Video Games NOT a waste of time?!

Whoo, my life HASN’T been a total waste so far!

<img src=“”> Don’t be silly Val. Of course it has! :stuck_out_tongue:


Bah… a life is never wasted if you can do the things you enjoy doing.

Bites TD’s head of Silence, dragon-wannabe

…I have no idea what to say. This is the bestest article in the whole world! ^^

Now all I have to do is wait for the article that says pizza helps you lose weight and I’m in heaven!

Well come now. Pizza has all the four food groups, if you have pepperoni or sausage, or some other meat.

Video games interest us to save the world n stuff.Oh of course, smashing the odd car or two.

Pamela Eakes, president of the Seattle-based Mothers Against Violence in America, said scientists need to look more closely at the effects of video violence on habitual video-game players.

For fuck’s sake, I’ve played violent games since I can remember and I’m not running around killing people.

That organization is full of shit.I emailed them and everything, their website is pathetic.Gotta give them props for trying to bring down the gaming industry though.They just need something to blame to wonder why their kid is so screwed up.

If it weren’t for videogames in my early years, my liking for science would not have been developed, I wouldn’t have asked my parents to put me into some English course (and then Spanish later, next is japanese) and I wouldn’t even know hot to use a computer, since I first went into computation for gaming purposes.

Isn’t this old news? The visual adeptness and hand-eye coordination thing has been trumpted by video game supporters since the beginning of time, or at least for as long as video games existed.

Yippee! Take that, you lousy, good-for-nothing wastes of parents that try to deny me video games!

I actually did a minor study on video games and their influence on how violent people act for my Psyche class. No real effects. The only place I could see them causing people to go off and kill somebody is if the person is stupid enough to think it’s real life.

Yeah, that so-called association is a bunch of self-righteous hypocrytes!

It isn’t a waste of time if it’s fun. All card games and sports like ping-pong, golf, polo, etc. are wastes of time too, by that definition.

The only people that go off & kill people <i>(as in columbine)</i> are psychopathic people that plan very well because they have the massive brainpower to do it. Also because they’re not lazy. I could do many things like Columbine, & not get caught. But <i> you know why I <b>DON’T?</b></i> Because I’m too lazy to do anything. Also, I don’t have omnipotent powers, so I’m not gonna do anything until I get them.

Yeah, I posted a link to this in the religion thread too yesterday or the day before that…

Does it matter whether they’re a waste of time or not? Personally, I don’t think they are…if you enjoy 'em, play 'em. Who cares? :slight_smile:

Heh, interesting. I fidn a related link particularly funny for this site.

A select quote too!:o

“You have an Xbox – they assume – at home,” he said.