithful to my first two crutches. Since I’ve finished 2004-2005 of Penny Arcade, it’s forum time.

After a month of devotion to Fantasy Life, failure to get too deep into A Link Between Worlds, and some on-and-off enjoyment of an RPG Maker game on Steam, I just picked up Mario and Luigi: Dream Team for the 3DS. Going back to the first Mario & Luigi game on the GBA, I’ve always initially loved the games, then lost interest when I couldn’t get the timing right for battles and stopped enjoying that half the game. Am I in for the same? Is this one better?

What did you end up doing after graduating in greek/latin?

The experience you described with the mario rpg games is the same as I had with most of them. They’re charming and interesting, then drag on for a bit.

On my end its a mix of Destiny on my PS4 when I have a little time and whatever I have on my iPad, which is a mix of things. I finally finished my backlog of Vita games (and fuck you Persona 4 for setting me up for failure with the bad ending - such a bad NG+).

I graduated in May 2008 down in Florida. Whilst enjoying my free time after graduating, the economy exploded, so I move back up to NJ to shelter-in-place at my parent’s place. I got bored quick, did the free training to be an EMT, which a few of my friends were.

Circumstances are a little different now, but I should emphasize the absolute clusterfuck that 2008-2009 was to the people I graduated high school with. Half the ones that left college in 06 with BA degree and got jobs were fired. Others stayed in shitty jobs with no hope of a future because it was better (in their assessment) than going back to school and accumulating more loans. Some did just fine, either due to talent or, quite often, family connections. This is an expensive area, and a lot of my friends racked up $20, 30, 40,000 in loans on undergrad alone. I hit about $30k and managed to pay them back in 6 years rather than 10. Kind of proud of that one. Would have had a house without the debt, by now, or at least two weeks in a foreign country circa 2012 that I wouldn’t remember and would be better off not.

I got an entry-level job at a risk management consulting firm in 09. I’ve moved jobs a couple times to a couple different insurance agencies and volunteered as an EMT on the side up until last May, when I moved to a job that is a bit of a hike - about an hour there, 1.25/1.5 back (it’s NJ…). I’ve moved out, moved back, moved out, moved back, as the commute and area I work in demand (plus the dog. See below about the dog)

The nice thing about my job is that people my age with the male dangly bits are in short supply for back office operations (the sales team, on the other hand, is basically a frat house), so by virtue of not being a 60 year old woman who talks about her hot flashes all day or a 2nd-generation immigrant who can’t read, I can basically sleepwalk through a workday and be more productive than 90% of my cooworkers.

I do well enough for myself, but early on in '09 I adopted a rescue case dog who developed seizures after a year and makes it a chore to find rentals - more for the logistics of making sure she’s taken care of than the costs. You try to find something that’s within 15 minutes of where you work AND allows 50+ pound dogs AND the neighbors aren’t assholes who complain every time the dog so much as yips OR is farther away + accepts 50+ pound dogs + has affordable doggie day care nearby. You’ll stumble into Brigadoon before you find a deal on real estate in NJ. At least in a place where you’re not going to get knifed or shot within the first week.

Right now I figure I’ll stay where I am another few months and either put down on a house or condo (probably in eastern PA), or ask for a transfer to the southeast somewhere. I hate the winter. I hate the cold. I hate the people in NJ. The only thing I want to be up north for is the week each year I spend vacationing on an island a friend’s family owns in the Thousand Lakes region about 2 hours from Toronto. About 20 close, personal friends and I head up there in the summer and come close to burning that shit to the ground every time. Good times.

Whatever your experiences in Baltimore, I must say that alcoholics and EDPs were my favorite kinds of emergency calls. There’s nothing like doing your job calming down a 52-year old house mom with a sleeping pill in vodka cocktail addition by having her hit on the 17-year old probationary member who goes to school with her 16-year old daughter in the back of the ambulance on the way to the hospital.

I’m proud of that one. I also saved a few lives or something like that.

I’ve been playing Saints Row IV here and there. Every so often I’ll spend a couple of hours playing the FFX HD on the PS3.

Right now I’m waiting for The Walking Dead Season 3, The Wolf Among Us Season 2, and The Witcher 3.

No longer working as a game tester increased my desire to play games again without twitching an eyebrow at every bug so I’ve been playing stuff fairly consistantly, but workwise I’m at my 3rd year @ Ubisoft. Not working on the production floor means I have none of the responsability of certain questionable choices in the recent releases, but I do feel some of the shame - or at least find myself facepalming when I see it. Still, working in support has ups and downs. I should be opening a firewall rule right now, but…eh, what’s 5 minutes gonna do.

My level of activity is highest on mobile gaming - 3DS mainly, I have Ys7 I need to get back to and finish on PSP, but my love for the Etrian Odyssey franchise put that on pause when Persona Q came out. Yet I’ve gotten distracted here and there via a Link’s Awakening DX run (I wanted to see what the text read as if you named yourself Shit. Puerile humor at it’s best, yes) and deciding to beat Kirby Dreamland 2 once and for all.

Oh, there was some Shantae and the Pirate Curse somewhere in there too, but that serie of games I’ve always found to be Metroid for Newbies in terms of complexity and difficulty. I have no idea what the game over screen even looks like because the game showers you with health refill items.

Consolewise, my PS3 has a caked layer of dust, but the Wii U less so. Smash is…okay, but solo play gets dull. Most of my friends moved on from consoles so my days of couch co-op or couch versus are done.

Oh hey, a ticket asking where the lemons went, SURE SEEMS LIKE AN IT ISSUE. I wish I had a priority flag 404 Fucks Not Found for these.

PC Gaming wise, I’ve been chained into MMO Hell - playing FF14 and World of Warcraft at the same time. Why the hell I do this to myself is a question I have not found an answer to. As such, I have played little else on PC, although I have been trying to finish Ace Combat: Ass (as Steam calls it) but there are many jets left I need to send missiles into their tailpipes.

So that’s about it on my end. I don’t even have a game I’m looking forward to, the present is busy enough as is.

well, pc-wise I’ve been between League of Legends and FFXIV’s free trial, though my wife has the full version of FFXIV. she got me hooked on WoW when we first met, but the latest xpac left it very dull to me. she has the MMO bug and likes to keep busy with that and going to school to be a medical assistant.

console-wise, it’s been hard to get into anything new these days. I have almost 1000 console/handheld games but I prefer going to the older stuff. I’ve also been into speedrunning so I’ve been trying that with a couple of games (especially where I got to finish Phantasy Star II within 1 hour and 15 minutes… probably my proudest gaming achievement lately, though my PB for Legacy of the Wizard isn’t half bad for a first attempt).

between work and my writing, it’s hard for me to play a game that gets too deep, though if I need inspiration for my writing sometimes I’ll play an RPG for a bit.

I’m currently playing Ogre Battle 64. Once done with that, I’ll replay Shenmue then finally really play Shenmue II for the DC.

What ending are you gunning for? Gonna be a total bastard? :smiley:

I’ve been playing almost nothing but classics. I did manage to get most of the way through The Witch and Hundred Knight recently, but I got distracted by a strong desire to replay Final Fantasy Tactics. :V

Before that I finally did the CES challenge in Final Fantasy 6, not that it was at all challenging. I just wanted to see how the ending changed without having all 14 characters. I use my Super NES more often than my PS3 :V

That pretty much sums up my gaming for like, the last 3 or 4 months.

I just don’t have the time :confused:

Not really gunning for any ending. First time I’ve ever played it, so I’m just going through normally. Gonna see how that ends up for me.

I’ve been all over the place lately. I’ve been mostly focused on grinding out Smash 4 Wii U though I’ve only really cared about unlocking the songs since half of them are either tracks I liked or from games that I liked. Been playing NES Remix 2, though at this point I’m only trying to finish off the Stars and Stamps. Before both of these, I was playing through Super Mario 3D World, which I beat, but hell if I’m going to try 100% that right now. I’ve been playing some of that PSP remake of Tactics Ogre: Let Us Cling Together off and on for about a year now. I’ve also been dabbling off and on with Fire Emblem: Awakening, mostly playing with eugenics. I’ve picked up Suikoden 3 again within the last couple of months, but I can’t figure out who to bring with Hugo for his designated final dungeon boss fight. And I picked up Wild ARMs 2 a couple of months ago then immediately fizzled out once I got Tim.

I’ve been all over myself lately, but I seem to be in a bit of an open world phase right now. Now that Dark Souls has been extracted from the decrepit mess that is Games for Windows Live I’ve been playing it on Steamworks since DSFix has been updated. I fired up the ultimate edition of Skyrim, which looks jaw dropping with the appropriate mods installed. I also finally got started with Shadow of Mordor, which Sin has recommended I play about eighteen million times.

Krush Kill 'n Destroy is also something Sin introduced me to. I have no idea how I missed these, since I generally play every RTS under the sun. Hell, I even played Battle Realms, which nobody heard about until it was released on GOG.

What breed is your dog, RPT? Can we see pictures, if you ever come back to this thread?

I moved to Yurop for a temporary job and didn’t bring any consoles with me, obviously. I’ve just been playing Theaterythm FF Curtain Call on my 3DS (or whatever the title is - it’s strangely hilarious and addictive) and some Kingdom Rush 3 on my iPad. I will most likely move on to LoH:TitS on PSP when I’m done with those.


Anyway. TO PSP was hands down the best remake I’ve ever played. I love the new art and orchestrated soundtrack. The gameplay / leveling change was excellent, though archers are op now. Never thought I’d see the day.

I can accept “picz plz” or “picz or gtfo”, but don’t recognize your polite way of asking.

Cassie is a ???. A rescue case, she was running around my sister’s area in a national parkland forest in 2009. My sister corralled here in a fenced in yard and sooner or later the dog ended up with me. The pictures here are all within the past year. If I could show off some of the older ones, you’d see what a skinny wretch she was when rescued, and how much more spotted her coat was (the black on her used to be just a few spots in with the brown. Our best guess is that she’s around 7. Since she hung out with me while I looked for a job between January and April 2009, we bonded and she’s my pal ever since.

She has horrible seizures about once a month (remember how they animated the Large Marge scene in Pee-Wee’s Big Adventure? Something like that.) The rest of the time she’s a happy, spoiled-rotten dog.

The crafting is BS and some of the skills don’t work as advertised, but otherwise I generally agree. Its much more playable than the PSX version where its to the training grounds after every story battle. And besides, every counterexample I can think of is either not as good as TO PSP, or could be classified as a glorified port or an entirely new game (i.e. Legend of Zelda: A Link Between Worlds or Ys: Oath in Felgana). Also, I recall Archers being OP’d in the Super Famicom/PSX version as well, they’re just more so in the PSP remake.

I…that word evokes memories of Orange Jello. Why does this word association still exist in my mind?

But does it evoke the slurping?

IT DOES NOW! Not sure I needed that at 10AM in the office.

I was playing destiny but its gotten so stale… and Dark Souls persists as the most satisfying experience at my disposal. So that. Im cooling on gaming for the semester. I plan on upgrading to next gen this summer :slight_smile: