Video Games NOT a waste of time?!

Im a bit on the chunky side, but Im workin on it.

I dont really play video games too often these days, but I do when I feel like it, and yea, they are fun. Which is why I do them.

I’ll admit that I am overweight. 145 lbs. on a 5’2" frame may not seem overweight but I have it in all the wrong places. This is mainly because of my past medical history. I was pulled out of gym classes in kindergaden and had PT and adaptive gym throughout my grammer and high school carrer. As a result of not being with my friends playing sports from an early age, I never got into them. Still to this day, I can’t stand football. I don’t mind walking so that’s my main source of exercise.

First of all, I find it funny they used Silent Scope as the pic for the article.

Secondly, the only reason I’m overweight is that I’m a stupid fuck that doesn’t eat right nor exercise enough in winter (hell, I do enough biking and walking in the summer). I could exercise more, but the eating right bit is a little different for reasons I will not get into.

I"m chunky, period. No matter what I do, I"m chunky, but it’s mostly muscle, I could have the shape of a qauterback, but I like who I am now, not skinny, not obese.

Besides, I"m 5’9" & I weigh about 140 lbs…so I guess I"m ok…

What the hell gave them the idea that video games were a waste of time. They are probably one of the coolest things to do, IMO. But I must admit I never really knew that fast paced games help with visual skills/abilities!!:smiley:

I think I’m a little heavier than I should be, but I am happy the way I am. Since I have been at roughly the same weight for quite some time. And I’m fine with that!!:moogle:

I have learned lots of things from Video games some of them useful. The useful things could of been learned faster doing more boring things though.

Originally posted by Thomas Paxton
I’m afraid I can’t site the source, but I think that they proved that video games do nothing for hand eye coordination.

No way. I have a story.

I was on spring vacation with my family, and had been playing the slots on Pokemon for several hours. It’s ridiculously hard, for those who don’t remember it. The next day, I went to an arcade, and played a slot video game. It was like slow motion. Triple sevens, more than half the time. I won enough tickets to actually buy the expensive stuff they put on the back shelves, all in a couple hours.

I went back this year. I hadn’t played Pokemon slots, or many video games at all, in a long time. I got triple sevens about a tenth of the time.

That’s enough evidence for me.

Video games are no more a waste of time than movies, socializing, and sports. They are all for entertainment, and nothing more. Sure video games may improve your visual skils, socializing may improve your social skills, and sports may improve your physical skills, but in the simplest definetion of not wasting time (helping humanity) they all don’t make the cut.

I think improving yourself is a brilliant way to spend time.


Wait, so everything you ever do is a waste of time unless it helps humanity in general? That seems rather… well, stupid and selfish.

My family maintain that playing so long on video games is helping along my probable arthritis, but I think it’s made me quicker in stuff like typing…so, it’s not all so bad, I guess.

You said it! I’m a really fast typer, thanks to those ‘useless’ games, and I have learned to dream and to seek higher goals.

Quoting Seph252

Also, I don’t have omnipotent powers, so I’m not gonna do anything until I get them

AMEN! I mean, I only ask three things the most out of life!

  1. Levitation
  2. Breath Fire
  3. Shoot Lightening Bolts out of Ass

And If only I had ONE of the three, I’d go around wrecking havoc and mischief, but I wouldn’t blame it on videogames!

And I think some games do increase hand-eye coordination, focusing, timing, etc. So there’s my opinion in the hat.

And the person who says that video games are a waste of time and can get you overweight obviously hasn’t spent 2 hours playing DDR or MoCap Boxing, regularly.

I’m better at MoCap than at DDR, though.

And playing a game is better than running off and getting in trouble in the streets. At least while we’re at home playing, we won’t get run over by a psycho driver.

Depends on where you play.

points at title

222 in St-Constant (somewhere around where I live) is full of people looking to start stuff.