Villain Name

OK, I’m trying to think about yet another freelance villain to add to one of my fic projects. I’ve already thought about a few possible names, but I wanted an opinion on the most evil-sounding.

How about Shokaku?

Nekros Valar, it sounds like necro.

Actually, they all sound retarded.

When I write fantasy, I try to use normal names, because then it’s just more fun.

I’m having trouble deciding which particular opponent to introduce next. I already have a few ideas, and some basic character structures, but that’s about it.
And Sorc, the fics I write are usually in a multi-dimensional setting, involving several kinds of different realms. As such, it is only natural that the names change according to the region.

Kwakor the Foul. Strikes terror even to the most poultry-resistant brave warrior.

How about Jim?

canis! :slight_smile:

Tinky winky? Barbie? Sabertoothed snail? Cat from hell? Dubya? Tapeworm of doom? Bill gates?

>_>; knocks self out Either Nekros Valar or Nor Arak, cause of my aversion to star wars. Though maybe those names are star wars related as well. :thud:

Why must you speak the devil’s name. That is automatically evil, it doesn’t count.

Teletubies. Seriously, Morgorth


Surprisingly similar to Neclord isn’t it?

[QUOTE=GunsmokeMist]Cat from hell? [QUOTE]

you rang?

how about johan?

:moogle: how about squiggle the evil piggy.

mog please stop saying evil piggy or disney will sue you.

Nekros Valar.


While the Nekros beginning sounds fine, the latter part of that name sounds too noble, to me, at least. Valar is the equivalent of the “Powers” in Tolkien’s Elvish, and thus signifies the Archangels. I would also steer away from anything that uses Darth, as it’s been done a hundred times already. Ur Nokhtar…hmmm… it’s just personal preference, but I don’t like names that have kht together. Too difficult to pronounce. I think of the ones you listed the last is probably your best bet. But Sephiroth there said Morgoth (or at least intended to, I think), and that reminds me of the Silmarillion, where Morgoth is the dark lord. That story has many good evil names, written by one who was a master linguest. There’s Gorthaur the Cruel, an ancient name of Sauron; Gothmog, chief of all the Balrogs; and Ungoliante, the ancient spider like thing that was the mother of Shelob. Lesser known in the Lord of the Rings is the name of the second in command of the Nazgul: Khamul, the Shadow of the East. Just a few suggestions, though I guess it’s not all that advisable to borrow from other writing. When I choose names for my writing now usually I just place certain root words that I make up together (and thus have meaning), and do it for the most part regardless of how cool it sounds (and thus end up with names like Tiamros, Diomalakur, and that sort; they all have meaning, those two ‘great chaos’ and ‘serpent of death’ respectively, but don’t sound at all cool). But occassionally I’ll take a name from myth or such and change it ever so slightly. In my opinion, this is your best bet. Find some evil character from myth or history, and use it. Not only will it sound good, but it will have a real-world connotation. I can’t think of many good ones right now…hmmm… maybe a giant’s name from Norse?
I don’t know; its late and I can’t think of any good giant’s names. I suppose what sounds evil is also dependent on personal preference. I think that Nahash (the Hebrew for Serpent, I believe) sounds evil, but I don’t think many will agree with me on that. Or Hadrada, the name of the last of the Viking kings (who was defeated by Harold, just before Harold was defeated by William the Conquerer in the famed battle of Hastings); I personally think that name sounds pretty nasty, though maybe its just because I connect it with the Vikings. From Greek… there’s always Thanatos. I know its been used before (secret of Mana, I think), but he’s the Greek equivalent of the grim reaper. Let’s see… Tantalus. A nasty king who tried to trick Zeus. His punishment in Tartarus wasn’t all that pleasant. Here’s a Greek one that you might like: Apollyon. It’s named right next to Abaddon in the book of Revelations. I can’t be sure, but it appears as if it comes from the name Phoibos Apollon, which is, unless I spelt it wrong, the Greek name of Apollo. Moreover, unless I’m mistaken the name Apollo itself comes from some word that meanst terror. Thus whatever Apollyon is, it’s not nice.

Hmmmm… that makes things even more interesting, I think… After all, one of the characters I have already created also happens to have the Valar name. Hmmmm… now my head is filled with so many possibilities… Can you believe that I had no conscious idea of Valar’s meaning when I started working on this? This coincidence will fit nicely.

Darth Bob.

Darth Winky

Barney…or Vicky…or Gregory…or dfghfdhdbgiwyaahnvdsi. Yeah I like the last one.